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Exploring the A. Philip Randolph Memorial during an workshop break. Note the rack. 1/3

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Here is my finished piece for the zine I ran, ! I was very happy to run a zine and was glad it got so much interest, so I made sure to draw my fave for it! I still like this piece quite a bit, surprisingly. The zines free to download!

Back in '98 I wrote imprisoned MOVE members & made this little . Debbie & Janine, whose quotes are in these pics, have recently been released! Follow through & show here , here , & here

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With all proceeds going to True Colors United, you can choose between 4 bundles of our merch and digital zine products, all while helping an organisation find ways to support LGBTQ+ youths experiencing homelessness!

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Getting my on. Elements 2B incorporated in “submissions alert” flyer. stay tuned 4 new collaborative effort!

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First book for Miss Out Monday. Check out profile for shop Link FREE P&P too! Get your copy now.

Heeeeelloo zine friends! In today's zine review, we have a variety collab zine by JEM Hast, Annameik Dekker, and Cassidy Shipp. Check out my thoughts on "Beanstalk Volume 1" at

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At launch for we hear from Duncan McCann on problematics of personalised ads & with ideas on how to make relationship to more

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Hello everyone! We’re having some issues and hopefully we’ll be able to give you a more concrete update on production soon, but until then here are some more merch pictures - charms and buttons! Thanks everyone for your patience!


Please check you junk mail or spam folders, just in case your email got caught in one of those filters! If you do not receive an email within an hour of this post, please message us!

After a week of looking through applications, we’ve made our final decisions on who to accept! We appreciate everyone who applied and we had a blast looking through every single application. Everyone who applied was wonderful and incredible and we’re very honored to have had the chance to look at your application. Unfortunately, we had to make some very hard decisions on who to accept. but please know that every application we received was amazing to look at and we appreciate every single one of you who applied. 

If you did not get in, please don’t be discouraged! It does not mean that your application was bad or anything, but just that we were looking for something a little different. We wish you the best of luck in your future creative endeavors and we hope that you continue to stick with us! We still have many fun things involving our followers and readers planned and we hope you can be involved in those things!

Overall, we wound up accepting 25 artists, 8 writers, and 5 merch only artists. Out of 480 total applications, some of those decisions were very hard! We also have a list of pinch hitters who should’ve received emails asking if they’d like to pinch hit in the case that someone drops out. 

Again, we really appreciate everyone who applied to our zine! The support for this project has blown us away! We can’t wait to show you what we have planned!

–MHA Recovery Zine Mod Team




Ultraklift | Tommaso Gorla | 2017

Ultraklift is a zine full of quick drawings, following one simple rule: you must draw with your eyes closed or whilst looking at something else. Understandably, the results aren’t perfect, but it doesn’t matter, as the author discloses in the introduction: “it doesn’t matter how it comes out: the most important is to try.”


Are you a writer? Have a story to tell? Maybe a topic to rant about? Or to simply spread the word about? JOIN NEW HEROES. New Heroes is an upcoming online magazine specifically for young people and teens - but we need writers! If you want to get involved email or message me on here for ideas. 


A little single sheet book with collage. “Surly Models with Cupcakes.” #bookbinding #artzine #zine #makergonnamake

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Borderlands Siren Zine | Interest Check
A zine focused on the sirens of the Borderlands series hosted by Lavender Zines | This will be a PDF zine |

Hey everyone! This Blog is dedicated to a possible Borderlands Zine focused on Sirens. This is being hosted by Biscuits

|| Here, you can access the Interest Check ||

Thanks for stopping by and if you need anything don’t hesitate in contacting us!

s and likes are appreciated!

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