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Who doesn't feel like this sometimes? A young boy in Mukwashi Trust School's Pre-K class takes a break after a morning of learning. Play is exhausting work!

So thrilled to announce @seedglobalhealth has officially launched our work in . 🙌🤝We are delighted to partner with the University and government to help train the future family medicine doctors at the center of delivery.

My friend she is taking part in this year Miss plus size ZED please find sometime and like her picture and vote for her by following like link above 👆🏿. Kindly RT 🙏🏿

Please tell him we dont want Bill 10 it's not only SC John Sangwa and Linda Kasonde. By the way let's do it before 20 days as we never know who's on the list that needs to go to SA

We offer a wide range of prepared meals from family meals,vegetarian,low carb,healthy & gluten free (fresh & frozen) that u just reheat for a fuss free lunch or dinner. Pictured: Vegetarian Lasagne with Spinach Lasagne sheets! 🤤

Thrilled that Alex Jordan of has committed to help address lumbar puncture stigma in which contributes to poor outcomes for cryptococcal meningitis. Hoping to use the audio interviews of Zambian patients collected by for a health promotions campaign.

As in many facets of life in Zambia, the influence of China is visible in the country’s health-care sector

•Meet us Monday• Meet this year’s team from Loughborough: Mia Walters, Jade Potter, Tom Lee, Josh Longworth and Stewie Luunga.

is home to some of the finest gemstones in the world. We're so privileged to have opportunities to work with them

“Stars shining bright above you Night breezes seem to whisper ‘I love you’ Birds singing in the jackalberry tree Dream a little dream of me...” 🌙🌟

Today, launched a new line of affordable smartphones, Dandy (3G) and Rio (4G), to foster I thank DG Mr Patrick Mutimushi for his ongoing support and our joint effort to bridge the digital divide in .

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The Waller Family - Zambia


4.10 Carats Eye-catching Natural Emerald with an octagon shape and parrot green color. The combo of magnetic luster and perfect clarity makes it an unique peice for an glamorous jewellery.
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US ambassador recalled after dispute with Zambian government over gay rights and corruption
In an extraordinary move, the State Department is pulling the US ambassador to Zambia after the president there objected to his harsh criticism of the government's record on corruption and gay rights.
By Michael Conte and Kylie Atwood, CNN

I’m sorry for posting this almost a month late, but I missed it.

Almost as if our president keeps things happening so as to…

You don’t suppose…

Storms and Floods

Tropical Storms - Roundup of Tropical Storms:

In the Southern Hemisphere: Tropical cyclone (tc) 08p (Tino), located approximately 294 nm west-southwest of Niue, is tracking southeastward at 16 knots.


Australia - Parts of Australia’s east coast were hit by severe storms on Saturday, dousing some of the bushfires that have devastated the region for months but causing road closures and flash flooding. Despite the heavy rain, authorities were still battling nearly 100 blazes - part of the bushfires that have killed 29 people since September, destroyed more than 2,500 homes and scorched an area nearly one-third the size of Germany. Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, three of the states most hit by drought and bushfires, are now dealing with rain bucketing down in several areas.

Zambia - Heavy rainfall in recent days has led to riverine and flash floods in Zambia, mainly in the Southern Province, with Gwembe and Siavonga Districts hardest-hit. The flooding has destroyed crops, including maize, especially in Munyumbwe area in Gwembe District, according to the Government’s Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU). Some bridges have been submerged in the same area, hampering access.


Zambia Performance Art Collaboration

In Zambia we took a slightly different route with our collaborations, with Ife leading the collaborations into our philosophy of #unborder we challenged ourselves to create a piece of art including all the possible art-practices we had at our disposal, in less than a week. We divided ourselves in teams and in my team I had Gala, Dwain, Shibongile, Ginger and Alley. Our interaction with the Zambia artists led to “Inequality” as a theme, each team made their own interpretation, we developed our art around the idea of “Boxed”, and that’s what we called our performance.

Thanks to all the participating artists who took up the challenge with us, and thanks to Circus Zambia for providing us the space and resources for our stay in Zambia.

Sharing here are some snippets from our performance.

Check it out.

Video by: Shivi + Sathya