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Pratibha Sanman Award 2019 Thanks A Lot my Guider , mentor, philosopher, This is all true by your blessing and encourage to me I am very much exciting Award for Thanks a lot

Mojo Morganfield & The Mannish Boyz, to open for Bad Company πŸ’–πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―. July 19th, Festival At The Lakes, Hammond Indiana, 6pm! Rogers

Sweet boy is growing up too fast! He offered to pump my gas ⛽️, but informed me I still have to pay πŸ˜‚!

Youngest Mom in History. Lina Medina was was just 5 years, 7 months, when she gave birth to her 2.7 kg (6.0 lb) son.

speaking at snd project launch of 's , Latoya Likambi, who is a year 7 student . Thank you Mr Cassidy for your presence and remarkable speech!

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21-year-old has become the to travel to all the in the world. "My ultimate goal is to show people that the world isn't a scary place & every culture harbours kindness in spite of political instabilities", she says.

He is officially '21'.Wow,that was fast!The big sis whipped up a home-made delicious cake.HBD Lil 're special & loved by all of us.May God grant you all your wishes and may you excel in all that you pursue! πŸ’žβ£οΈπŸ’―

❀️another bonus of allowing yourself to be alone in a corner sometimes

Rindu.... Dh nk dkat setahun x jmpe... Ade rezeki nnti akk dtang jmpe ko ye deq... masuk air sis u

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Probably the youngest Jwalker ever. Showing of his dancing skills already. I swear my ears 😂🤣 ooh so happy to share this love with my most precious boy 😍 sadly enough to young for Berlin.

#jwalker #youngest #socute #joy #fun #familytime #precious #proud #proudmom #Berlin #danceskills #love #jaypark #sexy4evatour #worldtour #fanboy #fangirl #happy #enjoying #liam #littlejwalker #mood (bij Hoogerheide, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands)

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Pros & Cons of being the youngest sibling


- its true, you get away with stuff easier

- automatically have someone to learn from (older siblings)

- develop thick skin from constantly being picked on by older siblings

- will forever be the little one

- maybe get some nice hand me downs?


- being the youngest means, everyone thinks you know the least

- all your opinions will be talked over by older family members even if you are right

- nothing we do is a new experience for family members ( graduation, prom, sports games, been there done that)

- it’s hard to feel unique and original cause your siblings got to find themselves first

- you will always be compared to your siblings failures and successes

- will forever be the baby (it’s a blessing & a curse)

- you will feel left out A LOT.

- oh and get ready to constantly be call whoever’s little sis or brother

Me as the youngest sibling.

Being the youngest can be depressing. You’re ordered around to do stuffs and never once asked what I am needed, that really hurts deep inside.

Being treated like a kid no matter how older you get just makes it worse. Keeps me second guessing my opinion, even I get the chance it always goes bad like lashing out in defensive.


🖤🤣😍 Such a character 😘🙏🙌
#lovelife (at Cape Town, Western Cape)

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anonymous asked:

wait what how old are u?? (u dont have to respond to this if u dont want to share that info i just read ur tag abt being the youngest one lmao)

Hahaha don’t worry! I’m not like twelve or something, it’s just that almost everyone in this fandom is like in their 20ies and I’m out here about to turn 18

I am also graduating in two weeks !! Which is exciting :-)

Dalam keraguan, banyak tanya yang tak terjawab, ataukah memang tanya yang tak butuh jawaban. Entahlah!

Semua orang selalu berusaha mencari jawaban dari setiap pertanyaan. Namun, sekarang aku menyadari bahwa tidak semua pertanyaan memiliki jawaban. Sebab itulah pertanyaan ada membuat diri menjadi pribadi yang lebih siap akan ketidakpastian dari sebuah pertanyaan.

Sekarang bukan jawaban yang aku cari dari setiap pertanyaan ku, tapi penguatan ku dalam menentukan keputusan ataupun pilihan jalan mana yang akan ku tempuh, proses seperti apa yang akan ku lalui.

By @pratiwiyayu


Walking with my #youngest babies on this epically beautiful day! 😍👌😋💙

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On Being Selfish

I am known to be one of the most spoiled and selfish person of any group (ok I’m exaggerating). I’m the youngest in my immediate family. And the most sheltered otherwise. I usually got what I wanted. Nowadays I am suffering from spoiled child syndrome. It’s honestly with anything I want to be to myself. It could be food, a drink, my bed, my space, my time, my man, I mean it could be anything. I don’t know if it has something to do with the fact that I’ve been deprived of what I’ve wanted for over a year (long story 🙄) or its just simply time to have my own stuff, set boundaries, and switch some shit up.


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