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Requesting the establishment of sectoral committees and councils to develop occupational standards

Love this Home ! 1860 Chilver just Steps from Met Hospital 219,900 Open House Sunday 1-3

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Triple Salute My GOONS For Winning They First Game Of The MBL 5th/6th Grade Boys Division This Past Saturday🤐😤 #1-0 .EOYOF.COM

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Greer Garson: One of the Most Popular Actresses During WWII

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Beautiful Photos of Audrey Hepburn in Belgian Congo Taken by Leo L. Fuchs

25 Rarely Seen Behind the Scenes Photographs From the Making of ‘Easy Rider’ (1969)

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Let’s make art! One one one or group lessons,! #drawing #painting #studio #lessons

#artists_magazine (at Tucson, Arizona)

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conversation about the character with too many eyes in kny: kokushibo

me:kokushibo has so many eyes that one way to defeat him is just blowing smoke on his face

:yeah wwwww

me:the more eyes hes got, the worse he will face wwwwww (and will each eyes cry or..

:or you can spray lemon juice on him

me:you can also do that to his sword… the sword has eyes on it too..wwww

:I wanna do that too www

me: and then every eyes rapidly blinks

:he’ll need to use so many eyedrop products www

me:just,, does he cut open the eyedrops container and pour it on his face?

:and or he put It in a tub and put his sword in there wwww

me:but he will need to wash his face first(?

:he wastes so many eyedrops www

me: muzan is probably so rich he continues giving kokushibou free eyedrops like a sugar daddy or something and wont even think it’s a waste wwwww


me: so the summary is that his too many eyes are also a weakness(???


Creativity is very important for practice and professional activities.
3 most successful ways to capture your creative spirit:
💜1. Keep a notebook with you at all times, even in the shower
Don’t judge [your ideas] at this stage, either. There’s a reason they occurred to you this way.
💜2. Plan disengagement and distraction: The outer – inner technique
Similar to what Shelly Carson from Harvard called “the incubation” period, I’m using a technique that has greatly helped me to capture this.
💜3. Overwhelm your brain: Make the task really hard.
So ,as tell Alice Flaherty one of the most renowned neuroscientists that researching creativity:”A creative idea will be defined simply as one that is both novel and useful (or influential) in a particular social setting.”
Work shop Threadlifting.
Making beauty creatively #Dr.Galyna Khrushch #plasticsurgeon #workshop #lecturing #melisexpert #threadlifting #Хрущ Галина Викторовна #пластический хирург #тредлифтинг #мастеркласс #мелисэксперт (at Moscow, Russia)

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