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I’m so proud of this girl ranking at #1 on wattpad!

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Here's a picture of a Rock Climber... Awesome?! Would you try it? What about Mongolian Rock Music? Awesome Also?! You just might think so. I do! Read PJ's Place here for some possible

Prompt List: Truth or Dare? Follow me on Tumblr: DM me for prompt requests/submissions! Credits will be duly given :)

Great writing prompt for Thanksgiving. Ss get a good kick out of it! 'Imagine if the world flipped, so that humans were eaten by turkeys. Tell a story from the perspective of the human on Thanksgiving day.'

"Words being spellbound by our energy, and without wings they're captured. Some by senses, others between walls. Manifesting a storm that never settles...."

You know you've found your callimg when you cry tears of frustration and sorrow over seemingly "wasted" time and effort. Its tough when you grow to love your characters , but are no longer certain of their future. its tea time.

You don’t have to judge me for keeping peppermint bark Oreos at my desk. Clyde’s got you covered.

Part two of the unrelated to writing doodles plus a selfie for good measure

What is your character walking away from...and what are they moving toward? The Character Motivation Thesaurus will help you plan a fascinating character arc:

Had a sluggish kind of day, so didn't write that much. Gonna brainstorm more before writing the next scene. Please enjoy these non-writing related doodles to accompany today's numbers. Today's word count: 1310 Total word count: 21178

I should be writing, am way behind on my word count, but some things are more important.

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I was tagged by @fuzzballsheltiepants, the most lovely and wonderful Foxhole writer ever!! (Fun fact I literally reread Mewments Like This just today) 

Rules: Go to your works page, expand all the filters, and answer all of the following questions!

1. What’s your first and second most common work ratings?
◦Not Rated (4) I really should put a rating on them lmao
◦General, Teen, Mature, and Explicit are all at (1)

2. What’s your most common archive warning? Least common? Do you consider yourself an adventurous writer?
◦No Archive Warnings Apply (5)
◦ Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (3)

I don’t know how I would explain myself. I don’t write things that touch on sensitive topics, but my stories tend to be really out there with the plots? I’m not sure how to explain it!

3. How many fics have you written in each relationship category? Is this more accidental, or do you have preferences?
◦M/M (8)
◦F/M (1)
◦F/F (1)
◦Poly (1)

Hmm.. I tend to prefer M/M, but that may just be because of my two fandoms. In my own original story that I’ve been writing I have M/M, F/M and F/F, so I’m pretty comfortable writing whatever!

4. What are your top 4 fandoms by numbers? Are you still active in any of them, and do you tend to migrate a lot? 

◦ Final Fantasy XV (7)

◦ All For The Game - Nora Sakavic (1)

Mmm.. those are my only two. I’m still writing for both, but I’ve moved on from a lot of fandoms. 

5. What are your top 4 character tags? Does this match how you feel about the characters, or are you puzzled?

  • ◦Noctis Lucis Caelum (7)
  • Prompto Argentum (7)
  • Gladiolus Amicitia (7)
  • Ignis Scientia (6)

Well, I’ve been writing for FFXV longer than I was for Foxhole? I mean, I only have one Foxhole fic. I am interested in why I have one less Ignis fic than the other three boys though.

Bonus, top 4 relationships tagged:

  • Gladiolus Amicitia/Ignis Scientia (6)
  • Prompto Argentum/Noctis Lucis Caelum (5)
  • Gladiolus Amicitia/Prompto Argentum/Noctis Lucis Caelum/Ignis Scientia (4)
  • Gladiolus Amicitia/Prompto Argentum (3)

I love my polyship roadtrip boys <333

6. What are your top 2 most used additional tags, and your bottom 2? What would happen if you combined all 4 of these into a fic?

top two are:

  • Fluff (3)
  • Angst (2)

& bottom two are

  • Smut (1)
  • Coffee (1)

I’m laughing so hard at the bottom two because that fic was.. a ride. If I combined all of them.. who even knows lol 

7. How many WIPs do you have currently running on AO3? Any you don’t plan on finishing?

Uhhh.. only three!! I’m kinda surprised it was only three lol I have a terrible habit of giving up. I’mmmmm lowkey.. thinking of giving up.. Sonnet 16 :’) I have no idea where to go with it and it was a Promptio Week thing so 

8. Tag people!

@thenameisfame, you’re my boo <33

dianaprinz  asked:

Holly, “foresight”—for mayhaps the Hawke siblings?

