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In this month's issue of Peer magazine, Devonte Lawson reviews the podcasts "BLYSS", "Breaking Bread Socially", and "We Are Generation Z". Be sure to check out his review at . .

Is The Division 2 a Game of the Year contender? 🎮 John Beck reviews this online action role-playing video game by Ubisoft in May's web exclusive game review. Read the full article online at

70 Jahre ,ein tolles Jubiläum! Und doch ist das gefährdet wie kaum zuvor - durch den .So sei ans Diktum des kürzlich verstorbenen erinnert:"Der freiheitliche säkularisierte Staat lebt von Voraussetzungen,die er selbst nicht garantieren kann"

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Estetik, propaganda ve Antik felsefede güzel olan aynı zamanda güçlü ve doğru olandı. Yüceltilen yüz ve beden güzelliği, yarı çıplak tüm insan resim ve heykellerinin kaslarında, meme ve kalça ayrıntılarında bazen itina bazen dehayla sembolize edilmiştir.

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I can’t help but throw out a book recommendation below in the context of the weekly twitter . It’s kind of weird & probably just that it’s my intellectual niche but I can’t say enough how fascinating & explanatory I found this book for understanding current events 👀👇

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phénomène de société ou simplement un qui fait passer pour une merveilleuse histoire? D'ailleurs c'est aux mêmes publics enfantins sinon que s'adressent les deux délires, dans des temps de et d' qui collent à la peau

Fighting monsters and exploring demons with untraditional weaponry. Read Chris Clark's video game review of "Slay the Spire" in this month's issue of Peer magazine. . Image by Nintendo Co., Ltd.

uuuups, das kommt davon: Lockenwickler eindrehen, fressen und texten.....


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Guys, gals, and dudes, we made it to a beautiful 666 followers! Thank you to all the Bill Skarsgård fanatics out there :) <3

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@anna_reusch - Arabian Nights (Ellroy Remix)
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Academic Nihilism

Academic Nihilism

W.E. Leigh

As I look back across the nearly twenty years of education I’ve gone through

A trend begins to emerge – which I hadn’t really noticed before

Whether one thinks of elementary school, high school

College – even the word-games older public figures – CEOs, politicians, etc. – tend to play with one another – 

“This is an incredibly ‘PASSIONATE’ individual” – “Why did you go into X?”

“I just felt an incredible PASSION – a DRIVE to AFFECT CHANGE”

It’s funny; I think the only catalyst that makes me genuinely passionate about affecting change in the world

Is fear, and incredible anxiety regarding my own self-preservation, and, right now, I lack the knowledge, influence and money to do anything regarding it

But I digress – I feel as though the primary impetus this zeitgeist attempts to provide for learning things

For making unique creations, and making something of oneself – is passion

And – I don’t know – it’s always been a call to action

That’s rung incredibly hollow, to me

Maybe it does work for some people – and so, this poem

Would be irrelevant to them, but, for me, the greatest catalyst for dissecting topics I’ve mentioned, before

Has simply been to look at them as a puzzle, as some kind of complicated game

What’s strange to me – are the people from my past, who asked
 “Why do you even want to write about this?”

As if I needed to have some sort of life-changing event attached to an idea

In order to discuss it, poke holes in it, or suggest an alternate solution to societal trends, after giving it some thought

Of course, having life events attached to a subject – will inculcate more interest in an individual, but

What if a generation existed – who felt almost no ideological barrier to entry?

Who confronted controversial issues in a new way –

Because they was were interesting puzzles, just for the challenge of doing so?

Of course – many, many subjects exist which this could fall under, and a person would always be pointed, in some ways

By their own experience, but I mean a generation that didn’t need a detailed response to the question “Why do you care?”

And that never had to pull some sort of half-hearted connection out of their asses – of course, there might be a connection

Of course you value things, but that’s not the main reason you did it – it was because

You were having fun – applying your own opinions to those of the “experts”

Having a good time picking apart the arguments of the “passionate”

And, perhaps, that’s the least-biased approach you could’ve taken

April 6th, 2018

genèric femení

L’únic ús acceptable, que sorprèn i fa gràcia el primer cop que te n’adones, és quan parla un home que entrena un equip esportiu femení: “Hem estat molt encertades.” Fora d’això és analfabetisme dogmàtic i una demostració d’impotència, per part de qui prefereix reforçar creences pròpies i cohesionar el grup, tot renunciant a buscar complicitats.