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Night In

Two counsuls continuing their duty as usual until work received keeps them up all night


A thing I did to ease the eyestrain I’ve had for the past few days

We are all made of a soft material. It’s almost like we were made to get torn apart.
—  Skin, Blood, Energy | Estevão Fernando (via stoic-words)

Hairy Henry (Flash Fiction #432)

There used to be a student named Henry who came here. But everyone would call him Hairy Henry. It was pretty obvious why. He had thick, brown hair all over his body, up and down his arms, down his back. Literally everywhere.

“A medical condition,” his parents told us.

A disorder that caused abnormal hair growth.

They didn’t try to explain the rotting, red-underlined fingernails that curved off of his hands. Nobody asked why they were like that, either. Hairy Henry never really spoke a word to anyone.

Hairy Henry was strange in other ways, too. He just sat and stared at the other students, especially the girls. Licking his lips.

We all thought that he was just fantasizing about them. You know, like how teenage boys dream about kissing girls and such?

We didn’t expect him to stay after school one day and attack the cheerleading squad during practice. Nor did we expect him to rip into them with his teeth and hands. Or to swallow chunks of their flesh while being drenched in blood. Stopping only to howl at the waiting moon.

Howling like a wolf.

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Fic Prompts: Transformers Tuesday

“I have an idea- Thundercracker stop laughing – I have an idea, guys,” Skywarp said proudly.

Starscream did not move from where he was knocking his helm against the wall in frustration, but he did glance over and cringe.

“What is it this time?” he groaned.

Skywarp gestured animatedly as he spoke. “We need that rocket fuel for Megatron’s energon project. But the Autobots are guarding it. Problem! But, just hear me out, what if – and I’m just spitballing here – what if we get humans to steal it?”

“Humans,” Thundercracker repeated flatly.

Skywarp nodded eagerly, wings twitching. “Yes! Exactly! We get a couple of human kids. Autobots love kids! And then they get the Autobots to give them a tour of the facility, and they turn off the alarms so we can get in!”

Starscream groaned loudly and smacked his head into his hand. “And I used to wonder why Megatron never took us seriously.”

“No,” Thundercracker drawled, skipping to another page in his datapad, “I’m pretty sure it’s just you he doesn’t take seriously.”

The blue Seeker leaned back in his seat and called to Skywarp, “Hey genius, got a potential roadblock there. How are you going to convince a few random human kids to go along with your plan? We’re not allowed to borrow Soundwave or Shockwave’s equipment anymore.”

(And this was perfectly true. Shockwave didn’t want his devices damaged, and Soundwave was more of the opinion that the trine wasn’t mature enough to handle them.)

Skywarp frowned and drummed his servos along his chin in thought. “Well…humans have familial authority structures based on manufacturer and guardian status, right?”

“Oh no, no no whatever it is, don’t-”

“We’ll adopt them!” Skywarp finished proudly.

Starscream twitched.

“That’s it, I’m getting Soundwave,” Thundercracker groaned.

“Please do,” Starscream said hastily, “I think he’s moved past the contemplation stage and I’m not childproofing my quarters.”

I’m in love with the ideas of things, with the look and sound and the way things seem, far more than with the reality.

Nothing hammers this home more than sports on TV. I look at the World Cup, and I see the ball gliding effortlessly across the pitch. I see the players moving and drifting along, occasionally bouncing off each other. It all looks so smooth, so light, so easy.

But in reality, none of it is easy. The ball is hard, and it takes so much effort to kick it. The ground is firm, and it hurts to fall on it. It even hurts your feet to run on it, the dull, repetitive impact pounding up your legs. Running is tiring. There’s a lot of exhaustion and aches and pains. You’ve got to coordinate your body and think about what to do with it at all times. Bodies have weight, there’s friction, every movement is impeded. There’s the sun and the heat. There are grass burns and spiked shoes. There are all kinds of smells. There’s heavy breathing. There’s sweat .And it all looks different from an on-the-ground, first-person perspective.

For someone like me, sex is the same exact thing. I can remember being surprised in every intimate encounter I’ve had by just how different it all is in reality. The movements you make or want to make, the way bodies feel, the weight, the unreliable combination of instinct and desire with what actually works or feels good, the imperfections, the smells, the sounds… it’s all just so different than you think, different than it looks. There’s so much effort, so many variables. I don’t really understand it and because I’ve never had the chance to make any of it normal, I’m desperately afraid that I won’t really like any of the things I think I’ll like.

