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My companion this morning likes to spend lots of time looking out the window. Especially when there's a truck delivering compost outside.

Hum aaj bhi 'Shatranj' ki chaale nahi samaj paa rahe hai, and this 12-year-old from Tamil Nadu is India's youngest chess grandmaster and world's second youngest grandmaster.

The more - An increasing number of under 15 years old have started to smoke during the last 40 years in Europe.

My youngest 9th birthday! My baby it's growing up, too FAST!

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I'm the youngest in my family so I always feel like I have to fix the problems, that everything is my fault, that I cant do anything right. Its come to the point where I dont even eat lunch because it's at school and my family has always make jokes whenever I'm eating and I hate it. I literally loathe myself because I have suffered my whole life being made fun of by kids in my school, my friends, and my family and I dont know how to handle it.

That doesn’t sound like a good family…if you can, maybe see if you can stay somewhere else for some time or depending on how old you are see if you can try to move out. Your family should support you and keep you safe and healthy. If you’d like someone to talk to, you can message me @goliath-dave

Does anyone have any advice?



2018/11/23 Ten days old Asylum Seekers arrives in Tijuana, Mexico by Daniel Arauz
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2018/11/23 Ten days old Asylum Seekers arrives in Tijuana, Mexico

The youngest

I’m the youngest child of my family, of most of my cousins and of my friends. My dreams, the things I want and like to do overlap with the interests of the people around me. Sometimes I feel as if I am a copy of those around me. Am I only the parts of people who can before me? Do I have the dreams for myself or because I copied those around me?

Photo by Fabio Berg
Gruppo Feldgrau, dietro invito della organizzazione, ha partecipato, come gruppo di punta, all'evento “Bandenkampf 1944”, per il 70° anniversario delle operazioni anti-guerriglia avvenute in Veneto.
Le seguenti foto mostrate non hanno alcune fine politico ne di esaltazione razziale
Feldgrau Group, at the invitation of the organization, participated in the event “Bandenkampf 1944”, for the 70th anniversary of the anti-guerrilla operations that occurred on Veneto.
The following pictures shown are not for political purposes and are not racial exaltation

@bisnero gets weston being … well, weston. }

It’s supposed to be a buffer zone. No arms. No fights. Nothing.
The Orcas are here to do one thing: pay their respects.

El Diablo’s father is dead.

It’s hard not to smile. Really —- it is. Weston isn’t the only one testing
waters, isn’t the only one here to see if Rafael’s been crippled by the
loss. There’s blood in the water and all sorts of predators have come
under the guise of mourners. 

He’d feel bad for him but instead, he carries respect; losing a parent
isn’t easy. Picking up a crown isn’t easy.

Yet here they are — two of the youngest in the business. 

“I’ll spare the bullshit; we both know ‘sorry’ isn’t what I’m good at.”
Great start. “But I’ll acknowledge when a piece on the board falls.”


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Random thing, but I absolutely hate when a younger sibling decides they want to try their hand at something artsy and the whole family goes, “aw, they’re trying to imitate their older sister/brother!”

No, I’m trying to find out what I enjoy and am good at, it’s not my fault the one you popped out before me had a chance to try it first!

Why I hate being the youngest child:

1. You are always compared to your older siblings. E.g my sister is (in my parents eyes) so amazing. She worked so hard for her exams, her room is really tidy, and she applied to one job and got it. My brother is lazy, his room is never tidy, he’s rude and did not do well in school. Me on the other hand, I’m either “just like your brother” or I “need to be more like your sister”. I am never seen as my own person, just variations of my brother and sister.

2. You never get anything new. If I need a pair of jeans because mine don’t fit anymore, I get my sisters old ones. If I need a new desk I get my brothers old one and he gets the new one. E.g 4 years me and my sister had to decide who got to stay in the big room that we shared and who had to move into the tiny one. Obviously she got the bigger one but she also gave me everything that she didn’t want anymore, so my room is tiny and it looks like I’m a hoarder because she uses my room for storage, and she has the audacity to say “I like how simplistic and empty my room looks”.

3. They claim that they are hard done by because you always get things a couple years earlier. THAT’S PROBABLY BECAUSE THEY WEREN’T INVENTED WHEN YOU WERE MY AGE. So yeah maybe you got a shitty Nokia when you were 11 and I got a blackberry (tbh these are also shit phones but at the time they were great) when I was 11. Because a Nokia was good when you were eleven and a blackberry was good when I was eleven.

Rant over

Yeah, I’ve heard the news..same shit different twist…different day. What I imagine is that we are these tiny microbes inside a very large dumb ass human and what are our conversations really doing? “Hi.” “how are you?” bla bla bla…did we contribute to something bigger than ourselves or are we just cholesterol floating by until we get jammed up in traffic? What’s my life worth in the bigger picture…am I as important or as fortunate as the oldest living tree? Or am I the newest idea or youngest discovery that will change the world?


boi! i started online Econ today and im gonna SHIT.MY.PANTS!1!1 that shit hurteded. 12 assigments due tommorow at 11:00pm and im THE YOUNGEST ONE!!! Like all my classmates are parents or have real people jobs. i just teach a 3 yearold to swim and die in a pool everyday. 



cons of being the youngest sibling: your siblings always get the cool stuff that you want and they won’t give it to you

pros of being the youngest sibling: like a decade later when they stop watching anime as much you get to take their fullmetal alchemist pocket watch fuck yeahhh booooyyyyyyyyyyyssssssssssssss