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Aus der Reihe: "Berühmte grüßen" Teil 10 From the series "famous greetings" Part 10 - - -

"Vielleicht würde es ja etwas nützen, um ganz herum einen zu errichten? Von 22 Uhr bis 8 Uhr werden alle Probleme einfach ausgesperrt!", schreibt Harald Martenstein in der Debatte um eine nächtliche Schließung des . Gute Nacht!

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Razor coil is designed to prevent access to sites from vandals and unauthorised intruders. Now available from Zaun, give us a call to find out more

Razor Coil.

Wenn dich unterwegs ca 50 Krähen aufgereiht auf einem Zaun anstarren, kommt einem unweigerlich Alfred Hitchcock "die Vögel" in dem Sinn. Vorbeischleichen und Gas geben. Ab und an noch ein verstohlener Blick zurück, ob auch keiner folgt. 😮😱😈

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Holyroodhouse Edinburgh … HFF ! by Mecklenburg-Foto


Fenced wilderness by Pascal Volk
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HFF and a great weekend!


Zaun der Zentrale des Bundesnachrichtendienstes by Pascal Volk
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Mit ein Bisschen Sonne wirkt der Zaun fast interessant.


Fenced ruins by Pascal Volk
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Fenced Boats by Pascal Volk
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💬 + Rumor has it Jayce hangs out with Zaunites shamelessly.

send in a rumor and jayce will react to it

i only ever step into zaun for business, which is once every other blue moon. so no, stranger, i don’t ‘hang out’ with zaunites.

jayce sounds every bit as sour as he is about the subject, half a scowl attached to his face. the few times he’s had any interest in zaunites all backfired incredibly—namely viktor, as his former colleague, and ekko, for the boy’s brilliance and his passing interest in mentoring him. the less business he had to conduct in the undercity, the better, it seemed, for everyone’s safety. 

nowadays he only ever graces the boundary markets and the entresol with the occasional shopping trip. the rest of zaun remains unexplored and hopefully will keep to that state for years to come.

besides i’m half sure half of their city hates my guts, so your rumor is false on both sides of this discussion.


Nicht vergessen, bitte Zaun sichern by Pascal Volk


Das Grüne hinterm Zaun by Pascal Volk


Fenced Berlin by Pascal Volk


Zaun in grün by Pascal Volk