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πŸ“š Yesterday we had our event organized by , and at . It was a ! We saw a lot of new faces, our attendee was only a few months old.

No one has explained to Trev that’s it’s warm in the greenhouse today

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Looks like Norah is wiped out After a busy day of back to back Rugby games! We had to get our youngest team member her own jersey!

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bc it’s God my creator 🎉

Dalam keraguan, banyak tanya yang tak terjawab, ataukah memang tanya yang tak butuh jawaban. Entahlah!

Semua orang selalu berusaha mencari jawaban dari setiap pertanyaan. Namun, sekarang aku menyadari bahwa tidak semua pertanyaan memiliki jawaban. Sebab itulah pertanyaan ada membuat diri menjadi pribadi yang lebih siap akan ketidakpastian dari sebuah pertanyaan.

Sekarang bukan jawaban yang aku cari dari setiap pertanyaan ku, tapi penguatan ku dalam menentukan keputusan ataupun pilihan jalan mana yang akan ku tempuh, proses seperti apa yang akan ku lalui.

By @pratiwiyayu


Walking with my #youngest babies on this epically beautiful day! 😍👌😋💙

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Kylie Jenner will achieve billionaire status quicker and younger than Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook did. Or anyone else, for that matter.
@forbes @kyliejenner .
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On Being Selfish

I am known to be one of the most spoiled and selfish person of any group (ok I’m exaggerating). I’m the youngest in my immediate family. And the most sheltered otherwise. I usually got what I wanted. Nowadays I am suffering from spoiled child syndrome. It’s honestly with anything I want to be to myself. It could be food, a drink, my bed, my space, my time, my man, I mean it could be anything. I don’t know if it has something to do with the fact that I’ve been deprived of what I’ve wanted for over a year (long story 🙄) or its just simply time to have my own stuff, set boundaries, and switch some shit up.

Finally after many years, GameFreak stop make more Hilbert’s copies and actually make new character (despited be ironic the generic the all)… at least i’m happy they’re stop make blue jacket/shirt in all protagonist….

Also the new protagonist design is just Teenager version Youngest of X/Y

….Oh another blue fucking jacket…. 


#ThisFunktional #Movie: Seems like the #Youngest #Honorary member of the #SCDCRoboWariors #FirstLEGoLeague #RoboticsTeam Mr. #DarkPokeNoah had the most fun making this video at #TheLEGOSpaceHollywood, find out more info at (#Link in #Bio). THE LEGO MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART in theaters February 8, 2019. #Movies #Film #Films #Cine #Cines #Cinema #Cinemas #TheLEGOMovie2 #Blog #Blogger #Blogging #Journalist #Reporter #Critic

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Okotaro Shuro is, of course, Kuro’s younger brother. He’s the only male sibling in the Shuro family. He’s the opposite of Kuro. He’s Quite and can be hardly angry while Kuro is loud and can be easily Angry. Okotaro is the only one of the Shuro family to be born as a monster. Okotaro has a thick long tail. Okotaro accidentally cut off his hand so now he has a prosthetic Hand

anonymous asked:

I'm the youngest in my family so I always feel like I have to fix the problems, that everything is my fault, that I cant do anything right. Its come to the point where I dont even eat lunch because it's at school and my family has always make jokes whenever I'm eating and I hate it. I literally loathe myself because I have suffered my whole life being made fun of by kids in my school, my friends, and my family and I dont know how to handle it.

That doesn’t sound like a good family…if you can, maybe see if you can stay somewhere else for some time or depending on how old you are see if you can try to move out. Your family should support you and keep you safe and healthy. If you’d like someone to talk to, you can message me @goliath-dave

Does anyone have any advice?


The youngest

I’m the youngest child of my family, of most of my cousins and of my friends. My dreams, the things I want and like to do overlap with the interests of the people around me. Sometimes I feel as if I am a copy of those around me. Am I only the parts of people who can before me? Do I have the dreams for myself or because I copied those around me?


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