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The Main Event - Episode 79 - . and I discuss a monumental Smackdown Live and preview Survivor Series!

Releases Emotional Behind-the-Scenes Video Following Becky Lynch at This Week’s Live

Recorded a new podcast episode this evening!! Our predictions for and Will be dropping tomorrow! and ! For now.. here's a tense moment from around 2002/3 Smackdown..

14 years ago on taping. defeated in just 25 seconds to win the WWE United States Championship.

vs Women 5 vs 5 traditional Survivor Series Match. to win & final member I'm going for a long shot in

The SmackDown Womens Champion Sasha Banks will face Bayley for that Title this Sunday. Bayley went through both Liv Morgan and Kairi Sane to earn this shot, can she take it and become a two-time SmackDown Womens Champion?

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After a backstage attack on the INCREIBLY dominant Rezar, the Team of Big Show & Mark Henry 'earned' themselves a Match for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles. Will the dominance of AoP continue or can Henry & Show knock them out??

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After failing to capture the SmackDown Womens Title and / or the #1 Contendership for it, Nia Jax and Charlotte will fight each other once again at No Way Out! Charlotte eliminated Nia in the Battle Royal, Nia beat Charlotte 1 on 1. Who wins this time?

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It is time guys! It is time, to look at tomorrow's No Way Out , 's first brand exclusive! Start time is around 3PM UK Time.

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The Mania train keeps rolling. Got tickets to HOF, NXT, Raw and Smackdown Live today. Now that’s how we roll *Pointing to sign” and reacting like

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Have I ever seen a more radiant smile before Becky’s?

N o p e .

Wish list for Survivor Series

Predictions tomorrow but since what I think will happen is very opposite of what I want to happen, I decided to do this list today.

1. Daniel Bryan overcomes Brock Lesnar. I know most Survivor Series matches are pretty meaningless and meant for bragging rights but Daniel Bryan losing could kill any momentum he just gained from winning the title. 

2. Charlotte makes Ronda tap out. Charlotte needs a win, Ronda needs to lose. 

3. Seth wins. If both RAW’s other “champions” lose then RAW needs some of their champions to win. And Seth really needs something good to happen. Plus it feels like they’re going out of their way to make Seth feel like the underdog with all the distractions and possible interference and there needs to be a point to it. Overcoming all that to win seems good.

4. Dean doesn’t interfere in Seth’s match. Keep him at ringside, in the audience, tease it, but he doesn’t actually interfere. With how little build up and stakes are involved in this match, it doesn’t make much sense to me for use Dean to interfere right now. Wait until after, wait for backstage, wait until RAW the next night. Costing Seth a meaningless match isn’t going to do much to further along the feud.

5. Other people interfere in matches. Another reason I’d like to see Dean not interfere is that I think there’s other people who could interfere in other matches that would make more sense in the story line. And if that happens, Dean interfering will feel like just another match with interference. I want Becky to (safely) interfere in Ronda/Charlotte to help Charlotte win(and not attack Charlotte as well), or Randy to attack Rey in the Men’s 5 on 5 to further that story line. 

6. Finn is one of the survivors in RAW men’s win. I do think the RAW men will win and Drew will be a survivor but it could help feuds between Drew/Dolph if Dolph gets eliminated and RAW has to overcome the numbers, plus a feud between Drew/Finn because how can Drew say Finn isn’t a worthy opponent if they both survive.

7. SD women win. If the SD men lose, the women should win. Plus no Bayley/Sasha on RAW’s team makes me care less. 

8. AoP win. Mostly because I think there needs to be a reason they won the titles and, like Daniel Bryan, a loss could derail any momentum. Not that they have much because RAW doesn’t care about their tag teams.

9. That even though there’s been very little build up, it’s a good PPV.

10. The PPV ends with Braun attacking Corbin because he promised he wouldn’t until the show was over. Once it’s over, Corbin’s fair game.

Nia Jax hurt Becky Lynch and I get it, like mistakes happen in the ring but this is not the first time Jax has injured someone in the ring, I just feel like there needs to be some repercussions for this given how Becky Lynch is imo the biggest draw in the company rn