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There’s nothing more annoying than hearing New Englanders say “y’all”. It just doesn’t even sound right. “Y’ALL” - are you choking on an egg m’am? DO YOU NEED ASSISTANCE.

I know I say y’all a lot. But having my phone mistake me typing the word talk as y’all is gettin a scootch annoying!! Proof below.

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are so annoying, i didnt even say anything

about to he reeeeal annoying with your tumblr talk.

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what is the problem with juuls? sorry i'm dumb but i don't get why you would lose followers after saying that

you’re not dumb!!! 

i don’t think people unfollowed solely because of that joke abt the juul though lol. i was also posting quite a few things abt skamfr at the time so maybe they got tired of seeing me on their dash?? idk honestly lmao.

i mean fair enough if people have a problem w juuls (personally i hit those mfs like a beast 😎😎) but like i don’t think anyone hates them to the point that they’d unfollow me for a joke about them lol it was probably just the number of shitposts i churned out yesterday!


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you do know that if billy hargrove saw you he'd spit in your direction, right? he's literally a racist and that's already been confirmed by the duffer brothers. you can take dacre's word all you want but he isn't the one who wrote the character and is behind all of his racist motivations like telling his step sister that he abuses to stay away from people like lucas despite knowing nothing about him and later attempting to kill him. coonery isn't cute at all. you could do better.

yall really be thinking yall doing something when yall send me stuff like this………………

i’ve made it pretty clear that i just find him cute. that’s it. and i like the actor who plays him. yall acting like i gotta a crush on ted bundy or something.

I know there’s alot of drama going on with the dote company being racist and the dote girls. I’m just gonna put out there that the white dote girls aren’t off the hook either. They saw how their “friends” of color were being mistreated and they did nothing about it. They’re all very fishy. 

one thing i hate about college is that when we get on the topic of sexuality in class i’m reminded that not everyone is kind about it. somebody always gotta say something homophobia and i don’t say anything cause it would end up being a hot mess. like the other day in class this girl i had to work with said something so ignorant about trans people and i wanted to go off but i didn’t.

if youre trying to slide in someones dms really trying to get to know them “hey” dont cut it. theres literally a billion different things u could start off with: a joke about a show you both watch, a joke in general, a whack ass question about the weather in that persons country/state, just SOMETHING. and liking pics dont mean shit. people like pics everyday. reblog the pictures and write in the tags.