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Just ordered my paperback of Wintersong & Shadowsong by . Those are the kinda books you want a hard copy of! Now...the 2-day wait😭 I love poetic + MCs with musical talents just like in my . What do you guys like in a MC most, ?

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Thank you for the shout out! And I found some new friends to !!

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TIME. Keep up the good work! How's your story coming? Feeling good about it? Comment with your word count and team name (Green, Red, Blue, Yellow).

I look down my little neighborhood & see only one person put up their Christmas lights, well, lets shine with color to brighten the cold nights of the holidays

We've all got both light & dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are. JK Rowling

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Have you ever wondered how to use social media to promote your book? Samara Rafert talks about it with Annalisa Parent on the Writing Gym podcast:

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Never underestimate the small moments,

they tell the biggest truths.

Tata Krama

Sedih itu pas menemukan orang bikin kata-kata di medsos tapi hasil comot sana-sini potong sana-sini tanpa memberikan penghargaan yang semestinya dari pemilik tulisan yang dikutip. Setidaknya menyebutkan bahwa itu hasil kutipan dari tulisan orang lain. Atau mungkin memang tidak mau diketahui. Entah.

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WCTD Side Character Introduction |


| Titania of Taul

A daughter of the great plains. Descended from fierce chieftains with their savage blood and the wildness of the wind flowing through her veins. The strongest warrior Aetier ever had, despite being a foreigner to her soil. A great queen, a general, fierce in combat and as beautiful as the solitary dragons of the far north.

Once next-in-line to inherit the infamous Iskaavar, the most powerful tribe in Taul, and once queen to the kingdom of Aetier before her divorce. It is said that without her, King Dantalion would have never been crowned. Not much is known about Titania that isn’t from rumors or myth other than that her death may not be as simple as it seems. Surviving her is her young daughter, the princess Fenice.

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Celebrity Sexual Harrassment

Idk, but I find it really interesting that especially here on Tumblr a bunch of people will snap back with full force in situations where their fave is either sexually harassed or feels uncomfortable because of an inappropriate sexual comment but then the same day give views to explicit sexual fan fiction or scenarios made up here on Tumblr. Like, the amount of blogs and tags I’ve had to block here when simply looking up someone’s name is ridiculous. How can we acknowledge that inappropriate things are being done that make them feel uncomfortable without talking about fan fiction and sexual posts? Some that include non-consensual acts. Some that include deplorable content. Some that have them interacting sexually with other real people in their lives.

Like the excuse I always here is that either, “They wouldn’t care” or “I would never send this/tag them in this” basically insinuating they wouldn’t see it. However, we know celebs are looking through tags related to them. Like imagine how disturbing would it be to stumble upon something like that. If someone did this to the average persons (e.g. classmate or coworker) and posted a fanfic or something with their name and all I’m pretty sure people would be outraged. This is especially relevant when it’s celeb minors bc like wtf, that content exists and it shouldn’t but somehow people see it as ok but I doubt it would be ok if it was some kid they knew in their own life.

Any way, the short version is there is this acceptance of sexually explicit fiction about public figures which I find questionable since I don’t feel like people would be as accepting if it were the average person.

bury me under the creaky swing set in that old park we used to play in 

imagine me as a child, sunburnt and arms broken, but imagine me happy

ecstatic, effervescent

remember me, but remember you, as well

(I’m sorry but I can’t be there for you, this is something you just have to get through)

guilt builds character - 08.12

Asks Are Open!

Hello everyone! My name is Jinx! I’m a writer and artist like most, and complete fandom trash! I’m jumping on the trend of writing headcanons and fanfics, so my adks are open! I write for these fandoms, just to name a few:

Kimetsu no Yaiba/ Demon Slayer

Boku no Hero Academia/ My Hero Academia

En'en no Shobotai/ Fire Force

Mystic Messenger

Axis Powers Hetalia

I do both SFW and NSFW! Please do feel free to send me an ask and I’ll try my best to satisfy you with my writing!


Coffee shops.

You look for a table inside the coffee shop,

you turn around to pull a chair for your lover,

just to find yourself standing alone.

You sigh , occupying the corner table;

at least you won’t be seen now.

“Fate” you whisper,

as you draw breaths from old memories,

the same place,

the same table,

the same chair,

in which he’d sat,

and then you wonder if he will come again,

‘I hope,’ you whisper.

Love never felt this easy;

when you are sure that it won’t be coming back.

When you know that your heart will skip beats on random reminisences,

or people who look similar to them,

or smell like them,

the lover.

When you know that it is just a feeling within your soul,

you deceived yourself in materializing.

‘Deluded’, you will whisper,

and you will regret having named someone after love.

And then

you will decide not to name people after calamities.

for love has always been the greatest of them all.

You will decide not to label them after feelings.

You will decide never to do that again,

or even feel them,

because names,

are calamities too.

And the trepidation of past along the curves of your present shall split your world.

But not into two for breaking knows no evenness.

You look out of the window

and see two lovers passing by.

You wonder how only few minutes can make you despise love.

But maybe today you will look at the world,

holding more bones and love than your beloved ever could.

You will feel the love outside,

not walking inside your skin.

You will call it dead,

as it builds a home inside you.

A home with locked doors

and closed windows.


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Have you ever done a cockwarming fic where the warmer is the dom? I was thinking about how fun that would be. Especially with Lucio, because he’s such a needy little boy. Restrain his thighs and waist to your work chair and tell him that his moving will result in very serious orgasm denial. Sometimes just tightening up around him to hear him whine. You can practically hear his brain screaming reminders not to beg or move.—πŸ“šπŸŒΉ


Hoooooooo my this is


Lucio wants to be called a good boy but how can he be a good boy and get rewarded when you’re so warm and tight around him? How is he meant to behave when all he wants is to fuck himself up into you and he’s not allowed to whine about being restrained?

This will result in an extra needy Lucio. He can’t even be bratty because his brain is short-circuiting every 5 seconds. So he’s just needy and nuzzling into your back and trying to get your attention as quietly as he can without actually begging.

He gets so excited when you move, even just a little. When you reach forward to grab a pen, or inhale deeply enough that it moves every muscle in your abdomen.

But he hates being ignored, and that’s what’s going on here, really. You’re choosing work over him and so pouting and nuzzling into your neck but you can’t see that pout and you keep tching whenever he kisses your shoulder. Please reach back and scratch his head to let him know he’s being good. It’s so hard not to beg to fuck you, not to kiss your neck in the way he knows you like just so you’ll sigh and praise him.