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This is from the last 7 days ... I spend 77 hours on my freaking phone ... That's more than a full-time job ... God damn what's wrong with me ...

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I don’t know what is wrong with me, I just realized it’s not Tuesday....

Went to sleep last night at 8. Woke up this morning at 3. Still wide fucking awake wtf is wrong with me 😐.

is wrong with me lol i a 2 tf bc i don’t think i can how much gets me thru the day as a struggling mother!! She’s my unwind after . mostly bc i work my ass off but it’s hard so 4 gettin me thru the days

It’s odd and I can’t explain it. But it’s gotten tot he point were I kind of (in a weird strange way) want to feel lonely. It’s as if I don’t want it to end. I don’t understand this. What is wrong with me?

Like....fuuuucking srsly?????? Attemps to get Dazai : has fucking spent like $500+ (wtf is wrong with me!!!) and fucking get how many duplicates of Ango??? Like did i just get left overs????? OTL....

So apparently I don't have to be for my feet to go into at around . I just found out. 😧 Yay, now is wrong with me, why is so incompetent & why can't we 'em all & hire the here who're ? ?

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I have chosen today to install my Mac upgrades. I am also building a critical presentation, on a tight deadline. is wrong with me.

It's happening. I'm starting to care about . What is wrong with me? Oh , you! I knew this would happen. Btw Jake's girlfriend seems...really...nice...aaargh goddamnit! Shane!!!!

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THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME BUT NOW I LOVE COWS. This is the best song I've heard for a while.

What in the actual fuck is wrong with me? This scene. THIS SCENE IS MY LIFE!

This can’t be normal! I mean I did wake up to a shot of fireball (stop judging me) but I swear I just threw up a cup or two of blood is wrong with me !

OMFINGG IM NOT EVEN FOLLOWING what the fruit is wrong with me 😵😵

Yesterday, I started the medication my doctor prescribed that is supposed to cure what's been wrong with me since January. 1.5 days into it and I just had a bad episode of what's been wrong with me since January.

is wrong with me. Why am I watching this. 😂

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My idea, SO’s execution. You’re welcome.

Movies I recommend

(I’m not peer pressuring, but you should watch)

1. My own private Idaho

Originally posted by petersparker

2. Maze runner series

Originally posted by thomasminhonewt

3. The lovely bones

Originally posted by friendofhayley

4. Brokeback mountain (🤠)

Originally posted by tomellis

5. Watership down

Originally posted by sleep-terror

6. The danish girl

Originally posted by etherealmontecristoblue

7. The beach

Originally posted by ggrunger

8. Call me by your name

Originally posted by jacksonisaacson

9. Stand by me

Originally posted by foreverthe80s

10. Les misérables

Originally posted by hetaeria

…so that’s it (I wanted to add more but eh)

That Dora trailer made me NOPE into a rage quitting session.

I’ve seen Dora the Explorer up until it ended and…this movie is JUST NO.




Maybe if it they would have stuck to the source material, it wouldn’t look like a Mean Girls/Tomb Raider/cash-grabbing BS of a film.

I’m hard passing this. WTF Paramount!?

Me: Okay, I’m next to a guy that I might like! Maybe I’m not aro after all!

Brain: Go to his lunch table

Brain: Drink your chocolate milk like a cool person

Me: Okay, okay

Brain: Now talk to him

Me: Okay!



my nose still burns from the chocolate milk

“I was just pondering something really stupid for a lot longer than I should, and I don’t even know why I ever in a million years would think something so dumb.. seriously, do other people do this or am I the only one that stays up late thinking idiotic shizz? I was pondering the depths of how having sex with a guy would be like being stabbed with a flesh knife.. I am so fired, somebody start thinking productively for me? I’ll stab you with my flesh knife as payment, hahaha..”

I’m am so fuggin dumb sometimes, omg, this takes the cake.. those 3 am thoughts are getting weird - Eue

The point of the be better than, maybe less or yes or no Withy “supposed” to that; but will always probably. Odly soaring for doorbells.

Oh by, the way now right here over there this time.

One problem I have with myself is the dumbass crushes I get, the other day I found out the guy I had a crush on a few years ago asked out a girl I currently have a crush on. I rly should not care but it’s tempting to get jealous