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Just short plotted the final 5 chapters of my Novel and came up with an ending that was staring at me the whole time. Guess I couldn't see it till I neared the end. Keep writing even if your stumped on plot. A divine intervention will strike u when least expected.

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The Dragon Writers and I have an exciting announcement. My book, Doran, is ready for publication. It will be self-published through Amazon. Before that, I will be releasing a short story in a blog. I want to thank everyone who helped me get to this point.

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Affliction, torment, void. Numb emotions to feel somewhat functional. Day by day survival, resilience, pain. Still signs of determination. Different, changed I am not as I was then. The glimmer it’s fading it’s fading..


I want to be an open book. I want to see my very being splayed out, ready and willing for any to come and view it, to comprehend the inner workings of the person that stands before them.

Yet I always remain cloistered, huddled behind a shroud woven by mine own hand. A light beaming, burning, obscured but not snuffed out, kept away from even my very eyes. I have sought release, tried to draw near to another so that I may in turn become more acquainted with myself. 

But the in the end I am back where I began, it being my eternal return to never stray too far from my solace. I want to know, and to be known. To know that I am real in the eyes of others is the most profound joy. An unbound book, pages loose and free to be examined by even the most casual eye, understood by all who fall into my life. For if I remain but a dusty tome in a chained library, who is to say I was ever real in the first place?
Nord Ronnoc's commission TOS
Commission Terms of service Hey there! I’m Nord Ronnoc. Fanfic writer, streamer, and all around a sarcastic hot mess. I am diagnosed with high-functioning autism, but I do my best to get along. I’ve thought about doing writing commissions, so I thought I should give it a go. A bit of financial se...

Yep, you read that right! Writing commissions. How about that? I’ve been thinking about it for some time and I decided I want to give it a go!

If you want to know more, click on the link in the post

But like the TOS said, I can’t do fanfics due to copyright laws. But if you want to do a fic exchange or a request, feel free to send me a message. Here is a list of fandoms I specialize in so far:

  • Mass Effect
  • Dragon Age
  • Fallout
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Star Wars
  • Doctor Who
  • Soul Calibur
  • Marvel (specifically the MCU)

Blog recommendations !

Looking for blogs to follow that post story concepts, ideas, and prompts !

I want to stay away from dialogue prompts though, I can only ever find those and I’m not the best with those starters


Chambermaids scurrying at the arrival of men.

They are taught to catch husbands, like these men

catch fish. To feed. To cut off heads of sea monsters.

To spread seed. The goddess creates the olive tree.

Peace. Cut to pieces, the marriage decree. Soiled

sheets. Plant wide. Plant deep. In her season,

she blooms. Her own speed. Time is a flowing

thing. Creased foreheads when daughters are

missing. A jewel in a crown. Missing. An

uprooted fig tree. Missing. Winter. Missing

branches. No way to track your roots. A

river carries an unanswered letter, making

a multitude of stops. Rests. A garden of her

own making. An afternoon loll down the

hill. A bump. She even named it. She

let supple fruits leak juice onto velvet green

carpets rolled out on moving day. A dirt spot

on a tired cheek. Apologetic eyes. She’s

come home. Fatherless. Penniless. She

only chases sunlight now. There is no

glint off of a tin soldier’s button more

glamorous than dawn once the storm has passed.

thebardanon  asked:

Any advice on how to organize six different forms of magic without letting one style overpower the others? For example, Magic that must be chanted or written can be beaten by more instant magic, and magic that requires physical tools or 'mana' don't would be beaten by magics that don't require 'stuff'. should I even mix magics? Why won't the nepheliad help me out with this anymore??? (p.s. thanks for all your hard work you're awesome.)

Oh wow, thank you so much! It’s kind of insane that you know who I am since I’ve loved your blog for so long hahaha

How to Balance Magic Types

I definitely think that if you want to have several different types of magic, you should! It all depends on your magic lore of course, but it’s my personal opinion that people will come up with different ways to utilize magic, and it’s more interesting when there’s a variety.

In my opinion, the most important part about balancing forms of magic is to have a very good idea of the weaknesses and strengths are.

Now, this isn’t something that you have to put in explicitly in your writing necessarily, but it’s good to keep in mind.

Each form of magic should have their advantages and disadvantages. If all of their advantages are as powerful as each other, and if all of their weaknesses are on similar levels of debilitation as each other, they will (somewhat) be balanced, even if the various weaknesses aren’t directly related to another magical type’s. 

You can also have balance based on context, and who’s advantaged in magical combat due to experience, location, and vulnerability to those weaknesses that you can play with in your narrative. I feel like environmental and contextual considerations are also a great additional way to bring balance that is often forgotten!

For example, in Avatar the Last Airbender, the four benders of each elemental type all have their strengths and weaknesses. They’re relatively well-matched, despite completely different styles of bending. Sometimes they’re placed in situations and contexts where they’re inherently more advantaged or disadvantaged than others that the show does a really nice job of showcasing, like a waterbender being more powerful in a glacial area at night, but is weaker in a desert where there is very little water and moisture.

