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X Factory SCX-60CF Conversion Kit for SC10

X Factory is a small boutique rc firm specializing in Team Associated mid-motor conversion kits. The benefits of a mid-motor are more stability in cornering and higher speeds when driving through corners. Also, you gain more control when cornering as well.

This at times can be a great advantage if the competition track is twisty and windy! There is a slight disadvantage of rear bite on some looser dirt tracks. However, if you are carpet racing indoors or driving on harder clay surfaces, this is the kit to buy!

Overall, I was totally impressed by the amount of carbon fiber used in the kit, and by the quality of the kit, it’s really awesome to see Chris Krieg a.k.a. Speedy Dad the guy who created the chassis and manufactures the chassis hand number each one with pride–I got number 65. In searching the RC forums it sounds like number 65 lands me in the second production run of the SCX-60CF and X Factory will be shipping out the 3rd production run by the end of May. 

Stay tuned for a step-by-step build of the Macho Cave SCX-60CF! Overall this conversion kit for the SC10 is a Macho Cave Must Have!