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On this day Goddess Saraswati is worshiped in various names and fames – Badal, arts and science, and deep, Supreme knowledge. Happy Basant Panchami!!!!


Yellow's executive general manager, James Ciuffetelli has been featured in the and explains why a change of position left this exec sitting pretty. Click the link below to read more on his Q&As:

Thanks to Sophia and the gang, the store is getting a fresh coat of bright yellow paint at our main store!!!!

R.I.P With love from Japan. 小学校後半からバスケを始めて、大学にはLAので生のコービーのプレーをみたときは同じ人間とは思えない動きに興奮したのを覚えてる。ご冥福をお祈りします。

I sent this to you on Instagram but I didn’t know whether you would see it or not but ..... hopefully you will see this tweet ... PLEASE

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Handmade dreamcatcher card for any occasion, wicca celebration, pagan, birthday card or any occasion card with dreamcatcher and charms

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Pantone Color of the Year spread! Classic Blue + a lil yellow. The color somehow instantly reminded me of Coraline and these pages are the result of it. ☀🌊🧥✨

Intentionally messy and scrappy but a lot of fun! - trying to capture the feelings of a happy sad mess~~ the last few days of January.

Fanmade Frisk Hart Clips #5

[The Rainbow Kids are in the forest again due to another bloodsucker attack on Green’s family farm, but this time, the Six are screaming and running away from a male black-haired and grey-skinned humanoid creature around Frisk’s age with one leg and no arms wearing a white robe of some sort. The creature keeps bellowing “GONG GOI! GONG GOI!” while hopping furiously after them, stating the name of it’s species. After the Six cross a certain area, Frisk and Chara drop from two trees and catch the Gong Goi in a net.]

Gong Goi: Gong Goi don’t understand.

Chara: You know, you probably deserve this after chasing our friends like that.

Gong Goi: Kid in violet threw rock at Gong Goi’s head, how Gong Goi supposed to react?

Blue: [turns to Purple] I told you he might get angry!

Purple: [turns to Blue] I didn’t think I’d actually hit him!

Cyan: [getting tired of the situation] Ugh, what’s your name?

Gong Goi: Damien. No joke, that’s Gong Goi’s real name.

Orange: [trying not to laugh] What…?

Green: Damien, my friends and I are really sorry for this whole mess. But my family has had two blood-sucking creature incidents involving cows.

Yellow: And since the last attack’s culprit was ruled out, we have questions. [pulls out a picture of fang marks on a cow from her hat] What do ya know about this?

Cyan: [getting tired of the situation] I think I know what he’ll say.

Damien: [looks over the picture] Gong Goi sorry, but Gong Goi not guilty. Gong Goi don’t drink from cow neck, Gong Goi suck blood from human toes, like weird man called Mr. Johanson.

Chara: [speaking the other humans minds] Ha.

Frisk: He’s right, though. It’s known that Gong Goi prefer sucking blood from human toes over sucking blood from cattle.

Yellow: [done with this] For real?

Green: [getting frustrated] It wasn’t Nina, it wasn’t Ricardo this time, it wasn’t Damien… Who is it?! There aren’t anymore creatures capable of draining blood with their teeth that I could think of within miles of both Ebottberg and Monster Town!

Damien: You did not let Gong Goi finish, farm boy. Gong Goi saw who did it.

Cyan: [surprised] Well, that make it so much easier than last time.

Damien: Gong Goi saw a woman walking to where cows were. She had shape of human, but Gong Goi don’t think she was. She had pitch black skin, long grey hair, pupil-less white eyes that glowed and seemed to bleed, and she wore a long silver dress torn and splashed with blood. And she let out a loud scream that cracked the Earth near her as she left.

Frisk: [realizes something] Wait, I know what he’s talking about. Some kind of banshee!

Orange: [confused] What the heck is a banshee?

Purple: [confused] How do you not know what a banshee is?

Blue: I don’t think that’s the issue right now.

Frisk: Banshees are spirits of woman who can scream as loud as I can and sometimes drink blood. And if Damien’s right, the fight might not be pretty… [turns to Damien] Thanks for the help and sorry for the ruckus, Damien. Would you like to come to Monster Town after we get you out of the net?

Damien: Gong Goi accept apology, Gong Goi really would like that.


Gong Goi are mythical monsters described to have one contorted human leg, which allegedly hop around screaming “Gong Goi, Gong Goi!” The one-legged ghosts are believed to live in the jungle. According to Thai folklore, they visit people camping in the wild to suck blood from their toes.


Original Frisk Hart timeline creator:

(She made it because she likes The Six Who Fell Before You so much.)

Frisk Hart Clips #24

(The Rainbow Kids are chasing a male vampire-wolf name Ricardo who was the one sucking the blood out Green’s family farm cows. He hops on the trees as the Kids run after him.)

Orange: (yells) Come back, you cow diet dog!

Cyan: Nobody escapes the Rainbow Kids!

Ricardo: (hisses) Foolish children, you never take me! 

Chara: We don’t lose our catch that easily! You better get down from there, right now!

Ricardo: Make me!

Purple: Very well, have it your way…Green.

(Green then uses his super strength to lift the tree out of the ground and shakes it violently for Ricardo to come down. When he did, he pounces on Frisk and tries to bite her. But she kicks him off herself.)

Blue: What’s your problem?! What did Green’s family ever do to you?!

Ricardo: (walks on his limbs) His family took my home from me. I thought I would take their livestock’s lives to get revenge. But taking the life of their relative sounds more perfect.

Yellow: (defends Green) If you want Green, you got to get through us.

Ricardo: Very well! Prepare to die, Rainbow Brats!

(When he’s about to pounce on Frisk again, she does her Sonic Scream. Her friends covered their ears as Ricardo covers his in pain. Her scream is so powerful that she causes an earthquake that reaches Mr. Johanson’s house and his house sunk into the ground as he screams in shock.)

Ricardo: (in pain) MY EARS!!! Make her stop!!!

(When Frisk stops screaming, Chara takes out a sleep-dart straw, blows into it and shots the dart at Ricardo. When it hits him, he quickly falls to the ground and sleeps.)

Green: Haha, we got him! Despite feeling bad for him losing his home to my family.

Orange: (picks up the sleeping Ricardo and puts him on his shoulders) Let’s get this vampire-wolf to Monster Town.

Purple: (looks through telescope and laughs) Haha! Guys, take a look! Frisk’s scream reached Mr. Johanson’s place and sunken his house.

(After the Rainbow Kids take out telescopes, looks into them and laughs at Mr. Johanson’s misfortune, they leave for Monster Town to take Ricardo in.)