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Hey remember that digital zine I made and shared a while back, the one where I had re-spooled Kodak motion film into a stills camera? Well.. I couldn't resist getting it properly printed. Look!

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Have you already got the Girl Gang zine? There are not many copies left and we do not want you to miss them. Check out our special bundle offer - buy both issues Everybody and Fanzine just for £6 ➡️

Ginza Sony Parkで2019年3月8日〜4月7日まで開催の「TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR: Ginza Edition」。2nd Week(3月16日〜17日)のみ行われるPrinter Sectionに出展しました。お越しいただいた皆さま、ありがとうございました!

LOOK UP . Issue 2. Coming very very soon. . . . Yearly Subscriptions starting from issue 2 available. Issue 2 includes print by @seeblunted. . . .

PV 3of4 for Main zine art piece ft. My fav bird-pig witch, Circe Order any bundle containing the zine or PDF for the full piece Order from: Tumblr:

ラブラドール・レトリーバー イングマルの一生は 18年5ヶ月8日間でした。 うちの「ふゆ」おばあちゃんが、 日記のようにつづっていた イングマルとの18年間の思い出をまとめ、 家族で本をつくりました。 タイトルは 「ねぇ イングマル」

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I really want to invest in some this year. Got one you wanna entice me with? Pop it in the comments!

Gatherings & Public Order Zine A by Alan Lodge [A5 24 Page] A short history describing the , and scene. , Policing and Please share about. Thanks

It’s Monday; time to get those feet back under you! This weekend we prepped some buttons, and got into the groove. We’re ready for the week to come, and ready to get down to business. How will you conquer your week?

How awesome is this Blood Junkies feature in the Film Threat Video Guide from back in 1993? Anyone got any more like this?

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Minha ajudante :-D


Uma Catarina por mês, sempre no dia 25. Um punhado de páginas alinhadas ao redor de um tema. Escritos antigos e novos, publicados no blogue e forjados para o papel.
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Look what just arrived! They look great and I’m stoked!

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clockworkgalaxies  asked:

Hi I'm interested in this zine a lot! Just a few questions. I know mod apps are open, but who are the current mods and have they worked on any projects like this before? Thanks!

Mod Florence:

Hello! I’ve participated in a dozen or so zines but I haven’t moderated before! I’m here as the graphic design and advertisement portion of the team. So far I’ve worked on (and this is not a comprehensive list): @radlgbtzine, @neutralzine, @only-us-korrasami-zine, @akatsukizine, @encyclopediaarcana, @ocrosemagazine and @dazzlingdiamondszine. I’ve done several zines where Mod Vir was also a mod, which is how we got into contact! He has more experience with this than I, but I’m definitely ready to put in the effort to learn the ropes!

Mod Vir:

Hi there! I was a contributor for several zines before I got the opportunity to help mod for the second issue of @ocrosemagazine; I’m also currently working with the mod teams for @bubblinezine, @atlazine, and wrapping up the bonus pdf creation for @bigcatzine. I try to keep a running list of my current or upcoming projects on my personal about page. Aside from zines, I’ve taken to hosting small OC art exchanges every few months, and in general I naturally enjoy event planning and organization. Florence has been wonderful to work with in prior zines, and I’m beyond grateful to have their help putting together this one!

anonymous asked:

Will there be ships in this zine?

We will only be allowing 3-4 pieces in the zine to be about ships. If none of our contributors are interested in doing any ships, then we will not be having any (our merch will only feature Sero).

We are still monitoring the interest check and tallying the top 3-4 ships people have asked to see, in case contributors would like to. Of course, Sero will be drawn or written in a way that he is still the focus of the piece, regardless if it is a ship piece or not.