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‘பேருந்துக்காக காத்திருந்த ’... ‘ நேர்ந்த கொடூரம்’!

Elementary: no consent sex ed/"he likes you" Middleschool: exploit dress code as empowerment Highschool: online data collection/programming University: sexual exploitation - sex club/tuition trafficking

extremely happy to be part of @bjp. is with ji.Thanks for giving this opportunity of nation building.

Masih pagi denger kabar begini langsung lemes, padahal mimin nungguin comeback mereka :') Yang tabah ya You”th! Tetap dukung mereka walau udah ngga sama-sama lagi! - Admin A . .

ICYMI The Community Foundation serving Boulder County Reached $4 Million Goal

The picture is showing "Youth Unemployment Rate 2018", it's 100% that would get so much worse in 2019 and later.

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to myteen 💛💙💜


as a you”th who fell in love with this group of wonderful boys, I want to say thank you for everything. between taevin leaving and two members going on producex101, I wasn’t shocked that this was coming. the group was underrated. I hope you guys can appreciate their music that they’ve already released. I hope that this is a beautiful goodbye, but not the complete end. please support kookheon and yuvin in their duo. please support taevin and the other members who pursue acting. please support them in any way.

07.26.17 - 08.20.19

forever apart of my you”th.


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Can you comprehend, a love so real, heartfelt and pure?
The assurance that there is someone, that took time, effort, love, care and a gentle hand to draw the lines that are now called my body. To design the waves that i now see as my hair. Coloring the inside of my eyes, that I now smile with, cry with.
Not a fault, defect or pure coincidence.
Can you comprehend, that God didn’t stop creating after Genesis?
Because He’s still creating now. Around you, within you, for you.
And just like a masterpiece, signed with a heavenly autograph.
I almost can’t comprehend, a love so real, heartfelt and pure.

I’m not sure I had an adolescence, where things were new and shiny, like a boy or a car. Instead I was closeted, and I had suffered from too much anxiety to learn to drive, and I never felt that freedom, of being young and in love— now I am lost beyond repair because I was too old and too young all at once, too afraid and too isolated to culminate a proper personality; I am just surviving now, on what I know, and I realize that’s not enough.

Mars Kneale

По этому случаю ты приготовил красочную речь. Ну что ж, поведай мне, что я за чудовище, какой пошлый, вульгарный злодей.

-“Интервью с Вампиром”, Энн Райс.