Someone is holding his ribs open. Reaching inside, tearing blindly. It keeps him rooted, keeps him still, and he can only watch as the ogre merely tosses her aside. Her face, turned towards him, looking without seeing. How quickly their eyes go to glass. He moves too late, goes to pick her up into his arms. Was she ever this light? Putting her down, out of the way of the fight. He takes the scarf from her neck, while Leandra throws herself over Bethany’s body, weeps herself dry. There’s no time for a proper burial, proper grieving. There’s never been time since.

He keeps Marian at a distance. He can feel it, almost see it, knows that he can’t handle losing her. They were never that close before, but now he doesn’t want to be. She tries, Maker, she does. At every small hurt, that hand, on his chest. Threatening to pull him apart once again. She tries, Maker, she does, and in some small way, she succeeds. She’s always had his love, earned his respect. He keeps his kindness to himself, rebukes her with roughness. Marian smiles and pats his arm, acceptance in the ass he makes of himself.

It’s almost fitting when he’s the one to get sick. Spare himself the grief, the heartache, and give it all to her by dying first. She doesn’t let him. Of course she doesn’t. An arm around his waist, his arm over her shoulders, and she practically drags him to the Wardens. “Save him,” she says, “please.” It’s fine, this decision made on his behalf. He goes with the Wardens. He keeps Marian at a distance. She tries, Maker, she does. Letter after letter, trying to find out if he’s still alive. He can almost feel the relief from her letter after he finally writes to her.

The letters become a frequent thing. A life line, for the both of them. A subtle ache, at not being there to help with Leandra. Shared grieving in each word at the loss of their mother. He wants to go to Kirkwall. He wants to put his family to rest properly, drown sorrows with his sister. He keeps Marian at a distance. Until, the Wardens bring him to her. On blood soaked streets, beside flaming buildings, he finds her. Breathing hard, weapon in hand, shock in every inch of her to see him. It’s brief, all too brief. She tells him after. Champion of Kirkwall.

They write of mages and Templars. They write of Kirkwall and Anderfels, even Ferelden. She tells him about the Chantry, the Seekers that chase her. A few come to question him. He’s always been half decent at lying. Not as good as Varric, of course, but enough to feign no knowledge of where she might be. Hawke comes out of hiding when they leave, staying in the Warden fortress with him. They watch it together, the subtle change in other Wardens. They watch it together, the explosion of the Breach.

She hides him with Aveline. The other Wardens aren’t safe anymore, and it’s always been her duty to keep him safe. So she says. Varric writes, and Marian says she’ll go. Settle this once and for all. He watches her go. He’s always kept her at a distance. The Champion throws her lot in with the Inquisition, seeks to right another wrong. He watches her go. He’s always kept her at a distance, and days stretch into weeks.

Standing alone, and the glass slips from his hand. Someone is holding is ribs open.

He doesn’t need a letter to know.



Come on, don’t do it, not today.

There has to be another way, look.

I know you can’t see it yet.

But who’s to say? Just trust me please.

Just another day at least.

I know we can defeat this beast.

I know it hurts, it’s killing you.

But the feast is not yet done, come on!

There’s so much more than all that peace.

There’s so much chaos, beautiful chaos.

Strange and weird and light.


Look over there. Isn’t that a sight for sore eyes?

Let’s keep up this fight, okay?


Together, yes. Always together, because I won’t leave you be.

You’ve always got me, I’ll always help you see the better side of things, trust me.


Come on you.

Let’s go inside and…

I don’t know, we could try something new.

I like the sound of that, just like I like the sound of you laughing.

You have an amazing smile.

Don’t lose that smile.

I’d see it from miles away, it’s that bright.

Stay strong, be wise.

Life brings surprise after surprise.

Let’s find out tomorrow’s, alright?

i ain’t out here tryin’ to be your idol

and i say this with such love

but i promise that i really didn’t want to

ain’t a man fit to foster or be a role model

ain’t here to tell you hit the brakes or push the throttle

i’m just a kid thoroughly wracked with indecision

said some stupid shit on a track; i thought you wouldn’t listen

now i’m payin’ for the right to rhyme with intuition

suppose i bit off a bit more than i could chew

i apologize, prostrate and posture and sympathize

no, it’s never enough, all these sheltered white lies

i’m not really sure what exactly it is you’re looking for

i’m not your big brother, i ain’t your father or your Father

just as likely to kiss ya as i am to leave ya at the altar

it’s intrinsic, it’s innate nature, it’s somethin’ i can’t alter

try to do the right things but in the end i always falter

you gotta learn to give me up before i can let you down

i’m a persona propped up by pop, won’t always be around

advise you to embrace the beat and listen only to the sounds

let these words pass through your ears and out of your head

‘cause nothin’ good happens where the blind are always lead.

