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I shouldn’t be laughing right now. It’s not funny. 😂😂💚💛

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This are One Direction Most Streamed Songs / Spotify + YouTube (Live Perfomances not included) One Direction have a total a total of 3 songs with +1 billion Streams

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please, I need 1k rt, likes and comments, I never ask anything but- Por favor, necesito 1k (mil) mg rt y comentarios, nunca pido nada pero-

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Ayy Macarena


Sea Greens - N. Horan Imagine


PROMPT: Sea Greens

NOTE: I have no idea how these always take a sexual turn they just do…..oh ya they go skinny dipping


“Come on, Y/N! Live a little!” Niall encourages, already bare and sunken in the deep blue, his underwear tens of feet away from the rising tide. But you remain unchanging in your answer and begin to scold the idiotic boy. Why he thought it was a good idea to go to the beach and skinny dip, you still have yet to know the answer to.

“You of all people have no right to tell me that!” Niall was the most responsible person he knew. Being thrown into the celebrity life as a teenager was an impetus to his fast-maturing, yes. And maybe it was only due to you comparing him to your less responsible university classmates that you could not find a person with enough sanity as her best friend other than yourself. “It’s nearly sixty degrees, you’re gonna get hypothermia, idiot!”

“Well then as my girlfriend you should join me to ensure we die together!” The ignorant, uncivil logic spewing from Niall’s mouth was enough proof that he had consumed a bottle or two, too many. But his incessant pleading and splashing of water towards you made your exasperation grow each second that passed.

“Fine.” You huff out and stand your pointer finger up, making a twirling motion with it. Niall takes the hint and spins his body around. Despite it being dark out, you still had morals and a bit of insecurity for what Niall’s now enhanced vision in the dark may catch. You slowly walked up to the tide, your toes meeting it halfway and squealing at the freezing temperature of the water.

“How did you do this to yourself?!” You say, already feeling goosebumps arise on your body, your nipples hardening. “Are you a masochist?”

“No, I’m Irish,” Niall answers through a fit of laughter, leaving you to roll your eyes. “Just run in and jump!” He instructs. Your eyes grew two times larger as you stood there, staring at his freckles back protruding from the water.


“Yeah, I’ll catch you, petal! Promise.” Despite him facing away from your trembling figure, you could somehow see the growing smile on his face.

“You can’t even see me! I can barely see you!”

“Just trust me!” Niall laughs out. Biting your lip, you take a few deep breaths and take a running start into the water. At the sound of the first couple of splashes, Niall turns back around to face you and is met with only a collision of foreheads as your body rams right into his. Both of you elicit a string of painful groans before they turn into a fit of laughter.

“Oh my god! Are you okay?” You ask, pushing his matted hair back up and away from his forehead. His sea greens were staring adoringly into yours and it seems as though all he could do for a few moments was smile at you and the utter beauty of this moment.  

“I’m fine are you okay?” He replies, and you take notice of how quickly his hands were to fly onto your hips. He held onto them together than usual, as if the tranquil water were plotting to pull you away from one another. But if anything if pushed both of you closer, your chests now touching one another.

“I knew that was a bad idea…” you chuckle. It made Niall’s small smile fall totally, and concern grew.

“What, agreeing to join me or almost giving ourselves concussions?” Niall muses as his lips turn upwards into a smirk. You find yourself hiding a giddy smile of your own.

“The second one…” You reply, still mesmerized by those big blues gazing at you, “but if you don’t start kissing me right now I might start thinking this was one too.” His eyes widen at your teasing words. Though the temptation that was your pair of lips was eclipsed by the string still clutched tightly in his hand that rests on your naked hip.