Maybe I won’t like how body hair feels, or smells. Maybe unprotected sex won’t make it feel that much better. Maybe the reality of a dick is less pleasing than the fantasy. Maybe it’s ALL like that. I just hate that I’m in my mid-30s and still having to worry about all of this. Maybe that’s a bigger part of why I keep this all in the fantasy realm than I let on.

In my time

Of existing

Just enough time left

To fade slowly

You watch me

And you don’t see me leaving

Till to late

I’m afraid

This is forever gone

You tried all you could

Nothing is changing

The blood still staining

The tears still rolling

It’s that forced goodbye

…theres never a little longer…

- A l E X A N D R A

It’s unfinished

stick with me // johnny // part 2

seo young ho // johnny x reader.

words: 2.6k.

genre: fluff.

part 1

“The stars are really pretty tonight,” you mumble, making Jeno and Chenle, who you had been laying between, laugh. Tonight, all of NCT had taken their dinners to the skies, and by that they ordered an insane amount of takeout food that you, Johnny, Taeyong and Yuta had barely managed to carry home, and all climbed on to the roof of the apartment block. The food has long since gone and now you all just lay in various heaps, chatting between yourself and listening to the chill hip hop playlist on Mark’s phone.

“We’ve been up here for almost two hours, and you’ve only just noticed?” Chenle giggles as Jeno pokes your side, and you roll your eyes at the two younger boys. Johnny, who lays with his hair brushing yours, twists himself on the blankets and rests his chin on his crossed arms, listening in to your conversation with the younger boys that you had somehow accidently grown closer with this last week - not that you were complaining in anyway, because they added a new laugh to your life that you realised you only had whenever with Johnny, and when he was away on trips, you needed someone to fill that gap.

“Oh shush Chenle. As a child I used to track the star constellations because I thought they were super amazing. I was just seeing some of the stars I remembered and thought they looked really incredible,” you explain, shushing the giggling boys.

The four of you look up at the sky as you point out the different patterns you can see. You explain what each of them mean, or what they symbolise, fascinating Jeno and Chenle to the point that they don’t mock your ditziness anymore. Johnny just smiles, having listened to this conversation about the stars with your special star language a million times. No matter how many times he hears it, he will never be over how beautiful he thinks it is.

It’s been a week since the argument with Jaehyun, and whilst you two aren’t on speaking terms still, you can tolerate each others presence. Since then you’ve just about recovered from the cold you suffered with, that had you hidden away in your house for three days with Johnny, Jeno and Chenle showing up every day to keep you company and make sure you were eating properly whenever they had time. You were so appreciative for their attention that the final time they came round you nearly cried and blessed the stars for your friends.

You were planning to spend tonight curled up on the sofa asleep, or reading at least, but when Johnny had asked if you had wanted to come over you dropped all of your boring plans at a second’s notice for this. Now, laying surrounded by your favourite people on this planet brings more tears to your eyes.

“I’m going to grab another drink,” you finally decide, asking the boys if anyone wanted another one. Most of them accept, so many to the point that you’ll have to make about three trips up and down the fire escape to carry them all.

“I’ll help,” Jaehyun says, jumping up before anyone else can offer. You let out a tight breath and give him a shielded smile as you head towards the stairs, reading to throw yourself down them rather than chat with Jaehyun. Suddenly you wish you were back with Johnny, preferably hidden from Jaehyun’s view behind him - with your best friend being so ridiculously tall and broad, it made that task very easy.

Instead you climb down the stairs as quickly as you can, through the open window and into the silent apartment. Your coat and blankets lay on the table, and you grab them before piling them on the table. When you spin to go to the fridge you see Jaehyun has already beaten you, only he’s leaning against it and not actually helping in anyway.

“We kind of need to get in there,” you say tightly, and Jaehyun shuts his eyes as he takes in a sharp breath.

“You ignore me for a week, and now that we have a chance to talk, this is what you say to me,” he snaps, making you flinch involuntarily. The thought of anyone raising their voice at you makes you freak out, especially in an argument. Jaehyun notices this, and immediately his expressing melts away into something that used to make your heart hammer like mad.

“If you remember correctly, the reason we aren’t talking is because of how selfish you acted. You don’t just throw people’s feelings around like that! It’s so… cruel,” you say, stepping to face him.

“It was wrong of me, y/n, and I was overly harsh to yourself, but me as well.”

