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There’s nothing more annoying than hearing New Englanders say “y’all”. It just doesn’t even sound right. “Y’ALL” - are you choking on an egg m’am? DO YOU NEED ASSISTANCE.

I know I say y’all a lot. But having my phone mistake me typing the word talk as y’all is gettin a scootch annoying!! Proof below.

about to he reeeeal annoying with your tumblr talk.

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I miss you. :(

Ow, babe 😭😭😭💕 I miss y'all and posting daily too…

  • [dreamies dorm at 3am]
  • Chenle: Hyuck wake up!
  • Haechan, annoyed: what?
  • Chenle: When butterflies fall in love do they feel humans in their stomachs?
  • Haechan: shit I dunno let me go ask a butterfly
  • Mark: Both of you shut the fuck up!

Yall need to stop initiating these fucking wypipo into ATR/ADRs

I just saw some old white broad in a comment section tried to argue with a Dominican blooded-born-and-raised 21 Divisions priestess/mambo about the African history behind the tradition. Like if you don’t sit your old white ass down lol. This is why I stick to my family tradition and the spirits I serve by ancestry and that have indicated to my by my tia(who is a Mambo in Haitian and Dominican Vodou.) Cause idk if I could be in a house/temple with no white Americans and Europeans being messy touching what they shouldn’t, with no respect for the revolutionary traditions we carry. Anaisa Pye Saoco(PR punto of Anaisa Pye) and my guias espirituales and my greatest ancestor guide me and keep me out that mess girl. It’s a disgrace. Like debating us? About our history? That’s probably why broad is all wrinkled and shriveled. Ancestors was not playing games in making her age like milk. Antyways, stop initiating white folks, I know they have more dollars but it’s not worth it in the end of preserving our tradition. They only continue to bastardize it.

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i just watch hxh for the first time... and ur @ has a while different meaning now.... Hey What The Fuck Is Wrong With You?? FEITAN!!

Uhhhh it was a joke from literal years ago?? Like deadass my whole group of friends at the time took fucker then added their favorite character. So more like what the fucks wrong with you fam? Also deadass if you have to ask this on anon means you havent been here long enough to know like all my usernames are jokes.

So welcome new kid

Next time you ask me what the fuck is wrong with me ask me off anon and maybe i wont be cunty sounding 🙃

uhhh if yall wanna keeps sending me ugly shit about TXT you can get blocked. THEY HAVENT EVEN DEBUT YET!! Why dont yall focus on being positive people instead of being hateful for litterally no reason