“I think I can do one better.” Tilting your head as his cryptic promise, he takes this moment as a cue to remove a hand from your waist, and slowly pull the string back up to the surface, while beginning the rehearsed speech. “Y/N…I love you and I don’t think I could live another day without doing this…”

Your mouth falls open at the moonlight glinting across the ring dangling from the piece of tied twine. It was almost as gorgeous as the man in front of you, with its sparkle and shine much like that of Niall’s smile. And when he had spoken the magical words every woman wishes to hear at least once in her life, you nearly collapsed further into the ocean the two inhabited. “Will you marry me?”

“YES! OF COURSE, NIALL!” The answer was a borderline screech, but Niall could make out every word you said before your body lurched for his own yet again. Only this time your legs maneuvered themselves to fit around his waist and hugging him so tightly he starts to cough. You feel the engagement ring, still solid in its string gently be placed over you and onto your neck, while you took the opportunity to lay kisses on his cold, pale one. Little “I love you’s” were dispersed throughout the assault of your lips on Niall’s freckled skin, and when you two got a little more handsy, all the way until you were screaming his name to the crashing waves which seem rock your bodies against one another even harder than the last.


This is about the video ☝☝


This is the traduction to Spanish ☝☝


In the final photo, we can see the representation of 1D, from left to right <Niall, Harry, Liam (who has a microphone) Louis and Zayn> Zouis friendship has been fixed? // En la foto final, podemos ver la representación de 1D, de izquierda a derecha <Niall, Harry, Liam (quien tiene micrófono) Louis y Zayn> ¿la amistad Zouis se ha arreglado?

Gigi Hadid, Zayn’s beard, and Maya, Liam’s beard, are hanging out. This proves two things:

1. They know one another and the stunts are related. There are tons of models out there, why do they pick Gigi? Because she is already stunting for one of the 1D boys. These stunts proves that both stunts are related. This happened to Eleanor and Gigi too. They were seen together too, that is how you know it is a idea coming from the same person/company.

2. Maya is trying to become a model. No one knew her and we already knew from the start that she wanted to get in the fashion industry. Now she got her chance with Gigi Hadid, this all is very hilarious and smart at the same time.


(To the larries: loves, some of yoi do not believe in Ziam. If this would be Camille with Eleanor how could you not think the two stunts are related?)

Sun-Ripened Strawberry - N. Horan Imagine


PROMPT: Sun-Ripened Strawberry


Originally posted by niallhgifs

The name was intriguing, Sun-ripened Strawberry. But seeing the coat of lipstick on your lips just made you enticing to Niall. Throughout the red carpet event, he kept you by his side, elbows interlocked with one another. And every time you turned your cheek, he would take the opportunity to eye you up and down and lick his lips at the thought of what would happen behind your bedroom door. If both of you could make it that far into your house. He might just have to jump your bones on the steps leading up to your front door. It’s private enough, a gated community at midnight, it is not like anybody would be sniffing out your public indecency. Even in bed, the two of you were unobtrusive with your moans, always considerate that, though spaced out, the houses in your neighborhood are still very much near each other.

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That Guy - N. Horan Imagine


LOCATION: my favorite coffee place again bc yes, it is that good….

NOTE: these people were spilling mad tea when I heard this

PROMPT: “it’s not about being that guy…”


Originally posted by niallhoranhasthat1thing

You and your boyfriend were in the middle of yet another heated argument. And as harsh as it sounds, you do not understand why it was so hard to let him leave, or for him to do the same to you. It seems as though the angry moments have been outweighing the joyful ones, lately. Your viewpoints were always irreconcilable, save for the few that made you agree to a date with him in the first place. You were beginning to think that as a mistake, as that date led to a relationship filled with many door slams, red cheeks and lonely nights on the bed. It was in the middle of your regular skirmish that you were accepting—hoping even, that this was the last fight. Maybe this was the last conversation you two would share for a while.

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anonymous asked:

How do you know zigi's contract is ending this year?