“How on earth was you harsh on yourself?” You voice rises a little with each word, beginning to sound a little hysterical as you try and calm yourself. “I think you said perfectly well everything you needed to.”

“Because I miss you, y/n. I miss our late night chats and the joy of having you in my company. Having you gone has made me realise how much I need you-”

“No, don’t do this to me,” you finally interrupt, knowing if you let him continue, you will fall back into the same cycle you are desperately trying to avoid. “Please - now, I suggest you move out of the way so I can get to the fridge, or I’ll move you myself.”

“I’d like to see you try.”

“Oh, she will,” Chenle says from behind you, making you jump. Him and Jeno stand shoulder to shoulder in the doorway, and Johnny hovers at the fire escape window. “And we would help her.”

Jaehyun glances between his friends and you, and decides that another argument isn’t worth it. He steps aside, allowing you to swing the door open and let the cold air hit your face. If only you were able to hit Jaehyun’s confusing words out of your head like that. Chenle and Jeno jump to your side immediately, gathering as many drinks as you needed to grab and dashing back to the roof. Jaehyun grabs bags of food before disappearing, letting you shut the fridge and lean your forehead against it, feeling exhausted from one conversation along.

Strong arms wrap around you, and before you know it you are engulfed by Johnny and his huge sweater that is ridiculously soft against you. You suck in a sharp breath before laughing.

“Just when I thought it was done, Johnny,” you sigh, “he does this. I really hate this.”

“But you said you were completely over him,” Johnny says, a hint of panic and confusion in his tone. You look up at him, resting your chin on his chest as he closes his hands behind your back.

“And I am. One hundred and twenty percent. It’s just super annoying, more than anything,” you sigh, making Johnny breathe out and smile.

“Good,” he says, booping your nose with his hand and grinning at you. “Now, let me see your smile. I won’t let go until you do.” You give him your biggest smile, which makes him chuckle and step back as he grabs the final drinks, and you take your coat and blanket from the table.

When you climb back onto the roof, the boys have all reshuffled themselves. Chenle and Jeno, who are now joined by Yuta and Winwin, have saved you and Johnny a space, be it only a small one. Johnny sits in the gap and lets you sit between his long legs, wrapped in the coat and handing the blanket to Yuta.

Resting against his chest, you begin to fall sleepy and figure that it’s going to be another night that you spend in their room. Just as you think you are going to fall asleep, listening to Winwin and Chenle chat in Chinese about something and being able to understand parts of their conversation from your basic Chinese knowledge, your phone buzzes in your pocket.

Johnny helps by pulling it out of your coat pocket, and hands it to you to turn it on. It’s a text from Jaehyun, who sits between Mark and Taeyong with his phone in his hands, watching you carefully. Five words that seem innocent enough but make you mad at the thought of it.

Jaehyun: I’m sorry, I miss you.

You let your phone drop and rest your head against Johnny’s chest, not ready to do this today. Johnny, being the sweetheart he is, takes away your phone before wrapping his arms around you and whispering in your ear that if you fall asleep, that’s completely fine. You do, but with the biggest smile on your face and the warmest heart in your chest, because the love you have for your best friend is overwhelming.

“Johnny, we need to talk,” Yuta says, jumping on to the couch beside Johnny who had just returned from wishing most of the other members a goodbye and putting you in his bed again. The whole sleepover thing was becoming a very often occurrence and Johnny was awfully worried about the rate his feelings for you were growing - it was becoming unbearable.

The worst part was when he would lay beside you, watching your soft features glow in the moonlight, knowing he could nothing about how he was feeling, and that you had never and would never feel the same.

“Sure,” Johnny says, running a hand through his hair out of nervous habit. “What about?”

“y/n,” Yuta says, grinning at the taller boy. “What’s going on there?”

“y/n’s my best friend,” Johnny says, but Yuta just winks in response. “What? That’s all we are-”

“Someone sounds disappointed about it though,” Yuta says, stretching his arms above his head and clicking his fingers. “You wish it was more, don’t you.” At this point Johnny couldn’t lie about his feelings for you, and only hope that no one would ask. Unfortunately for him, Yuta was asking and he was not going to stop anytime soon. “You do! That’s so cute - have you told y/n?”

“Sh Yuta, no! Only I think you might have,” Johnny rolls his eyes but can’t help and sweat at that thought of you finding out. He prays that you are still fast asleep in his bed as Yuta screams with excitement into his fists.

