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サイドカバー加工しないと付かないから あとでやろう← とりあえず まとまってきた!

This feels she will easily make it to 100. She'll be spending a lot of along the way -- how much of it will you capture (or lose)? Hear what she has to say.

.Every time I see a photo of I ask myself 'What the f*ck is he on?!!' Always looks totally zoomin oot his bangers!

Meet the Zoomer Zupps Pretty Ponies! These cuties have a musical surprise! 🎶 Collect them all! Available now! 💖

That time when I know I’ve locked the door but can’t help wondering what if I didn’t & someone steals me through the night....

SICKSPEED ホイールナット M12 P1.5 これ欲しいんだけど4個欲しいので残りの16個 15000円で買う人いませんか?? いるなら落札しようか。。。

Art redo of the cliques for 21st-century digital witch , Technomancer, Coder, , Gamer and Innovator

MT前にNatty Works Studioさんにてオイル交換してもらいました!😊 A.S.H.オイルユーザーデビューです👍 画像とタグお借りしました🙏

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よしくん! オイル交換でご来店ありがとうございますー! A.S.H.ユーザー増えてます(//∇//) ありがとうございますー😊

結局フロントベアリングだけでなくASSY交換になってしまった。 もう自分で交換しようかな

中研ぎ終わり! もう一層ミントグリーン吹いて 研いでクリア吹く! 自分のだからやるけど 頼まれたらここまでやれる自信ない。

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Do you still have any furbies for sale? I stumbled across your blog by accident and now I’m totally sucked into the world of robot pets! I bought a Zoomer Meowzies today (the one named Lucky!) and I really want to get a furby too, but I’m having a hard time finding one in my price range. :(

You and Lucky are in luck! I have a batch of Furbies that I’m just finishing up cleaning that should be ready either tonight or tomorrow morning! Zoomer Meowzies are really cute too, I hope you have fun with your new pal!

It’s so weird that now when I want people to have an idea about my adolescence I just direct them to Stranger Things and add, “Except you’d sooner die than be caught wearing bell bottoms, even if the school would allow kids to kiss on the dance floor they’d never do it, no one said ‘stalker’ or ‘douchebag,’ oh and the whole Demagorgon thing…“