Dear Golden Boy:

It is now the beginning of November. The streets are now completely covered in snow. The whole sentiment of the holidays are dancing around my room, they're asking me to join, to celebrate. But what do I celebrate? I have been deep in this loop sadness and emptiness. And I just don’t know how to get out.

Darling, I am lost. 

Where do I go from here? 

What am I supposed to do? I’m alone, alone, just alone.

We talked yesterday. Well, I talked, you listened. But did you really listened? It has been a rough 7 months or so and in that time I have done everything I can to feel that way again. 

The way you made me feel. Or I guess the way “us” felt. However, I have come to realize, there was never really an us, or was it? It was only me, slowly falling for you. Secretly loving this blue-eyed boy sitting in front of me. Secretly writing poems, letters, and haikus, about you, to you. It was all for you. And everything related to that dream liked love I made up in my head.

I just wanted to…feel beautiful, appreciated and most of all: worth of love. Worth of someone dashing over me, of someone crying over me, of someone promising not to break me. Darling, you made feel worth it of it all, and I am so scared I am never going to feel like that ever again. 

So I have been holding on to you and that short yet eternal winter love. 

But in order for me to grow, and move onto better I need to understand that it is okay to be scared. To wonder, and, to not know all of the answers to this puzzle. Everyone feels alone sometimes. And I will find another dream like love. Once I stop trying to bring this one back to life. 

Our love died back in June. When the snow melted and you left.

You left.

Now is my turn to catch up.

I don’t miss you anymore.

` a casual queen

I’ve had a lot of flings and a lot of fuck buddy relationships. While talking to my high school friend about life, he recently broke up with his girlfriend of seven years about a month ago. He apologized for my experience making me feel a certain way about romance.

Now, listen, if you’re not about that casual sex life and need emotions that’s fine. However, when you apologize for other people for that kind of stuff making me a certain way, we get in trouble. 

No one has hurt me. No one has done something that made me believe that romance is unattainable. It is very much attainable. It very much is real, but I can chill with no emotions in sex. Sometimes, you got urges, and you got to get rid of them. 

I also don’t think there is a romantic soulmate for everyone. I know single people in their thirties, my half sister isn’t cuffed. My Catholic sponsor isn’t cuffed. Female friends my age aren’t cuffed, and as much as I bemoan about being single, it doesn’t mean I’m not content with being single. I’ve already accepted my fate as an old maid if needed. 

I’ve had boys drunkenly tell their friends that I’m a wonderful woman and why am I still single? I’ve had boys who change their minds about the fuck buddy relationship and want something more, and I still have guys blowing up my phone. 

I’m not concerned with dating. I haven’t touched Tinder since May. Haven’t gone on a date with a new person since July. (I’m very faithful to my fuck buddies, reader.) I’m just tired of skipping the getting to know you part of any relationship, and befriending someone first. So, I’m kind of done. 

I’m even more done when I realize that my OG Tinder friend started his sexual voyage because of his first love, and now that she’s back in the picture he wants her. And it just made me think back at my current hung up self about some dude, and how OG waited and hoped for that to happen, and how he hasn’t let anything else back in. He has these casual relationships to fill a void.

Everyone says girls are messy bitches, but I swear on my life, I’ve met more dudes who are fucked up and don’t let anyone in to see them at their vulnerable states because of rejection, not wanting to get over it, and because masculinity says that they can’t talk about their emotions. Such gorgeous guys with beautiful personalities won’t search for relationships because they don’t address their problems. (Listen, if y’all wanna come talk to me, do it because my tainted soul has nothing to hide.)

But also, I’d rather focus more on my job, volunteering, and grad school. So, I took my OG’s crown of casual relationships and put it on myself because I’m doing much better in that realm than he is.

But thank you, I’m going to take the crown, and I’ll give it to someone else when the time is right, but I’m definitely better at this than anyone I’ve come across right now. And nobody hurt me to this victim state of why won’t boys choose me first? I’m over it. I’m over a lot of things in general. 

I don’t need it. I need friendships, I need mastery, and I need a beer for this bullshit. 

Mini Snip - Done

These were just kids, some of them barely of age, and the whole thing-

The whole thing was his fault.

If he’d dealt with Eric last time…

“Dan.” Jesse rests a hand on his shoulder “Alex passed out, and- that last girl-”

Daniel shook his head, he didn’t have space for any more of this, didn’t have the capacity to take it any further.  To hell with the possible consequences, he was done.  “I’ll have Maddie take her home.”


“Who’d believe her?  Leave the house number with her just in case but if she got through this alive she deserves to stay that way.”


