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Do you ever just catch an unusual smell and all of the sudden you’re having flashbacks to first grade when you were watching the classroom caterpillars progress into monarchs and you’re watching their crumpled, wet wings unfurl from their cocoons all over again

I think a lot about us

And this future

A lot about the past

And how we used to sit and laugh

About nothing in particular

How you came to make me feel

Is wild, in its entirety

Something inside me 

Found solace

In your calm demeanor ,

In the way you always loved me

Without ever asking for more

And the way my mind feels at peace,

When you are near


How we evolved 

Is something like the ocean

Always changing, slowly

But always the same -


You are to me

A constant


I think a lot about us now

More than I ever have

Something inside of me snapped,

And I needed it

This is how it should always be,

Friendship dipped in honey -


And even through the bad,

And the angry,

And the sad

Through the worst,

You will love me without question

Without leaving me broken

Like how the rest always have

How did it take so long 

For me to realize 

That you were what I needed 

You were what made 

Living feel easy as breathing 


Lily Davan  10/18/19

Young, innocent, in love

In love with the idea of love

So true -


In love with the idea of being 

In love

With you


I have spent years in this room

Warm, golden sun 

Looking out the window - my view

Daydream about home

My arms wrapped around you

Daydream about love

When I’m looking at you

Holding me up

When my legs collapse from use -


I’m growing up 

And everything looks different now -



I miss when I looked outside 

And saw the possibilities 

Of tomorrow

I guess when you get older 

Your sadness gets stronger

You drown in your sorrow

Eighteen years of trying to live for tomorrow


I have spent years in my mind

Shaking breaking broken


In pieces 

Dream about leaving 

My arms clutched around my body 

Breathing, gasping, suffering 

Dream about goodbyes 

Nightmares in my eyes

Waking -


Fear still does not

Stop me from hoping 

When will my mind numb me?

I’m struggling with coping


Older, tainted, in love 

With the idea 

Of being in love

With you 


I have spent years

in this cage

Shaking from the pain -



I have spent years waiting 

For love 




 Lily Davan  9/28/19

Never imitate someone .You are you . There will never be another person like you again . You are a unique person . So damn it, get your ass up right now and do it . Stop sitting around and putting off everything you can do now . If you don’t try ,you’ll regret it . You are young and beautiful, which means that everything is still ahead and in your hands . Live as you want and do what you do