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to Epic’s Shakespeare Remix Afterschool Program! • Students at our Bronx partner schools brainstormed story concepts after completing their exploration of Hamlet and The Merchant of Venice.

Last night, youth production group Act 3 had a fantastic opening night of Arthur: From a Boy to a King! This runs until tomorrow evening so there's still time to come & see what lovely work produces!

Free Youth Theatre Workshop in Castletownbere, tomorrow Sat 7th & Sat 14th December.

🥳 Congratulations to our Young Company who won the Entertainment category at the ! Well done to all the other winners and nominees!

Prime are incredibly excited to jump into tonight's workshops with . Head to our website to find out more about Youth Theatre and to sign up for the new year:

Well done to Brodie our recipient .... to Dana and Jamie for their recognition awards... and to Temina for her contribution to our Youth Theatre Forum this term!

📢 Less than one week left to apply for Edinburgh Residential 2020 📢 🎉 Join for our 25th anniversary performance 🎉 Deadline 11 Dec

Oooft! Glenurquhart High School students take a bow... performance of Les Miserables tonight was superb! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Nice work

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I’m as proud as these guys look about the fight work we are doing for HYT’s The Phantom Tollbooth! Seriously awesome stuff happening for this show!
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NHG live @ Hanoi New Music Meeting 2009 , Youth Theatre  ( Hanoi , 2009  )


Cyrano de Burgershack was a complete success!! I’m so incredibly impressed by the dedication and heart this cast has shown. I know I say it all the time, but I literally have the best job!! #teachingartist #threeweekmusical #mustacheday #youththeatre

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My life is filled with so many beautiful, brilliant youths 🖤 #ofvs #youththeatre #frompagetostage

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here we go! #icantihaverehearsal #youththeatre #youngactors #makeemlaugh #singingintherain #oyeskids #ojaiyes #hollywoodgoldenage

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Pirates, Christmas and Puppets at 7-11 Youth Theatre

On Saturday morning the group got in to the mind-set of a pirate by playing the captain is coming game, where the group had to follow the commands of the captain. The game ended with a moo off where two people must moo at each other, the first to laugh lost the battle.

We then experimented with puppets and created puppet shows about Christmas Island in preparation for the Alternative Christmas Stocking on the 9th of December, the stand out piece was a televised breakup of a Christmas tree and a Christmas pudding with a twist, I won’t spoil the ending but it’s fair to say the entire group were laughing their socks off!

The 7-11 group spent the rest of the session working on their main show, and surprise surprise it’s all about pirates! They created some wonderful pieces where every member had the chance to act as narrator. Our captain is a strong character with some quirky ideas about how he can add treasure to his already humongous horde of gold, silver and rubies, see the story unfold in two weeks’ time.  

Looking forward to seeing you all there at the Alternative Christmas Stocking 2017.


This week’s blog comes in a form of a time-lapse video from Malpas Youth Theatre, giving you an insight into what goes on in our sessions. The video was taken when the group were playing some warm up games, including Energy Circle. For this exercise everyone was asked to think of a sound and movement, one-person began by performing theirs, which then went around the circle with everyone copying, building up the energy. The group did not disappoint with some creative and wacky sounds and movements. We also did a game called Name Tag, this term the group has had a few new members and this game is great to play to learn names and to develop focus and listening skills. Everyone stood in a space in the room, with one person being on. That person would walk towards someone, before they reached that person they had to say someone else’s name for them to go to. If they reached the person before they said a name then they also became on. The last person standing won! Malpas Youth Theatre love playing this version of tag, demonstrating quick thinking and awareness skills. We play games like this as it provides opportunities for exploration and discovery, giving an imaginative platform to overcome inhibitions and build friendships.

‘Jump Aboard a Pirate Ship’ 7-11 Youth Theatre First Session of the Term

After a smashing summer holiday, the 7-11 Youth Theatre started back with a boom! We welcomed the group back to YT by having a good old natter about everyone’s summer adventures. Tremendous stories were shared, from globe-trotting trips to New York, adventures by the sea and long bike rides-it’s fair to say our fabulous members had a delightful summer.

We started the session with a question time, aiming to find out about the group’s latest interests and discover each members three favourite things. Question time allows us to find common interests and discover a little bit more about our members. It was a brilliant tool to start off the session and welcome our fantastic new members to the group!

