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DCAC Pink 2019 on Breast Cancer Awareness College of Arts and Commerce the change maker.

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Make the change do not blame. india - youngest country in the world. It's time to show youth power. Congratulations to first time voter. .

A 15 year old 😇 black teenager took his life due 2 4 being in Huntsville,. Not knowing Shelby, this story hits 🏠The effects of discrimination last a lifetime. 74% of & in 🇺🇸 don’t feel safe at 😭

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Me, during a motivational session for youngsters at a primary school. Making them aware of the good and bad things as a student and also how to study more effectively.

Our development and training program is accepting applications from , aged 18-35 years across for semester 6 of the , for more detail conatct

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Know a homeless LGBTQ+ youth? Your purchase or donation to support Canada Pride Buttons goes to helping them!

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Hazel Eyes

In those hazel eyes I can see the reparations of my broken heart

The words that will mingle and mix to create the guidelines of our love

I can feel the warmth of the cocoa mixture that you’ve assigned to the iris of the eyes of your soul

your eyes are the best parts of the beach, the sand that is the bridge of life from the water to land

Your eyes have the capacity to birth a new without denying the existence of what happened but explaining what could be

Your eyes are the threshold into almosts, could’ve beens, and never wills

While simultaneously being synonymous with hope, wild aspirations, and boundless expectations

your eyes are the contradictions of what I thought i knew

They mirror a world where you know me and I know you

I spent the years and tried to forget it

I spent the years and tried to forget it

I spent the years and tried to

I spent the years and tried to forget it

But I can’t


We are so very PROUD of them!! …They did it AGAIN!! The kids at the Sunshine Cottage School planted tomatoes and peppers today!!🌱🌿😊❤️😊🌿🌱
Our Growing Rural Youth Garden Kids at the Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children are AWESOME! …🌱🌿😊❤️😊🌿🌱
From seed to garden. They plant, they nurture, they fertilize, they provide light as the wonder of nature explodes in their garden!!
Our budding gardeners did a GREAT JOB!
Way to go kids!! JOB WELL DONE! ❤️(Thanks also goes out to Ms. Vasquez, their teacher and the staff and admin at the school.) ❤️
Our Growing Rural Youth Garden Kids are the Greatest!!! ..
WOW! We Love these kids!! …💚💚💚
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The other day the weather was so beautiful & my friend and I decided to go for a walk, bring cameras and have a quirky little photoshoot. We experimented with exposure, poses etc and had so much fun together! Some pictures turned out a bit blurry but that’s what gave them this nice retro vibe and we absolutely loved it.

Here’s me, and I actually wasn’t even aware this photo existed until I found it on my camera roll, but it has this lovely nostalgic summer feel so zł thought I’d share it!


@shawnmendes last night on night 1 at @theo2london #shawnmendesthetourlondon 🎶🔥🙌 #Youth 🙌 (at The O2)

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