I met her at the liquor store. We were both drunk. Not enough to be refused another bottle at the counter. I bought port wine, she had vodka. I stood outside in the rain, prepared for the five-mile walk home. She exited behind, said:

“Drinking alone tonight?”

I turned & nodded. No words from me.

“I drove. Let’s go.” she said.

I smiled. She was ten years senior and more attractive than any women my age. I followed to her SUV and sat in the passenger seat.

We drank & fucked that night, in her studio apartment. She looked beautiful after her shower, without make up.

And I only regret being drunk. It numbed my sensations, it muted my lust. And she said I was great. But, even now, I don’t believe it. Because it was never her & I, not completely.

There was an ocean of alcohol between us, and no room for eventuality.


From Zandalar to Quel'thalas, Vaelrin’s duties stretched beyond the perimeters of Shallowbrook and forced him to once more take on the role of a diligent and competent commander serving the force of one of Silvermoon’s paramilitaries known as the Sunguard. After months spent handling his own personal matters, the role of Ranger-Captain was an easy enough transition and routine he fell back into without a hitch. Deploying scouts, reviewing leads and findings, and offering aid in the Falcon Company when time permitted. Though their progress and impact on Zandalar seemed minimal at best, he knew it was only a matter of time when all these things would come to a head and thus throw the functioning unit into disarray with lurking threats.

After weeks spent in humid climates and dry wastelands, Shallowbrook was where he found himself after the announcement of their return to Quel’thalas effective immediately and thus allowed him to retire to the sanctuary of his study instead of the jungles he was forced to sleep in. A place he retreated to tonight with much haste after an encounter with a man he neither wanted to meet nor intended to. A meeting that, despite the way it unfolded and thus ended, was a necessary one. It showed him precisely what sort of grave situation his compatriots were presently under. One of which he had been blind to for so long.

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The sun sets over Mt. Chimney as the first snowflakes of the season fall on my poncho. I brush them off with disgust. What is winter but the celebration of death? The Hoenn ground suffocates, burning hot in its last moments before dying a cold meaningless death, like an Electrode using Explosion against a Gastly. There is only one thing that is Gastly here, and it is God.  

I call forth Janice, my Vanilluxe, so that she can play in the weather. Her two heads titter like school girls, catching snowflakes on their enormous tongues. I don’t know why I began dating Janice. I find her physical appearance repulsive and her wit is befitting of two ice cream cones. Once one of her heads asked me, “Do you know which Pokémon is best for taking care of a bug problem?” Before I could answer, the other shouted “A Flygon!” And they laughed and laughed. 

“Janice, darling, please. It’s cold. We must press on.”

“Oh, don’t be such a spoilsport, Remy,” says her left head.

“Yeah, come play with us!” says the right, its voice gravely after years of cigarettes. 

Janice throws a snowball at me, which was odd because she did not have arms. The snowball hits me in the mouth and I taste the sooty remnants of Mt. Chimney. The snowstorm picks up. 

“Janice, it’s getting worse out here. Please come back.”

“Play with us, Remy!”

Janice beckons me towards her. She floats through the snow, her heads cackling and cackling, crescendoing into a hysterical guffaw that echoes off the sides of Mt. Chimney. It grows shrill and unpleasant. The snow falls even harder, and I shiver in my poncho while Janice’s heads cry “Play with us, Remy! Come play!” I beg her to come back but to no avail. Soon she is out of sight, nothing but her terrible laughter echoing in my ears as the world becomes a pure sheet of white. I call until my voice gives away. I fall to a knee and rest. The storm will soon pass. I feel hot.

Unending unedited nano

A short one this time - 

“What are you gonna do, Danny boy?  You couldn’t bring yourself to kill me then, you won’t be able to now.” his reward for that is being slammed into the wall again.  Both Moira and Jesse can see the toll this scene is taking on Daniel.

They both recognize why.

“Daniel,” Moira speaks up, finger resting just off the trigger, waiting “Let him go.”

“Listen to the bitch, you haven’t got the fucking guts to do it anyway.” After a moment of hesitation, Daniel realizes what the words really meant.

And he smiles, drops Eric, and steps away.

No matter how bad things get in my life, it is a consolation to know that the centermost curl of a curly fry is the best, no matter what universe I am in. It’s one of those multi-universal rules that the curliest fry is the tastiest. And it is nice to know that everyone agrees.

And if I am to go,
let it be a gentle thing

like the last bloom of Spring

let me fold in my arms
like flowers do their leaves

bow my head
like the willows that weep

and go, soft and sweet,
beautiful for having lived at all

brave for growing
despite the fall.

let the Earth outstretch her hands
and catch me as she tucks me in
right against her supple breast,

and at last, at last,
I will rest.