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IJR Red Presents | Uncanny. Wonder why they changed their tune? For...

Our 2019 Dixie theme flaps are now up on the council webpage under the registration and OA tabs!

Czas, w jakim wczytuje się strona ma znaczenie - dla użytkowników, jak i algorytmów . Nie powinno trwać to dłużej niż 3 sek., po tym czasie większość osób zamyka wolno działającą witrynę. W budujemy nowoczesne wizualnie i technicznie strony internetowe

coming soon... a platform for growth, for discussion. for love...for the world we A new world is coming...join now... Foxx and his team. Loyalty truly inspired

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The Mandarin Marilyn Monroe: 20 Fascinating Color Photographs of Diana Chang Chung-wen in the 1950s and ’60s

See you on the dance Floor 9:30p-1:30a -37w 26th st 9th Floor NYC. Your host and DJ Jon# for more Info

On February 19, 1987 the was created...a full 4 years before the World Wide Web was launched … just sayin’.

On IE Radio Harley 4-6pm est Join Us & Enjoy & Chatting # on game(s)

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anonymous asked:

who in nct do u think would be into curvy/fatty girls

I’ve answered variations of this a couple times and written a few smuts for chubby readers and one body worship smut, but the main members that I usually think of being into bigger girls are Lucas, Jaehyun, Johnny, Kun, Jungwoo, and Doyoung plus now I’m thinking Hendery too

Edit: actually, I’ve answered a mtl of this here and I would add Xiaojun probably between WinWin and Taeil, and Hendery would go between Jaehyun and Kun

anonymous asked:

Who do you think is circumcised? 🤔 Hope you had/ are having a wonderful day today 💕

I’ve tried answering this before but I really don’t know, like I don’t personally have an opinion really on if a guy is circumcised or not, but basically my answer is that I think Jaehyun is probably circumcised, I think Kun and Johnny definitely aren’t, Taeil maybe is, and Yuta probably is other than that I really don’t know, but also there was a brief discussion before about how circumcision isn’t really so popular outside the US except like for religious reasons maybe

anonymous asked:

okay so this is not sexual at all but i just want to know who most likely would flee with you at prom? like after a while there they would want to get out and go somewhere else witb you only

Taeil, Doyoung, Ten, Lucas, Mark, and Xiaojun would want to leave and go somewhere else

I can see Johnny, Taeyong, and Kun wanting to just sneak off at the prom and get you somewhere alone for a little bit to make out for a while before going back to dance

The rest of them would just want to enjoy the prom, spend all night dancing with you and their friends. You’ve got all night afterward to spend together and be somewhere else


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hey nyall….. i have like. 7 new rp blogs for r6s ops that I’m gonna be using a lot? and idk if i’ll.. come back to this blog because im not necessarily finding motivation to write genji ? and plus wehfjdchsjdndgg im not exactly into overwatch all that much anymore

yea I’m put the blogs here, enjoy lmao








HA HOIT it’s a lot 👏 I’ll post again if i come back sooner or later to this blogg