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On this day in 2007, won the WWE United States Championship for the 1st time at Judgment Day

I really didn’t want to do this. I do not enjoy watching this company anymore it feels more like a job each and every week, this PPV tipped me over the edge. Bye

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The first women Grand Slam Champion Congratulations ma'am you deserve this you earned it 🤗🤗

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On this day in 2001, won the WWF Intercontinental Championship for the 1st time at Judgment Day

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WWE: let’s have Brock Lesnar winning MITB yaaaay


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Seth X Reader -‘Dress Up’

SUMMARY; 3-year-old daughter wants to play dress up and have a tea party. Likes to randomly yell ‘Burn It Down.’

WARNINGS; Nothing but fluff

REQUESTED BY; @simplydreamingawaythesky


The pitter pattering of feet woke Seth up one Saturday morning. A slow smiled spread across his face as he kept his eyes closed. He could already hear his three-year old daughter, Lola, babbling about something in the hallway while she giggled. Beside him, his wife still lay sleeping, peacefully dreaming. He faintly heard her push the door open before she made her way over to his side and patted his face.

“Daddy,” she whispered. “Daddy! Get up.”

Her voice was a little harsh, but still not loud enough to wake her mother up. Seth tried to keep a smile off his face as he popped an eye open, vibrant green eyes staring back at him. He chuckled lightly and closed it back, pretending to fall back asleep as she huffed.


Seth chuckled as he ruffed her hair, sitting up slowly.

“Alright princess, I’m getting up.”

Lola smiled up at him, hugging her bear; which was wearing a ‘Seth Freaking Rollins’ shirt, close to her chest.

“Dress up”€ She asked, her eyes sparkling up at him. “An’ a tea party? I like tea parties.”

Seth rubbed his eye and yawned as he nodded, making sure Y/N was still asleep. He leaned over and kissed her forehead gently before scooping Lola into his arms.

“How about some breakfast first huh? Then we’ll play.”

She just nodded and laid her head against his shoulder as he headed for the kitchen. Once there, he sat her in a chair and made his way to the fridge, pulling it open.

“We’ll make waffles hm? And we can leave some for mommy so she can eat too when she wakes up.”

He looked over at Lola to see her pursing her lips in thought.

“Mama likes chocolate daddy. Can we add that?”

Seth beamed and nodded. For only being three years old, Lola was extremely smart.

“Sure baby.” He pulled the ingredients out and sat them on the counter. “Do you want to grab your stool and help daddy?”

Turning, he pulled a step stool up to the kitchen island before she could even answer, knowing she would say yes already. He smiled as she waddled her way over, stepping up the three steps to stand on the top. He slid the large, ceramic bowl towards her and scooted the ingredients out of reach.

“How about daddy pours the stuff in and you stir it yeah? But you have to be careful.”

Lola nodded as she reached for the rubber whisk, setting it in the bowl.

Over the next forty-five minutes they cooked and ate, chatting vaguely about what they’d dress up as. It wasn’t long before Lola has finished her plate and gotten up, running towards her bedroom.

“Burn it down”€ She screamed the whole way, Seth laughing as he cleaned up their dishes before following.

“Babe, mommy is still sleeping. You need to be quiet.”

Lola huffed but nodded as she walked into her room, heading right for a trunk labeled dress up.

“Pirate? Princess?” She pulled out two different garments and held them out, her tongue poking through her lips in concentration.

“Why not both honey? You could be a pirate princess?” Seth kneeled beside her and carefully took them. “We could use the pirate pants under the princess dress and put the tiara on the pirate hat.”

Lola looked at him like he had two heads for a moment. “But there aren’t pirate princess’?”

“Sure, there are,” he nodded. “if that’s what you want to be that’s what you’ll be.”

Lola smiled widely as she kissed his cheek and took the clothes from his hand, running to the bathroom. “Daddy! Be a pirate too!”