Themes for this week included, building trust within the group and getting to know our 7-11 participants, along with devising our pirate themed drama piece. We played a range of ice breakers to facilitate the group getting to know each other, followed by an exciting ‘Image Alphabet’ game. A player from the group is nominated to be the leader, the player in question then chooses a letter from the ‘Alphabet’ the rest of the players have four seconds to create an object, or place with their bodies-using the letter stated by the leader.  We observed a range of creative responses from the group, e.g door hinge, dragons and the empire state building. This game really does engage the group. It’s great for a warm up activity.   

Our main activity for the session was creating our own pirate ship along with pirate characters. Over the course of the next two sessions we will be composing a devised piece of theatre centred around Pirates. We will eventually perform our devised piece at the Unity Centre, Chester’s Equality and Diversity Hubs open day 7th October.

The group began by exploring the activity ‘Mystery Music’ the kids were asked to find a spot on the floor and close their eyes and listen to the mystery music for a few minutes. I asked them to relax and let their imagination take over for a while as they listen. I suggested that they let the music paint pictures in their minds, then stopped the music and started it over again. Using their bodies in their own time, they were asked to move around the space to the music and let the music transport them to another place within their imagination. Once the music stopped we sat in a circle and discussed what they saw, how it made them feel, what locations they visited and activities they explored. Astonishingly, each member came up with a completely different setting. The music that was played was an instrumental sea shanty- drifting our members off to battlefields, examinations and walking up mountains.  

We played the song again and asked the kids to close their eyes- I took them on a journey to the seas of Nassau, the Atlantic Ocean close to the Caribbean seas. I asked them to visualise what life may be like on a pirate ship, who might they meet, what characters might be found there- we used this activity to develop our own Pirate Characters. It was a huge success.

The kids then used a Pirate Name Generator- a resource prepared especially for the session and planned imaginative characteristics for their own Pirate Characters. Our very creative 7-11 group decided our bunch of Pirates challenged our perceptions of Pirates throughout history!

We ended the session by rehearsing a trusty Pirate song in preparation for next week’s session. on the whole, we experienced a jam-packed session with lots of laughs. Our first session back enabled us to create the foundations for next week’s exciting continuation in the devising process.

Express Juniors: Start of the new term!

Today the group returned after the Christmas break, which marked 2 years since the group started. Over the past two years Express Juniors have achieved so much, they have been part of the Lantern Parade, Culture Warrington Showcase and the Peace and Love Festival. They have performed pieces which they created themselves including Back to the Tudors, Who can save Christmas? and a Murder Mystery as well as their first scripted play last year Macbeth! We are all very proud of how this group has developed and this next term will be a very exciting one! 

This week we started with a new warm-up game, Running Man. The group ran on the spot and then I shouted out some scenarios, adding context to their run. Their run became running away from a monster, trying to grab something in front of them that they just couldn’t get and running across the finish line of a race. This created some high energy movement, with great commitment from the group. For the main part of the session I started by explaining that I was planning a night in front of the TV and they were going to provide the entertainment. They were split into 4 groups and each were given a theme for a TV show and an advert. They were given 10 mins to create small scenes using the themes as inspiration. I then used an imaginary zapper to change the channels, shouting out the themes and the group who created the corresponding piece jumped onto the stage and performed their televisual masterpiece! We had a cop show, hospital drama, and adverts for shampoo and power tools! They all created fast paced, creative and dynamic work! 

Express Juniors: Christmas Creations

Last week the group started to create their Christmas show for December! They were very excited to get started and before half term they decided they wanted to explore a crime mystery theme. This led to an idea that the Warrington detective’s society are having their annual Christmas dinner, when they realise that there are too many unsolved crimes this year, threatening the happiness of Christmas. These detectives however aren’t that bright, but together they try and solve these mysteries, hoping that two heads are better than one! The group worked incredibly hard creating their characters and starting to devise the opening scenes. This is shaping up to being an imaginative performance and one that shouldn’t be missed! Watch this space for more details.

Express Juniors: Character Costumes

This week we explored creating characters through costumes, using everyday objects including foil, bin bags and newspaper. 

