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Bruh is wrong with these dudes inboxing me... 1st off, you don’t qualify for the , 2nd you’re getting , 3rd tf wrong with your ass house 🤬

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I just slept for like 17 hours!!!!!!

Seems like i always pick the abusers to be with. Weather emotionally or physically. Smh is wrong with me

What is wrong with me? I go to research gym memberships online, notice "cafe" and select that first! WTF?

Let me reiterate: The minority members of the House Intel Committee, led by Adam Schiff, wanted/expected the entire Committee to vote to release the Classified Democrat Memo WITHOUT ALLOWING REPUBLICANS TO READ IT FIRST‼️ is wrong with these people⁉️

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is wrong with some people. It's not only Jesus that wept, but me too. Cruel cruel bastards

what is wrong with you! Why are you sending me a survey asking me to rate your service when you’re yet to reply!

EXACTLY is WRONG WITH YOU !!!?!!! I imagine this message GM has came about because you’re Come tell me that to my face; I freakin dare you! No, you wouldn’t, you have the courage. , can you believe this?!!!?

What the hell is wrong with me? I literally just through away a fist full of veggies I was supposed to put in a pot...

I just looked through my whole life experience and came to this conclusion. is wrong with me!!! 😵😈

Somebody please explain to me why the Gov & & the rest of these CORRUPT POLITICIANS want to give people who can't afford to have kids more $$ to have more kids? is wrong with you people We are living in a

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I think I've decided I don't like - What is wrong with me? When did this happen? Gasp!

People! is wrong with them?...I have a cast on my foot and people still expect me to move out of their way or just walk into me 😨😠😲😱

Guy: I dropped my phone in the mud and it doesn’t want to turn on. Me: Yeah, your phone is water damaged. Not a whole lot you could do about that, man. Guy: Could you check anyway..? Me: ... *opens phone* Guy: So...what’s wrong with it? Me: 😒

When your drunk at quick check and buy two bags of Funyuns and a sandwich && realize you have zero self control about a half hour later...what is wrong with me?

Cuando crees que la industria de la música es una 💩pero te enteras que ha sacado disco hace un mes 😍😍😍 y tú no te habías ni enterado 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

is wrong with me: an internal daily monologue

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This is the second time I accidentally reblogged porn and I’m supposed to be in hiatus


I laughed at this for way too long

I never go to Tumblr to ask for advice, but I’m in a tough spot right now and thought I’d share:

A few friends of mine have been ignoring me for all of high school, basically. I’m left out of everything, they rarely talk to me, and I’m lucky if they give me the time of day. They insist I’m not doing anything wrong and that they’re just busy, but they’re also the people who are constantly hanging out with friends and making plans to do stuff with other people, which I know because I’m friends with their mom and she’s always posting pictures and videos of them doing stuff together. I get that a person can be busy a lot, but I feel really excluded. When they bother to talk to me, I feel really happy with them, but it’s so rare and I feel like I’m suffering needlessly, and I’m beginning to feel really depressed. When I’m at home thinking about it, I know this is not okay, and confronted them monyhs ago about whether or not they’re really my friend. They say they are, but never show it. When I moved a few months ago, only two friends came and helped me out, and I don’t trust most of them to not call me silly when I’m having a panic-attack, which occur a lot. Am I just clinging on to friendships that aren’t there? How do I deal with it?

Now, granted, I’ve stopped making an effort to hang out with most of them lately, and I know I’m definitely not as good a friend as I could’ve been. But I remember birthdays, I try to check in with them a lot, I listen when they have a problem, and when one of them ended up in the hospital I visited and gave her chocolate when I couldn’t afford flowers, then stayed until her mom kicked me out of her room (though at least she was nice about it). I know I’m not the best friend always, but at least they know I’ve got their back. I don’t feel like they have mine, and it really sucks. I’ve had way too many conversations with my mom asking for advice where that particular friend is concerned because I constantly feel this way. Am I being unreasonable?

Apparently, according to my boss you can’t find a maid in Cascais for less than 8€/hour these days.

I guess it’s time for a career change.

hey guess what!!! just because you’re obsessed with a character doesn’t mean you should act like they’re perfect and they’ve never done anything wrong in their life!!! seriously i hate it when people try to pass off their fave’s mistakes and then attack people who bring them up because “uwu they’re a smol bean!! so pure!! they’ve never done anything wrong ever!!” FRICK that!! those characters made those mistakes to learn and grow as people and it’s kind of an insult to ignore that growth!! thanks for coming to my ted talk

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Ok so idk where u got ur bagel info from, but my parents worked at a bagel/bread factory for 18+ years before they closed, and bagels are baked on giant conveyor belts with steam ovens. (At least in in USA) Some people deep fry them tho. Also cream cheese is a creation straight from Jesus himself and u must try it because it’s amazing. If u want proof of bagels being baked there’s a “How It’s Made” episode about it on YouTube💖

Thankyou for adding to my ignorant knowledge of bagels!!!

Also if jesus made cream cheese I should probably eat it. He sounds rad.
(I’m laughing so hard that I’ve started a legit discussion on bagels)

Quand j’étais censée acheter une robe noire toute simple et que finalement, je me retrouve avec un sweat orange ultra-court et un pantalon skinny de couleur corail… #confused

When I was supposed to buy a simple black dress and finally buy an ultra-short orange sweatshirt and coral skinny pants… #confused


Hey guys, I’m jo-chi and I wanna tell you some things about me and what I wanna do with this page. First, if the grammar on this page is not that good, I’m sorry I’m just a little german weirdo but I try to make the most things on this page in english an I don’t even know why;-;

Well, what I want to do with this page? I think I will post some drawings I draw or paint. And I want to write some texts about what I don’t know yet, but well time will tell.

What is fuckin wrong with people??? I do everything I can! I give everything! And everything I get is “thank you uwu but we don’t want you anymore uwu” Don’t they know, I’m a holy, dragon-like monster??? I know what I will do on the next full moon?! Punish those idiots?! Congrats! I will spit blood and fire over them!