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have the responsibility to set up that can access to and grow their . - H.E. Agbor Sarah Mbi Enow Anyang, Commisioner hor HR, Science and Technology

च्या वतीने उत्तर जिल्हा अध्यक्ष यांच्या नेतृत्वात मुंबईतील येथे अभियाना अंतर्गत चौक सभेचे आयोजन

We must equip our and with good understanding of key and , to allow them to fight for their case and get support from their . Nancy Gitonga,

Delighted to represent with at this year’s Celebration on Thursday - an amazing doing fantastic work in and around 😊

This is one of the top questions that come through our inbox on the daily! If you're curious to know what items we're collecting for the rest of to support and in , check out the details! Any questions?

Took another Dynamic Youth Workshop! The volunteers did an amazing job organising this✌🏻 Are you not aware of this happening workshop yet? Join the next one😀

leaders from more than 12 countries, belonging to diverse traditions & organisations were trained to be champions of peaceful and inclusive societies by , at ! Read more:

Super Mentors for Super Mentees. Launched today to facilitate excellent mentors guiding motivated and ambitious young adults in their journey through the world of work.

Delivery of our Board room table Let’s Care SA committed in promoting young black emerging Businesses

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Cheers from refugee camp in Bassikunou, Mauritania by Giuseppe Simeon
Via Flickr:
Refugees from Mali


Even Oranges need Sunshine? by OSTROM MENASHA

There were always enough then. Always enough.

O I remember days…
Climbing the branches of a tree
ripe and heavy with pomes.
Taking whatever I wanted.
There were always enough then.
Always enough.

~ Elizabeth Spires, from “Pome” in A Memory of the Future: Poems (W. W. Norton & Company; July 24, 2018)