We firstly however started the session with some fun warm up games including energy ball, where the group passed round an imaginary ball which changed sound every time someone touched it. We then explored different emotions the ball could have including anger and happiness, matching the sound to the emotion. They created some brilliant and wacky noises with some laughter thrown in between! Then to help them with their character creations we did family portraits. In small groups they created freeze frames of a family of Geese, Royals and Aliens.

The groups were then let loose with the materials, dressing up one person from each group. We had a queen, cat superhero and a mermaid. Everyone used the materials in different ways, really showing the great creative talent this group hold. They then created three freeze frames which showed their characters back story. A very imaginative and fun session had by all! 

PYT December Productions

Congratulations to all of our students on delivering excellent shows!

Between December 13th and 16th 2015, PYT’s Tots, Juniors, Seniors and Advanced delivered six shows to packed audiences and we couldn’t be prouder! With such a short rehearsal process for our December shows, the students managed something extraordinary and we’ve had nothing but positive feedback. Well done to all!

Our show week started off with PYT Juniors performing two shows at Divadlo Na Pradle on Sunday 13th December. The evening started with the younger students in a very colourful performance of Tribes United by Richard Morris. Our PYT Juniors Leader, Rebecca Riisness did a great job directing the show with her Assistant Director, Isabelle Klvanova. Tribes United was fun to watch and perform and left everyone with a smile on their face….except Evil Beaky Bird who was so disappointed she couldn’t eat the Clay People. The students did Rebecca proud and gave her a great send-off into life as a new mother. We wish her tremendous joy!

External image
Tribes United

After a quick change over it was time for the older Juniors to perform I Didn’t Think by Julie Cordingley. The students did an incredible job remembering so many tricky lines, especially given their varying abilities and English proficiency. We’re all very proud of the progress they’ve made, particularly Director, Rebecca Humphries who would also like to thank her Assistant Director, Joshua Boddy for doing such a wonderful job of supporting the success of the production. Thanks to their stellar performances, the audience learned a valuable lesson about popularity and kindness.

External image
I Didn’t Think

On Tuesday 15th December it was the turn of our Seniors to show what they had been working on this term. Their production of 4am by Jonathan Dorf had the audience in fits of laughter and was a great opportunity for the Seniors to show off their comic abilities. For a group with such a wonderful sense of humour, the play was a great fit. Director Rebecca Humphries and Assistant Directors, Barbara Mead and Cady Baker had a blast throughout the rehearsal process. In a production packed with so much music and laughter, the actors did an excellent job of picking out the darker and more serious moments to balance the show and give it real impact. Great job Seniors!

External image

Then we were on to our biggest night. Wednesday December 16th saw our Tots Revue and both Advanced productions. First we headed over to Divadlo Kampa to join our youngest group for a very sweet revue all about animals. Tots Leader, Nadima El Kalafawi and her Assistants, Fenne Bagust and Malaika Wilson did a great job getting the show together. It was great fun and we were so impressed with how well our youngest students were able to project and remember everything they were supposed to do. With the group growing for the new term, we’re excited to see how things get bigger and better!

External image
Tots Revue

Later in the evening we returned to Divadlo Na Pradle for the first of our Advanced shows. The Beauty Manifesto by Nell Leyshon looks at a future in which teenagers are made to conform to certain beauty standards and raises questions about what really makes us beautiful, happy and successful. Rebecca Humphries directed the show as a piece of physical theatre with the help of her Assistant Directors, Alex Drakopoulos and Emily Lange. The students did an excellent job conveying the message of the show and learning some really tricky choreography to create beautiful imagery throughout. It’s been wonderful to watch their skill set grow as they learned new physical theatre techniques through the rehearsal process and during a master class with dancer and choreographer, Dagmar Spain. We’re very proud of the result and received excellent feedback from the audience.

External image
The Beauty Manifesto

The final show of the night was Bassett by James Graham. Our Artistic Director, Adam Stewart directed this very potent show with the help of Assistant Directors, Alex Alden, Mania Chakulay and David Truong. A show about Britain at war and Islamophobia, the audience was really struck by the relevance of the piece in present times. The actors gave brilliant performances and kept the audience gripped throughout until the shocking ending that left everyone a little shaken and truly moved. The two Advanced shows were completely different, with striking movement and visuals in the first and stillness building the tension in the final show of the week.

