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I know I say y’all a lot. But having my phone mistake me typing the word talk as y’all is gettin a scootch annoying!! Proof below.

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are so annoying, i didnt even say anything

about to he reeeeal annoying with your tumblr talk.

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INCOMING FIRST ROUND OF STARTERS. I queued them up and will do the other half tomorrow. I can’t breathe out me nose help.

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I'm so tired of people talking about Kim Possible and Shego like their sex objects talking about they're "not sexy or fine" enough. These people don't even care about the premise of the show, they care about how the female characters should to them and it's gross af. They're not "fans".

it’s so obvious that these people do not remember what kim possible really was. if they sat down and rewatched the series they probably wouldn’t like it and would only be watching cause they need a women to jack off to. it’s disturbing. that’s part of the reason why the internet ruined danny phantom for me too. 

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some grown dickhead was whining about being called a "pedophile" cuz she called Sadie ugly, a grown ass woman calling a teenage girl "ugly", then they wonder why teen girls have so much self esteem issues. I have no pity for her since "adults" like her thinks teen girls should always have to look like Megan Fox for them for whatever reason.

that is so gross, mind yo damn business and quiet worrying about teens. alot of women are jealous of teenage girls  and women in their early 20s because of their beauty and its disgusting 

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It's fucking hilarious and sad to see grown adults attack the KP cast becasue Disney didn't choose their Wattpad fancasts full of grown adult actors. They're still having a damn temper tantrum about it like 5 year olds

it deadass is not that deep. yall hoes dont even watch disney channel so why does it matter? i dont think people realized how wacky of a show kim possible was. like have yall watched it recently??? it’s so odd, but its a cartoon. when cartoons are brought to life they always look strange. 

Ok what yall not gon do is get online and bully Sadie Stanley. You can dislike that Kim Possible remake all you want but once you start attacking the cast, it’s a problem. Actors usually have no idea how the movie or show they’re working on will turn out, so I don’t wanna see any of you send hate to them. 

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What's your opinion on cancel culture. Do you think it's a good thing or rather unnecessary

tbh people use it when they want to. i see so many people cancel people for ignorant things they said in the past but if someone they stan gets exposed for that they be like “it’s ok! they made a mistake! people can change” like no, have that same energy all the time or shut up. 

when i cancelled someone i do if for myself, i wont tell someone else to cancel someone, it’s not my responsibility to do so. i speak for myself only, i know my morals. 


loki stans: lmao well actually if you look at the crease in his forehead when he attacks the valkyrie’s mind you can clearly see that he feels Bad that he did that to her and how his lips turn in a way that lets us know he was going to apologize before she attacked him?? stop being mean to our Baby. she shouldn’t have provoked him.

The reason I dislike Fifty Shades of Grey and After so much is because as a writer, it kinda kills my confidence how stories like these are worth so much and they aren’t even good. There are much better fics out here on the internet that are amazing but won’t likely get a movie deal let alone get published, because they aren’t popular. I know my stories aren’t perfect, but it does make me feel insecure a little bit. 

This is why you need to support writers you see online. If you like to story, vote and comment on it, even share it. Because when they see crappy stories like these get all the attention and theirs not getting any, it hurts and discourages them.