So in this example, if you wanted to have an intermediate earthbender to have a fighting chance against a master waterbender, if you have a fight in the middle of the desert that tips the chances a little bit more into the earthbender’s favor.

Creating a system of organization

So what you’re describing to me in this ask is what I call a “rock-paper-scissors” system, because like the game, Magic A will always beat magic B, and magic B will always beat magic C.

Naruto and Pokemon’s system of strengths and weaknesses are essentially this.

In this chart, you can see that water will beat fire, fire will beat wind, so on and so forth.

So if you’re going for the rock-paper-scissors system, I would recommend you make yourself a chart like this. What I would do is to use a bunch of post-its with one magic type written on each one, so I can move them around with ease. Then I’ll just start putting them in a circle like this, organizing and reorganizing until I can come up with a chain of advantages and disadvantages that I’m satisfied with.

Then, I’ll transfer it onto a piece of paper, and write a description next to each arrow about why/how one type of magic beats the other. This method of charting this out will give you a quick and easy visualization and cheat-sheet for the advantages and disadvantages, and will help you organize and figure out what each strength and weakness is.

You can even get more complex and draw out more relationships like this if you want to.

These examples are all elemental, so it definitely won’t be as easy to come up with advantages/disadvantages, but you seem like you’ve got that part under control!

Good luck, I hope this helped!

Healing Heart Part 1

My name is Callie McDoodle, I’m a student of Dream Academy because my dream is to become a therapist and help them with their relationships and I’m a member of the X6 known as Sweetheart. My parents died in a car crash but our aunt and uncle won the custody to the both of me, my twin sister, Marie and my older brother, Jason….who…committed suicide. After I lost my parents, Jason slowly become depressed that he gave up everything, until he started playing that horrible game and fell in love with the girl with no name. 

I were so sick and tired of his relationship with her that he end up in a car accident and me, Marie, my aunt and my uncle had to take it away from for his own good. And we were heard that he committed suicide and we were heartbroken. I met Brent my ex-boyfriend and he was a horrible person, he would say horrible things to me and want to have sex with me (which I’m not ready for that) so I broke up with him and he was sent to jail thanks to my friends. Now I’m doing volunteer works at the mental health field aka rehab, that’s the place where I found the man who was suffering the same pain I went through  

In rehab 

Callie: *doing therapy with a patient* So Mr. Farkle, tell me what’s on your mind? 

Mr. Farkle: Well, it’s just that….I just keep having the same dream over and over and over again

Callie: It’s because of the woman you loved years ago didn’t you? 

Mr. Farkle: Yeah I mean….Betty was the woman of my life, she changed my life completely ever since I met her. When she died I was heartbroken and I tried to move forward, it’s what she wanted but it wasn’t good enough 

Callie: So you turned to Star Dream Academy because one of the girls remind you of your late wife 

Mr. Farkle: Oh yeah, Daisy….oh man, she was like no other to me. A lot of people especially my mother told me that Daisy was a bad influence to me and they showed me a lot of evidences of victims being killed by those two dating sim games but I didn’t listen to them until my mom had enough of her and she took everything away from me….including Daisy *sniffed* I just don’t understand why would she took Daisy away from? She was all that I had left in my life…*started crying* 

Callie: *gave him a box of tissues* 

Mr. Farkle: *took some and blow his nose* I felt like I was a nobody when Daisy was gone, I felt like I had nobody….everybody left me….

Callie: I see, I believe the reason your mom took Daisy away from you is because she loved you since the day when you were born, and she was afraid of losing you the same way she lost your dad 

Mr. Farkle: ….My mom was….afraid? Q.Q

Callie: That’s right, she didn’t want to lose you and she was heartbroken when you fell into the same trap a lot of victims did. She wants you to have a better relationship with someone else, you being with your late wife shows how much you have grown. Now I think it’s the perfect time to start taken care of yourself in order to move on. Does that make sense Mr. Farkle. 

Mr. Farkle: *sniffed* Well yeah I mean it’s just that *sniffed and dried his eyes with a tissue* I’ve never realized that I had someone else who cared about me like my mom. I should’ve listen to her from the very beginning, thank you very much 

Callie: Your welcome 


Callie: *sighed with relief* That was rough 

Dr. Terrance: Ah Miss. Doodle, you’re just in time

Callie: What is it? 

Dr. Terrance: I just want to drop by and show you our new patients come

Callie: *followed Dr. Terrance to another room and saw 10 more patients* Whoa! 

Dr. Terrance: These are our new patients 

Callie: Are they victims of the Star Dream Academy and Camp Rockmore? 

Dr. Terrance: Oh yes all expect Trevor Smith, Harold’s older brother *point to Trevor* 

Trevor: *stare at the two with his death glare* 

Callie: *her face turned pale blue and gulp* Ummm, is there a reason why he’s here? 

Dr. Terrance: *check Trevor’s info on his clipboard* Well it seems to me he has a strong hatred towards his autistic brother, Harold financially abused him and his mother

Callie: Oh, so why didn’t he get a job or go to school like Trevor does?

Dr. Terrance: Well lets just say autism, school, job and paying taxes don’t mix well together in Harold’s world.

Callie: Really? I’ve seen autistic people get jobs and they enjoyed it. 