External image

We couldn’t be prouder of all our groups and are excited to head into the new term! We’d also like to say a huge thank you to our Stage Manager, Lux Nieve who worked on the sound, lights, videos and costumes for the shows, built the sets and generally ensured everything ran smoothly. She worked tirelessly all term and we couldn’t have done it without her. With more great shows lined up for June, the future is looking very bright at PYT.

Meet our Youth Chorus

We have eleven Tiny Pirates stowed away in Treasure Island. These talented kids are from our Drama Club and holiday workshops. Anna, Celeste, Cici, Didi, Gigi, Isaac, Madeleine, Miranda, Olivia, Siana and Tom have been working super hard over the past few weeks, and we snuck backstage to interview them.

A lot of them want to act when they’re older (Madeleine, Didi, Gigi and Olivia all want to tread the boards), and as Didi says, being in the show is great experience. Cici says that the best part is how you get to act, dance and sing, and therefore can improve all elements of performance. Isaac fancies becoming a director, and says that one of the highlights of the show is meeting the adult cast because it gives a good sense of the professional world. In fact, meeting the professional actors is pretty much universally voted for as the best part of being in the show.

As well as acting, they’re all keen musicians! The most popular instrument seems to be the piano, which Cici, Celeste and Tom all play. Miranda and Gigi are serious singers, and Anna and Olivia play the guitar. Siana plays the sax, Isaac plays the drums and both Gigi and Didi play the harp. Perhaps we should have a Youth Chorus band…

We’ve been doing a lot of homework backstage too, and they’re a pretty intellectual bunch. English crops up a lot as a favourite subject, Anna, Didi, Miranda and Madeleine all love it. IT is one of Tom’s favourites and Isaac enjoys Latin. Science is top of the list for Olivia and Gigi (who’s picking her GCSEs this year). Whilst Celeste loves Art and D.T., Cici is the only one who chose maths!

Acting in a professional show is no mean feat, and so we asked them what aspect of the show they’re most proud of. Both Miranda and Siana are proud of getting the final dance right. Tom is most proud of throwing a fish during a dance number, as its one of the few moments when the Youth Chorus get their own props. The curtain call is also voted as a great moment by Cici, Celeste and Didi. Gigi and Olivia both agree that performing on press night was their proudest moment of the run so far, whilst Anna went onstage the day after fracturing her wrist - a true professional!

And to round off, we asked them what they liked most about Drama Club and Holiday Workshops. Getting to learn new plays and styles of theatre was Olivia’s answer, whilst Miranda says the multi-roling allows her to play lots of different characters which she wouldn’t otherwise get to. Madeleine rates learning improv skills, whilst Isaac and Anna both like how you get to meet new people. 

Catch this talented bunch in Treasure Island!

Senior showcase!

Yesterday a few members of our senior group performed at a small showcase held by culture warrington. We spent the last couple of classes devising a piece with the members for them to perform. We chose to do a physical movement piece and used the play Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka as our initial inspiration. From there we decided to explore the refugee crisis and were able to connect the two ideas together by the link of insects and dehumanisation. In Metamorphosis the main character is transformed into a beetle and we found a quote by Katie Hopkins referring to the refugee’s as cockroaches. We used imagery that conveyed the refugee’s struggle to escape their own horrors and to be accepted by others and to be treated as human beings. The group added in quotes of newspaper headlines and some lines from metamorphosis as they created one big image of a beetle together. Our members worked really hard in a short amount of time to create this piece, they even worked on a lift which was really successful. We are so proud of the work they managed to produce and hope to use it again and perform to more people as we believe it’s a really powerful piece.

Malpas YT: A Mixed up Christmas

This week in Malpas we started with trust exercises. We did an activity called ‘Blind Car’, where in pairs one person was the car who had their eyes closed and the other the driver, who guided them slowly around the space. With their first performance only weeks away, it’s important to build their trust, so they know they can count on each other as a group when performing on stage.

The group then finished putting together their Christmas show, ‘A Mixed up Christmas’ for the ‘Alternative Christmas Stocking’ showcase on the 12th December. Their ideas have come from improvisations and devising work around the famous poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’. The piece follows 3 lonely children’s story who have given up on the spirit of Christmas and what happens when they get a visit from Santa and his head Elf! The young people have come up with some very exciting and creative ideas for this piece!


My kids for the next several weeks. They are SO cute! #youththeatre #seussical

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