“Johnny you’ve got to ask! You guys were a new level of cute tonight!” He squeals, making Johnny groan into a pillow. This is how his friendship with you ends - because you find out about his feelings for you through this unreasonably loud Japanese dancer.

“y/n’s still getting over Jaehyun, Yuta, and doesn’t that break some kind of bro code?” Johnny questions, making Yuta snort with laughter.

“Breaking the bro code is if y/n and Jaehyun had dated for like, a solid few months or years, and then you came along a week later. Jaehyun won’t care - we all heard how they’d spoken the other day. There’s nothing between them anymore.”

“I think he still likes y/n,” Johnny finally speaks, getting one of his fears off of his chest. “y/n is very certain that she’s lost all feelings for him, but as they’ve disappeared I think Jaehyun had developed them.”

“Oh,” the sound that Yuta makes is very small and understanding, and just when Johnny needed something to drown out the noise in his head, Yuta falls silent. “What makes you say that?”

Johnny explains by beginning with the first radio show he had to do with Jaehyun after the argument. Off air questions involved the majority of questions being focused on you, with Jaehyun asks questions about why you had slept in his bed all night, and what was going on there. The second show was a lot sadder with questions being much more soppy and almost like he was aching from your presence being gone from his life. This matched the way he spoke to you tonight perfectly, leaving Johnny wildly confused.

“Oh, that boy is hopeless. Do you want me to speak to him, whilst you do something with all those feelings and tell y/n how you feel?”

“No!” Johnny exclaims, then wince at the volume of his voice in the otherwise silent apartment. “No. I’m just going to hide them for now.”

“The boys aren’t falling for it,” Yuta shakes his hair out of his eyes and gives his taller friend a sad smile. “You keep cuddling y/n like that and shadowing every moment that y/n takes, they’ll all make the connection eventually. I know Chenle and Jeno have, now just wait for the others to catch on.”

Johnny groans into his pillow and wishes he’d actually thought about the logistics of this before. It was only a matter of time before everyone knew, and that included you.

“I’m going to head downstairs now though,” Yuta says with a smile, wishing Johnny a good night. “Say something to y/n Johnny, or I will do it for you.”

Like that the Japanese boy disappears from the apartment, and Johnny retreats to his room. In his doorway he pauses to see you curled up in his sheets, shivering again. Since your last illness every time you have sneezed or winced since has filled Johnny with terror, so seeing you shivering here sends him into panicked mode.

He takes half a minute to change from his outdoor clothes into jogging bottoms, a navy shirt and sit on the side of the bed you hadn’t curled up in yet.

“Johnny?” You say through mumbled sleep talk, making Johnny smile sweetly. “Is that you?”

“It’s actually the Easter bunny,” Johnny says, making you open your eyes and inspect. You smile at him, eyes sparkling in the moonlight as it dances across your pale cheeks.

“You’d be a cute little bunny. Not little because you are super tall, but together we’d be the perfect pair - tall Easter bunny, cute little bunny,” you say in a tired chatter, making Johnny laugh.

“Come on, y/n, I didn’t mean to wake you up,” he apologises, making you laugh into his pillow.

“I wasn’t asleep properly anyway. I’m too cold,” you sulk, hair falling in your face. “Can I cuddle up to share warmth? It’s science you know.”

Johnny’s mind is in overdrive currently, but he lifts one of his arms and let’s you crawl against his body, resting your head against his torso and wrapping his arms back around you. In a sleepy attempt at being nice you try to pull the blankets over Johnny but it doesn’t work, Johnny only having half of the blanket.

“How is that, y/n?” Johnny asks, using the opportunity to brush the hair out of your eyes and watch your features shift in the low light.

“So much better, thank you,” you mumble tiredly, so close to sleep. “You are the best Johnny. Thank you.”

Johnny could almost hear Yuta calling him whipped before it had already happened, because that was the honest truth; without realising it, you had wrapped Johnny around your finger, and it was not normal for your best friend to be like that.

Loath he is to admit it, Yuta was right - Johnny would have to say something to you, or reign his feelings in before it was too late.

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Then suddenly, well, not suddenly more surprisingly but rather slowly, Death faded through my bedroom wall. He approached me, arm outstretched, with one long whithered finger pointing towards me and touched my chest. Nothing happened. He tried again, still nothing.

“So,” I said awkwardly “busy night?”