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Тим часом додонівська сотня, внєзапна (с)

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We have more in common than our “Groups” tell the story of. Is it possible that after these labour pains we may give birth to something truly wonderful? Debate this and more with us each week in

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I am definitely feeling the color . I think you can expect to see a lot of sunshiney yellow in my next season's collection. This is an inspiring image. perhaps influencing the L'air du temps?

I wonder if talking about physical superiority is politically acceptable today. Offensive discrimination against the non-physically superior. Tomorrow it will be illegal >

"National Security (Ulusal Güvenlik) devlet terörünü meşru kılmak, içeride baskıyı arttırırken başka ülkelerin işgalini meşru kılmak için uydurulmuş bir yalandı ama herkes inandı. Milliyetçi hamaset başkalarına bomba olup yağdı" (Zamanın Ruhu)

Свіжа зрадовата (просто ). Точніше, тут наче всі вата - хто відкрита, а хто тризубами обвішана.

"Leider hängt die öffentliche Meinung mehr als man glaubt von den Journalen ab." Heinrich Heine (1797-1856)

"menangkap" dinamika gelombang sejarah memasuki era digital dlm satu frasa singkat. Membangun masa depan bersama, era digital. Bekerja, berjejaring, berinovasi bersama membuat kita semua ✔, ✔, ✔, *👆jd obsesi

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"France's educational reforms: is it time to become more elitist?" 🤔 Marion Valentin in tune with the anti-egalitarian ..., and Macron?

Das Festhalten an Gottes Wort und es zu bewahren, ist schon längst keine Selbstverständlichkeit mehr. Das macht schon traurig.

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„lichtermeer“ PHILIPPI, 6 Glasröhren verspiegelt, Stahl, pulverbeschichtet, Schafft eine wunderschöne Atmosphäre in jedem Raum. Nicht nur zur Weihnachtszeit. Ein tolles Geschenk! #zeitgeist #zeitgeistwiesbaden #wiesbaden #wiesbadenshopping #geschenkidee #design #germandesign #philippidesign #shopping #wein #deutscherwein #wine #germanwine #schönedinge #schoenedinge #xmas #christmas #weihnachten #candels #candelabra #candlelight #style #interior #interiordesign (hier: Zeitgeist GmbH)

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Angst und Schrecken lauern hinter den Mauern, die unsere Vorfahren so weise errichtet haben. Wir reißen diese Mauern auf eigenes Risiko ein. Wir gehen, unbewusst, auf dünnem Eis, mit tiefen kalten Wassern unter uns, wo unvorstellbare Monster lauern.
—  Jordan B. Peterson; 12 Rules For Life; Kanadischer Psychologe, Autor und Kulturkritiker
I Schaved Karl Marx Beard In The Night As An Prank But Whew. Oh No. Oh No I’m Put It Right Back On That Chin.

Heard THe Distant Howlinge Of That Zeit Geist. It Hungered. My Friend’s I’ve Have Saved Your All From Some Great Sufferinge And Un Knowable Horror’s Even Though It Ruined An Very Funny Joke.


mark (assassination nation) - icons.

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Going Forward.

Something that should said about the current zeitgeist: 

Identity Politics (I.P.) is a trend that was born out of the void of authentic creativity.  

What irks me about so much conversation today is the act of looking at a piece of creative work through the lens of facile. 

I.P. is a reductive process that looks at people restrictively as though they are only representations of their immutable characteristics. They don’t have personal agency, they have no psychology, they have no free expression. They speak only on behalf of their (insert immutable characteristic). 

So, using this lens, creators/artists/writers/pundits then purport to be on the side of history by simply using this formula to pass off their work as authentically creative. There’s no sophistication to it, there’s no depth. It’s all facile. The entire psychology of a person is implanted in their immutable characteristic.

I can’t quite figure out how this came about, but a large part of me wonders what this implies for us as viewers. Is this, in part, a yearning for identity itself? Why is it that a person would prefer to see surface representation? Must we always seek a messiah for a cause? Is this desire a reflection of how we are actually symbolic by nature? 

The symbolic desire seems to stick out. But it falls short, since the identity groupings are nothing to be proud about. They don’t aim high enough, they are not universal enough. This is what leads to the argument about sufficient representation. Which then leads me to conclude that the attempt at achieving sufficient representation will always fall short, since identity groupings are always shifting by their nature: we are all a part of multiple identities. To choose one is to prioritize over another. You create a hierarchy of identities. 

It is a cheap and potentially dangerous move to hierarchize identity groups. 

al things considered — when i post my masterpiece #658

first posted in facebook december 8, 2018

john bratby – “window, dartmouth row, blackheath” (1956)

“breakfast and elevenses” … john bratby

“when it’s pop goes the weasel, let go of the easel
you don’t want this rickety rackety life
it’s seat of the trousers, it’s all sink or swim, son
i’d kill to get crimson on this palette knife
and i’d steal in a minute, i’m up to here in it
you here behaving as though i’m a saint
get a job with a pension, don’t ever mention
you once had a craving for the brushes and paint” … mark knopfler

“as bratby grew older, he tended to work frenetically and then spend up to half of the rest of the year travelling abroad on the proceeds. as he scrawled later in life on a carrier bag, ‘i do not want to be right and broke. i’d rather be wrong and in funds’” … dictionary of national biography

“a hack writer judges my swipes and my smudges
he doesn’t like pictures with blotches and blots
the drawing room tea set wants horses, sunsets
sweet nothings, the seaside with yachts
here’s the end of the thirties, no time for arties
over in poland, a right old to-do
so go join the navy, the air force or the army
they’ll all be enrolling young fellows like you” … mark knopfler

“the painting of my decade was an expression of its zeitgeist – introvert, grim, khaki in colour… opposed to prettiness and dedicated to portraying a stark, ugly reality… the war had forced people to leave the sweet, protected, comfortable life and it rubbed their noses in the brutal truth. after the war this barren view of life continued, and was even popular… painters never do deliberately express their age. it is in their work despite their painting intention” … john bratby

“these are not my decisions, flaming visions
ringing expressions, the clamoring voice
it’s volcanic desire, unquenchable fire
it isn’t a question of having a choice
anyway, now i’m old but if you won’t be told
you’ve been created to answer the call
all passion and lust is gonna end in the dust
but you’ll hang on some government gallery wall” … mark knopfler

“i’d kill to get crimson on this keyboard’s life …
and everything else but the kitchen sink” … al janik