Dr. Terrance: And because of Harold’s suicide, Trevor went into an outraging killing spree 

Callie: As in killing autistic people? 

Dr. Terrance: Oh no! He wouldn’t do something like that, he just goes around and destroys Star Dream Academy, and Camp Rockmore, even burn down any stores that has anime merchandises 

Callie: Oh dear….he’s gonna be a tough one to handle 

Dr. Terrance: Oh don’t worry, I’m pretty sure he’ll do just fine here 

Callie: I hope so….*look concerned* 


Callie: *washing her hands* 

???: Hey you! 

Callie: *turn and saw Trevor* Trevor! Uhh….what are you doing!? 

Trevor: *walk up to her* Do you like anime? 

Callie: Well I uhh….*remembered what Dr. Terrance said to Callie* 


Dr. Terrance: If anyone in this rehab are anime fan, he’s not the type you do not want to mess with. In fact he’s even good at finding out that you’re lying to him. My advice is to ignore him and he’ll go away

*Return to the present*

Callie: *ignore Trevor by walking away* 

Trevor: Hey! I’m talking to you! 

Callie: *ignore him* 

Trevor: *growled before running and grabbing her arms*

Callie: Hey! Let me go! 

Trevor: I’m asking you a question already! 

Callie: Why would you know!? Is it because of your brother that made you pissed off, is that it!? 

Trevor: *growled and choked her neck* 

Callie: GAK! 

Trevor: Don’t you ever mention that monster with no name! He was a fucking bastard to me and my mother, and I’ll never forgive him for the fucking shit he did! 

Callie: *strangle* Why are you still holding on to that grudge like that!? I’m pretty sure your mom did everything she can to make *gulped* him into a better person

Trevor: SHE DID! In fact, me and my mom did everything we can to get him off the internet, but he spared no expense on nothing but making shitty Youtube videos with his anime bullshit. He even attack those who tried to help him including me and he got worse after my dad passed away and he took all of both my mom and my money, MY FUCKING MONEY ON STAR DREAM ACADEMY SHIT! *bang Callie to a wall* I blame him for his fucking abuse *bang her to a wall several time* ALL OF THE MONEY WE WORK SO FUCKING HARD TO SURVIVED WAS STOLEN FROM THAT FUCKING BASTARD!!! 

Callie: *hold Trevor’s arms* Trevor stop! *looked at Trevor’s red eyes* (Those eyes…) *let go, and saw Trevor* T-Trevor please….calm down…I understand you’re angry with him, but you can’t hold that grudge and saying that anime is a bad influence to autistic people

Trevor: YOU DON’T KNOW THAT! You have no idea, what kind of shit me and my mom have been through *shed tears* None of you understand me! *ran off crying* 

Callie: Trevor! *looked concerned*

To be continue……

bookenders  asked:

For the writer asks: 11, 22, 23? 😊

send me a number?

thank you, @bookenders! <3

11. which line from the novel most represents it as a whole?

I’ll answer for Devida & Goliath, because I’ve already posted the line snippet here on tumblr (as well as the portrait that goes along with it). I’m a sucker for symbolism, so there’s quite a bit going on between the lines… But if I remember correctly, this is something we share as writers, so I’m hopeful that it might strike a chord with you! (Here we go..?)

22. which character swears the most? least?

Answered here!

23. which character has the best handwriting? worst?

Answered here!

Lobster Liberation

Consider yourself

A cockroach of the sea:

An enlightened



multibody-multicultural victim, you

Got fished out

Into luxury.

These days,

I can’t tell if what you’re

Trying to say only tastes good

Because of the salted butter or

Because I heard you dying

In a pot of boiling water,

And people thought you were

Screaming bloody murder

but it was actually

Just the sound of hissing air.

You have no vocal chords,

And you don’t go anywhere

But here, close to the coast

Asking for a toasty roll or

Some kind of holiday

To finally show and tell

Your red and threatening clause.

Butterfly (Chapter One)

Pairing/Characters: Bucky xReader, Pepper Potts, Natasha Romanov, Sam Wilson

Warning(s): angst??? Nothing really

Summary: Your powers just came in after a glimpse of the future startled you, is anyone who they say they are?

Word Count: 1587

Originally posted by steverogersnotebook

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Continued writing Fate/Parallel Fantasia. Now working on Rin’s portion of the chapter.

Made some decent progress, I think. This is part of the story where my initial outline ended up changing considerably, so I still haven’t decided where exactly I’m going to put the chapter break.

rebeccaquinoa  asked:

Kara called you an angst machine today but also!! I give you grief all the time for all the angst you write but truly whenever I read your stories I'm like "whew the TALENT jumped out" so I don't know how to express it since I apparently cannot write, but. Your stories say that you have a soft view of the world. You are aware that shit can be hard, and we go through It, but you also give us happy endings because you look at the world and know that we still deserve it. For that, thank you.

MAYBE I’m emotional now but that’s fine it’s fine. I’m fine. Thank you. You know I appreciate you. I tell you all the time.

Also, yes, my favorite quote is “the sun will rise, and we will try again.” We all go through it, but we deserve soft endings after it all.