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Take some time out to discover . Explore yourself and identify what brings you . Start doing those things and see how you go on to gain . The road to recovery is a time consuming process which needs patience and setting small targets.

New CDC study shows vaccine prevented more than 7 flu illnesses, 109,000 flu and 8,000 flu during the 2017-2018 flu season. . and your with a flu today if you have not been vaccinated yet this season.

Be and never try to be someone you are not!

thee close To still the tears That are never released For too many You are a fine Who needs touching Whether it’s a gentle pat Or full on clutching Remember the future Dreams show what’s to be I beg you simply Pour on me ⁦✍️

Emotion Management is the key to your success. Be in charge, learn the tools that will empower your "Self".

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I don’t know what others think of me. I am curious about it, but on the other side I always think that I don’t have to. It can be harsh ur confronting to really know it. As long as I don’t cling on to the thoughts and opinions of someone else it’s okay I think



Azt hittem tényleg fontos vagyok neked.. Lehet én nem vagyok elég de hidd el mindig igyekeztem. És azért hogy boldog legyél bármit megtennék… Mint most. Békén hagylak hogy mással boldog lehess és ne kelljen azon aggódnod hogy jól vagyok-e úgy válok el tőled mintha nem fájna. De igazából haldoklom belül… Szeretlek.


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who ever you are, where ever you are & whatever you are doing I hope you have a great day!!! :)

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Choose to dare greatly. ✊🏾
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Starting up PMA can be hard if you’ve gone through some tough times. So honestly, the best thing to do is use subtle reminders that your subconscious can pick up throughout the day. Like your wallpaper. And I honestly love @therealjacksepticeye ‘s design because its so simple and clean. Also I get so many questions throughout the day from my friends about what it means, so I’m spreading PMA all around 😁