Hi lovely,

it is most likely that 1D signed a 10-year contract to Sony and Simon Cowell. When I was in the fandom in 2011, I thought their contract would expire in 2015, because I thought it was a five-year contract at first. Each year I kept hoping the beards would go away but then I realized that they had probably signed a contract for 10 years. An NDA usually expires about five years after signing. I think the NDA 1D signed ended in 2015, because it looked like everything was going to be end. The contract 1D signed to Sony and Simon is probably a 10-year contract. That is the thing that is keeping them here. (I am not stating that there is no 10 year NDA, but usuallu it is a five year deal)

See, in BGT the artist had to sign a 10-year contract. Simon owned that show.

Here is an example: X

We still have not got solid evidence of it, but it is would make perfect sense. I think this might help you too, pup. Link

I forgot to add that Zayn is still under the same contract just like the rest of the boy are. He ‘left’ 1D, but his contract is still there to keep him from doing things he wants. They have false freedom. All of them.

If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to ask me Have an amazing day, love!!XX

Kind Regards,

Suman  :)

anonymous asked:

Lmao the zigi nonsense has me actually dead. They’re running around getting photographed on his birthday wearing matching outfits (the colors are coordinated) for fucks sake how could it be any more obvious that the entire thing is PR??? Like who even thinks zigi is real at this point??? But on the other hand it is nice to see Zayn for the first time in years lol

Hi Polar pup,

Please mind your language, lovely, it is not good for your precious soul☺. What you are saying is absolutely true. It feels nice to see Zayn being healthy. I think he got a bit chubbier and I love it. ❤

The Zigi stunt is such a horrible stunt. They do this each time. I mean how many times have Zigi finished and come back to life? 12 times?🤔 (Which is pretty ironic since they are not even a thing).

Unfortunately twitter is full of it. I do not know if they genuinely think they are a couple or if they just go with whatever others think is cool. It is also sad, if the stunt genuinely happened on the 12th of January, that Zayn could not celebrate his birthday with the ones he truly loves.💕

Thank you for your message, sweet❤ Have an amazing day and enjoy Zayn!!💕Keep calm and believe in yourself!!

Kind Regards,


anonymous asked:

Zigi is back! Thoughts?

Hi Little Glow bear,

It is amazing to let Zigi come back on Zayn’s birthday, it is also very obvious. I do not think she will be there for a long time. Their contracts are ending this year, so I think this is the final work they have to do, love.

They have broken up tons of times and came back together each time. It is nothing new. This makes me think Zayn has some things coming out, perhaps some songs?

The fact that they have tons of hq pap pictures, videos and fan pics tells that all of this has been planned from the start. I do not think this stunt will last long. I guess we will just have to wait and see (again🥱).

Thank you for making me aware of the stunts, my dear. Have an amazing day and take care!!😘💕

Kind Regards,


Teenage Dream - N. Horan Imagine

bc why work on my werewolf!shawn fic when I can procrastinate and write a 3.5k word Niall imagine instead? btw this was inspired by the video of Niall and Lewis singing the song “teenage dream”. If you haven’t seen it I would highly recommend watching below eargasms are a guarantee okey ready here we go:

     Touring with Niall was…to put it in one word…tricky. Feeling all of the world going beneath your feet could make someone feel as though they were flying. From potholes to speed bumps to road bumps, the only thing about flying forty miles an hour across the continents that you loathed was the bruises that littered your body in the oddest of places; the side of your left foot that was stubbed against the leg of the couch, a red-angry right hip after being jostled into the counter, a small nick on your cheek that the damn paparazzi and their nice-ass cameras tried utilizing as—the one and only piece—of evidence that Niall was abusing you. If only they knew that he was the one who’d helped you ice it after your run-in with the door frame upon entering back into the bus from one of Niall’s longest shows. The crowd was so wild and hyped up that Niall fed on their adrenaline and gifted them with two encores, with Lewis and Fletcher joining him on stage. Still, he was there for you when he could be. Even at midnight, icing your cheek and holding back snickers at your small whines and pleas to kiss the wound better.

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