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Ama peach 'e üzüldüm 😔Çünkü güçlü bir kişiliği ve bir tarzı vardı,zekiydi, güzeldi

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I want to continue being crazy; Living my life the way I dream it, And not the other people want it to be... ❤️

Beck'in ölümüne üzülmedim hiç vatoz gibi her adama yapışırsa boyle olur 🤣

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This live performance of is just Fire & incredible love you twofeet I really hope that someday I get to see you live but for now I have this live performance 🖤

I've often said there is nothing better for the inside of the man, than the outside of the horse. ... Cheq it out my office tube channe ▶️ – at Gundicha Mandir (Jagannatha Puri Dhama)

 なぜ?つきあう相手を次々“メンヘラ”に…ある女性の人生 [Eテレ] 12月11日(水) 午後10:50~11:20 顔出しNGの人物から赤裸々な話を聞き出すトーク番組を子ども番組伝統の人形劇として見せるスタジオショー。今回は「元メンヘラ製造機」。 【出演】

If you're into suspense thrillers, please watch on My nerves are BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm done with Season one and ready for Season Two on 12/26.

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Nuestra misión en la vida es ayudar a otros, si no lo puedes hacer por lo menos intenta no hacer daño.


You couldn’t have slapped me any sweeter if you tried.

The force of your dominance leaves a sting as the night air attempts to lasso my ferocity.

I was so sure I’d find your crest imprinted on my skin, as my fingertips prodded for evidence of you. Instead, you opted to occupy my innocence and went straight for the delicate vastness within - your playground.

I only have myself to blame for being so open to all you were offering, and now, I’ve nothing left but learn to make peace with the repercussions.

And when i ask you for your forgiveness, it’s because i need time, to accept you in all your glory - to digest us, this.

But until that day, i’ll keep you at arms reach as you seem to only render me in numbness.

Why do you leave me speechless?

- o-serendipity-o

você é tão triste mesmo quando eu te abraço

[e me dói o peito]

as vezes me pego imaginando quantas vezes você já ouviu que tudo ficaria bem, mas nunca ficou.

você nunca vai ter a oportunidade de me falar,

eu nunca vou saber o tamanho da tristeza que tua alma carrega

mas gosto de imaginar que tua dor não é maior que todo o amor que tu transmite,

nada nesse mundo é mais lindo que esse amor que tu traz pro meu mundo.

você me traz paz quando tudo é uma merda, sabe?

esse mundo que te machucou também me machuca todos os dias.

obrigada por me ajudar a suportar,

eu sempre vou te ajudar também.

você sabe,

eu sei.

rybycca, allrigthxx.

I miss the way you used to do anything to make me smile again. I miss seeing you dance. I miss hearing your silky voice, one that I could listen to all day long and not get tired of. I miss your amazing smile that just brightens up my day so much.

Monday mornings and haircuts.

so I was sitting there,

minding my own business, you know

and then you came along

in through the door

I saw you at once

you had cut your hair

shorter, modern, different

and I just couldn’t, I just couldn’t

I got stuck, my eyes just followed you

around around around

the new haircut - it suited you well, too well

I mean, shit

weren’t you it before, you totally is now



but worst of all, I kinda forgot to tell you

‘It looks nice, yo’

(or whatever right,

*pathetic flailing*)