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Excited to say that the zine I participated in has arrived in all its glory as well as all the gorgeous merch! It was such a pleasure to be able to take part in such an exciting project and see everyone’s hard work come to fruition!

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I got my and it looks amazing! A big Thank You! to all the artists.

**CALLING ALL TEENS!** Join ARTE for a 4-part art-making workshop series next month focusing on human rights & the visual arts in . It's an opportunity to create awesome art that will be compiled into a human rights ! Learn more:

will be joining us as a guest artist! Applications for artists and writers will open January 20th, 2019. Becoming way too horny on main ...

Make sure to drop in at our session tomorrow morning for Symposium Day! You can browse through our social justice zine collection, learn about zines, and have a chance to make your own!

PDF sales for Witching Hour are still ongoing! the PDF is only $10 and all profits go to Pencils of Promise. Get your PDF:

In the world of food, fermentation is king. This trivia Tuesday we ask you the following: this fermented dish is made from cabbage, carrots, ginger, garlic, and chilies. Mentioned in the history Book of Wei, what is it?

Last year I took part in a Sadly it never got off the ground. So here’s my piece I did and the charm I designed! If you can’t tell, the characters are spelling something. Can you guess what it is??? Here’s your hint: ❤️

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Previews of my piece for ! It's Valentine-themed, meaning I got to work on an illustration for a song very close to me-- "World's End Dance Hall!" Please look forward to the opening of preorders!

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「と、」(toten)が売れてます! ■市役所前の北書店さん。 ■新潟南高の隣の上所ショッピングプラザ内の古本店ブックオーレさん。 ■新潟駅ぽんしゅ館クラフトマンシップの書店(そだたべbooks) ■沼垂テラス商店街ではKippis7265、BOOKS f3、ISANA、青人窯、nemonさん

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As you all know this saturday is Adora’s birthday! In honor of her I will be releasing the merch list of everything that will come along with the middle and top tier option, So stay tuned for that!

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Hi!! I just wanted to pop in and say thanks for making this zine! I was so lost and sad after Season 8 but started browsing around on Tumblr and found you guys. I can't wait to buy the zine and support this project <3

Hello! Thank you for the lovely note!  We had this in the planning stages for quite a while, well before S8.  Season 8 really messed with a lot of people, we’re absolutely delighted if this can bring any semblance of hope or comfort!  Thank you for your kind words!

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I applied for the zine and I was just curious about how announcements of acceptance or rejection were going to work. I assume we wont hear anything until after the deadline? But, I just wanted to double check that my thinking was accurate.

Hi!  Thanks for the question!  Yes, we won’t be announcing anything until after the deadline for applications has passed. (Probably a few days after that, to be honest.) We’re so excited - thank you for your interest in the zine!


Hello sweethearts! We’re well into the creation period and everyone is having fun with their gijinka designs – so we decided to hold a contest to spread the joy!

If you applied to the zine last year or if you just feel like getting creative now, design your own sweets gijinka and share it for the chance to win some special prizes! This contest runs from January 15th to February 5th 23:59 EST.

All details on prizes, how to enter, and rules below the cut! Good luck!

🍬 The Waiters of the SweetHearts Team 🍬

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The Zines Are Here!

We are excited to announce the zines are here!

(Ignore my shoe boxes ;))

We are still waiting on the charms and journals to arrive, so hold on tight! We are working hard to send out the zines as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and patronage! We can’t wait to share the zines with you :)

May your heart be your guiding key~

- TM Zine Mods


The Little Book of Self-Care (2019)

3x3 inches, printed on 220g white ivory paper. Hand cut, hand bound. 14 illustrations/note-to-selfs

Self-care isn’t always about indulging yourself or escaping from the realities of daily life. It’s often about facing those realities head on, making sacrifices, reprioritizing, and making small deliberate choices for long-term wellness. That realization helped me stay grounded through all the changes and uncertainties of last year and I hope that with this little book I can help others do the same, even if just a little bit.