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Starting off our journey to the centre of the earth with talking about timescales of geological processes

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Representing my field of !!! Thanks for an interesting talk and making sound as cool as I think it is :-)

Sharing this item from my shop: Four CZ blue zircons delicate pendant. Sparkling color on silver setting. Birthday gift.

Hey, ! Data binding in received an upgrade! Now you can bind any `Property` to another like the `textProperty` of components in this example:

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Hey, ! For all of you who are using , there are some good news! We've just implemented HBox and VBox which align their content automatically either horizontally, or vertically. Take a look!

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Save 25% and Free Shipping! Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: Pink size 6 Women's Heart Shaped Zircon Silver Plated Ring

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a third round of ship names?

Darcel & Hymnia: FinalProblemShipping - The crossover ship with @pokemon-legends-and-legacies Hymnia that might seem like a joke, but is actually very very legit.  Comes from the idea Hymnia is a parallel to Sherlock Holmes while Darcel is the parallel to Moriarty.  As well as the other being the solution to the final problem each has of a partner who can keep up with them.

Zircon & Marcel: MikamiShipping - If Ikari can be a valid ship name, than so can this.  Mikami comes from the character from the Siren series who is the character I drew a lot of inspiration for Marcel from.  And according to the internet, the alleged Japanese meaning of the name is, “something bestowed from above.”  And as both have abilities bestowed upon them by Team Cross, I figured it technically works in a roundabout way for that reason as well.

Lorenzo & Marcel: AppropriationShipping - I feel kinda like I shouldn’t give them a “ship name,” but it’s useful for tagging purposes sooo…

Brenin & Rue: RutaShipping: Ruta is just another name for rue.  Plus it’s nice and short.

Hale & Atlas: RocketSonShipping - Hale is the stepson of Silver, the new boss of Neo Rocket.  Atlas is the son of Archer, the Right Hand Man and #2 in Neo Rocket.  

Neil & Ran: CelebrityCrushShipping - Both are considered heartthrobs in their industry and their relationship starts as more of each having a celebrity crush on the other that sparks into an actual relationship.

Bailey & Eilam: PainterApprenticeShipping -  They end up meeting through Burgh, since Eilam becomes his apprentice to learn more about art.  In a way, Bailey was also Burgh’s apprentice in the sense that he was the one who taught him all he knew about being a Pokemon trainer so that one day, he could take over the Castelia Gym from him. Both are the apprentice of the painter.

Rayner & Aidan:  PowerPressShipping - Mostly I just like how it sounds.  I wanted something with power in it since Rayner’s whole deal is he constantly pushes himself to be the best, to be powerful.  Because he’s a failure (in his own mind) otherwise.  Aidan is the one who pushes back on these ideas, showing him his viewpoint is actually harmful for him, that he needs to slow down and enjoy life.

Solaris & Felix: TopitShipping - Based on the magician’s tool called a topit, which is a device worn on the body that helps you conceal things.  Felix is essentially a magician, so I wanted something themed in that direction for them.  Also, I just find the name amusing.  

Piper & Arian: MedicShipping - Both are training to become Pokemon doctors of sorts.  And somehow this ship name is still free.

Human au zircon has freckles and is a redhead! awwee

Also in this au! The plot is similar but told in the context of something i would write if the characters were human instead.

Also, they have biological sexes, but are raised as genderless


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