He just shook his head as he pulled the door beside her closet open. Inside was several bigger costumes for both he and Y/N. He looked through a few before pulling out his pirate suit, followed by a crown from the top shelf. If she was a pirate princess, he’d be a pirate king. Quickly, he pulled the pants and shirt on, placing the crown on his head. He rummaged around for a second before finding what he was looking for, two wood swords.

“Okay daddy!” Lola giggles as she stepped out of her bathroom, placing the hat on her head. “I’m ready!”

Seth smiled and spun quickly.

“Princess Lola, the castle is under attack!” he stepped forward and went onto one knee, handing her a sword, “We must defend the walls.”

Lola gasped, eyes gone wide as she took it and nodded.

He chuckled as he stood back up, jumping around. “Quick princess Lola! Cover the door and I’ll take the window” Seth quickly moved towards the window, swinging the sword carefully as he grunted the whole way. “There’s too many! We can’t take them all!”

“Daddy!” Lola squeals and swung the sword, laughing the whole time. “I save you!”

Unbeknownst to them Y/N stood in the doorway, watching the whole thing as they laughed and grunted; jumping around fighting rouge pirates. A quick thought crossed her mind as she quietly went back to their bedroom, changing into a long, flowing dress. She smiled and made her way back, stopping in the door way with her hand to her forehead.

“Oh, thank you, dear Princess.” She feigned hurt. “the rouges stole me from my home and I have escapes thanks to you and the king.”

Lola spun quickly and squealed, launching herself into her mother’s arms as she laughed and hugged her.

“Mama! I burnt it down! just like daddy!”

Y/N bent down and kissed her head, wrapping her arms around her small body. “You sure did princess. I’m so proud of you.”

“Can we have tea now? Daddy promised if I didn’t wake you.”

She giggled and nodded.

“If daddy will get your tea set down, I’ll go get the water.”

Lola and Y/N both looked at Seth as he bowed. “It would be my honor majesties.”

“I’ll help too!” Lola grabbed her mom’s hand and started out the room, Y/N following behind.

Once in the kitchen, Y/N filled a pot with warm water, opting out of using hot.

“What do you think Lolli,” she smiled down at her daughter. “Peach tea or blackberry?”

Lola placed her hand on her chin and pursed her lips, thinking.

“Blueberry? I like that one.”

Y/N Nodded and handed her a few individual packages.

“Can you take that to daddy? I’ll bring the water.”

Lola nodded again before she ran back to her room. Y/N just shook her head and smiled, grabbing a few cookies she had hidden the night before just for an occasion like this. Once she had everything she joined Seth and Lola back in her room, sitting on the too short chair. She poured a little water in each of their cups as Seth helped Lola open her tea packet, sitting the bag into the little cup. He smiled over at her and places one in hers as well as she sat two cookies in front of each of them.

“I put these up last night for a special day.” She looked over and winked at Lola. “I think fighting pirates is pretty special.”

Lola gasped and nodded her head quickly, grabbing a cookie and munching away. Seth looked from his wife to their little girl and back again, tears gathering in his eyes as a smile crept onto his face. Y/N caught his eye and smiled, blowing a kiss his way as she listened to Lola babble about the rogue pirates and how they saved the day. It was mornings like this, where they were all together, that made every choice they’d made worth it. And neither of them would change a thing.

Yello Lovelies, I literally feel like my endings suck every time. But here it is. Hope you enjoy.


Much love, Rose xx

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So This Happened… WWE Money In The Bank 2019 Results

Lol hey guys heres another AEW post. Please fucking tell me how they’re not gonna fuckin murder WWE? Go ahead. ENFUCKINIGHTEN ME with your defense. You dont have one lol not after that.

*Sees why Brock Lesnar is trending on Twitter*



Instantly reminded why I gave up on ever being a full-time diehard WWE fan again. If it wasn’t for social media I wouldn’t even bother. Thanks for continuing to justify my decision, WWE. 👍