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Boa noite negos

Officers in full uniform on the badminton court & playing basketball with energized ! Great sight to see! (6) officers, (2) student volunteers & (15) youth. Supported by

Applications are closing soon, so if you would like to be considered for one of our 15 scholarships, email and tell us your name, phone number, and postal address.

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For day 147 we are happy for food🍟 Eating a good meal, or getting treated to a meal out at a nice restaurant is a wonderful feeling✨💕

The event has a great turnout! We are so pleased to be a partner on this youth networking event that helps connect youth with local employers! Thank you to our partners on this event @epcjobsptbo and

Yesterday, I had an AMAZING opportunity to talk to students of ! I don’t take these moments lightly, because you never know when a single phrase can positively change the trajectory of a child’s ENTIRE LIFE!

If you know a , age 16-24, experiencing the following: High School Drop-Out Low Income 🚓Justice Involved Homeless or Runaway In Foster Care or Aged-Out Pregnant/Parenting👶 Youth w/ a Disability Poor Work History We want them to be successful! ❤️Send them our way!

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Here is the link to my brand new vlog on my Youtube channel and we find out if I know any youth trends or things (I don’t know it was confusing)

BETTY (*1962)  : ”My grandmother was  born at the end of the 19th century. She grew up wearing long dresses and funny underwear. She made it through two world wars with three children. How could we possibly expect to really understand one another? I feel The most important thing is for old people to tell you about their youth, to show you pictures of them as teenagers or as young parents. When I keep that mental image alive in my mind, I can treat them without any prejudice, apprehension or anger about what might be called their “old-fashioned” thinking. (photo from 1982)

There’s the tae.

Rough translation:

Being young is a great thing, as the title says. This statement leaves me cold, I will say. Who thought of a stupid phrase like that? Young people or grown ups? Sentimental, old people heading down memory lane and have completely forgotten the real days of youth? Keep that crap away from me, for God’s sake!

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She looked like

All the other girls.

She was pretty,

She wore

Beautiful clothes.

She did not

Differ in any way

You could

Easily notice.

But when you look

In her charcoal eyes,

You saw the years

Behind the

Young mask.

When I stared

Into those charcoals,

I saw what

She has seen.

I’ve seen

Rome fell,

Gods dying,

I’ve seen

Countries rise

Just to fall again.

I’ve seen

Medieval painting,

All the muses.

I’ve seen

People flying

And Freddie Mercury


While I watched

Her charcoal eyes

I saw how

Pain is burning

In her eyes.

They ain’t really


But really dark


Still burning.

By: Azzazel

You have issued a challenge to which we must rise, and we will stand in solidarity with you. Though we are old and you are young, we will be led by you. We owe you that, at least.

George Monbiot in The Guardian. My generation trashed the planet. So I salute the children striking back

Not a hard and fast rule, but I’d prefer no more “baby boomer” presidents of the USA. My generation: Oh my!


We’re super excited about the great guest speakers that will be joining us for PAYNE & Glory, Inc’s Women’s Health and Wellness Expo! Today we highlight #author, #speaker, #mentor, #coach and #educator @authordenisemwalker!!!
Join us March 23rd to hear this awesome woman of faith bring us insight on #PhysicalHealth #EmotionalHealth


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