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agrees. The podcast is THAT! DAMN! GOOD! New episode is up. Link in bio

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Anyone who has watched these two had an outstanding match was champion vs champion both titles were on the line another great match in the history books

TOMORROW NIGHT! I make my return to in Warsaw IN. Then, on Sunday, Sept 23rd, I'm around my old stomping grounds in Michigan City IN for . Don't miss either chance to witness the in action

So crazy seeing this interview right now. She was months away from signing with NXT and turning her life around. Life really is crazy

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i want more of buddy murphy

Wrestling Stans everywhere

Here’s to all of the Wrestling Stans I’ve been holding this in for a while now but we all stans should get along and not send death threats to each other telling us to go kill yourselves, we all human beings for crying out loud the way we act the people we stan will feel ashamed of us for acting like that can we all just get along?

Turns out, leftover teriyaki pork with ranch dressing is really, really good. The elegant presentation above is just canned green beans with sautéed onions, topped with cut-up teriyaki pork from last night and finished with a generous drizzle of ranch.

I LOVE it when I can do cool stuff with random things I have on hand. And plating it up like I did, you’d almost think it’s kinda fancy.