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Ever wonder what Sander would've done if Robbe hadn't moved?!

This is so soft ❤ knowing that Sander is in complete safety in Robbe's arms forever, because he would never let anything happen to him and my heart is absolutely melting. i want to cry 😔 i just want them back soon as possible .. i love them so much ❤

so when we seeing her with bangs???? jk unless..... 👀👀

being a wtfock stan means constantly winning at life with these two and their powerful chemistry

Definitely not Skam France's "you're not alone anymore" scene, but it's still pretty damn painful.

Blues. But also. Can anyone please tell me what episode these are all on or the clip?! I don’t think Druck had one of these but I can’t remember because David’s sister went with him to the party?!

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I love Robbe, his gaze at this moment perfectly expresses what he feels .. his eyes speak 🥺❤

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Esto es nuevo para mi pero...Te quiero 💗 El grito que pegue cuando robbe se le declaro asi a sander 😍😍

Is there anyone else other than myself that thinks this evasive doctor is a miserable arrogant BITCH? "If you've been on the plane, go about your daily life, if you get sick let is know" 19 cases in isolation in Ontario 2 cases positive

Sorry esta foto es de esa fiesta cuando cada uno estaban besando a noor y britt y se miraban?😌

Bought this baby yesterday... So, where’s my Robbe now? 🙃

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I feel like Yasmina is soooo different from other Sana’s. She has the same values, but is less in-your-face about it. Ok, in S1 she was a bit harsh, but during S2 and S3 she turned into a way softer mellowcake towards the girlsquad and Robbe. She listened, but didn’t immediately reciprocate. She still defended her principles, but didn’t put people on the spot, got pulled into drama at parties or kept pushing Amber about the Senne thing. It felt totally different than other Sana’s.

I’m interested in how S4 is going to turn out. 🧐

You know with every season the whole cast comes together to do a table read of the script.

I think everytime they did the readings with season 3 the whole cast was going like : AWWWWWW and OOOWWWWW and how sweet and iiiiii.

Because yeah …. they are so close …

Uch … they did good they did really good …

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I just wanted to ask you what made u love sander,,side note: this is a serious question

Ugh so many reasons I’ll just have to list them since if I were to write an essay I would be here all day and I have class later

  • I really identify with Sander and Robbe (mainly Sander) and see a lot of myself in their characters
  • When they were at the beach doing the recycling (because what’s sexier than someone who recycles when the earth is dying) and Sander said he was afraid he would never find someone that would love him I felt that to my core. That’s also my biggest fear because I always have this voice in my head that tells me ‘I’m not good enough, I’m a second, third or last choice and no one who ever got to know me would want me for me, no one would ever put up me, I’m too much effort for someone to put into’ so that really hit me hard
  • He is basic bitch who only wears black and doc martens which are my closet staples. I don’t have any clothes that aren’t mainly black besides some of my summer clothes
  • He cooks and loves Bowie. I cook and love Queen and Freddie Mercury
  • I’m such a hopeless romantic and those big displays of affection (mural, sinterklass, screaming at the top of his lungs to show off Robbe) are something I would to do and would love to have done to me
  • Sander’s jokes when he first interacted with Robbe talking about the manager is something that is just so sweet to me and ends up being so meaningful in the end about is something I would do (not the first interaction probs if I thought someone would be the love of my life but to be able to joke around that easily so quick off the bat *chefs kiss*)
  • The way that just like every other Isak/Even they instantly click and are so clearly perfect for each other and how Sander is able to turn a sad boy Robbe into such a happy and comfortable person sends me every time I think about it
  • Idk the bleach blonde bitch really hit something different inside me and I connected to him and Robbe unlike any other character I have before and I am so in love since all I want is to find my own Isak/Even/Robbe/Sander/etc. and find that other half who completes me in every way. Sander is such a baby/fuck boy/ daddy at the same time really hit different
  • Basically I relate a lot to Sander and self love is important especially when you really connect with a character its like loving a part of myself that Sander has a piece of you know?

Hey, look what I’m currently working on🌝

Robbe IJzermans’ Log

For me, I still remember this one particular moment in life where I’ve finally falling in love with someone. No, it’s not a woman, but a man—a carefree soul, unapologetic for having such big dreams of traveling around the world, a bit selfish but have a heart as gentle as a lamb. His name is Sander Driesen.

To be continued….

I swear. I’ll get back to posting about Skam France and Wtfock and other remakes soon. But right now, I’m just so happy about Gallavich getting married. THEY. ARE. FUCKING. MARRIED. IAN AND MICKEY ARE MARRIED!!! I’ve been waiting a very very very long time for them to finally be happy together. And now they are. So I’m sorry, for the next couple of weeks of so, I’ll be posting a lot about them. In between Skam remakes posts. Because GALLAVICH GOT MARRIED!!!