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Anyone else have a brain that's a constant revolving door of ideas ๐Ÿค”

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Perhaps I write for no one. Perhaps for the same person children are writing for when they scrawl their names in the snow.

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Here I am in a coffee shop just in case you need something not to masturbate to.

it pays to rise early for the mind. sleepproductivitywriters_1500_1.jpg (1500ร—5664)

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Wetlands: how to create mires like bogs and fens and what the differences are: fantasy scifi authors writinglife

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"A writer fails, not when a reader is not moved; but when, as a reader, the writer is not moved." ~Gerard de Marigny RT ย  ย 

โ€œWriting is alchemy, truly a tool of wizards, witches and sorcerers." - Mark David Gerson

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I had to make myself a master schedule for writing, editing, and publishing for the remainder of January through the end of April! Busy, busy!

Preorders for North Hope Cove paperback coming later this week.

And to my relief I only have to write manageable 500 words/week in February and March to keep One-Man Advantage on schedule (the next then chapters to be posted are already written; it’s the last ten or twenty that I have to keep plugging away on lest I fall behind).

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Back from hiatus!

Hi everyone!

There aren’t many of you that follow me, but perhaps those of you who read my writings and musings on here probably realized that I’ve been gone from Tumblr for a little over a month. Life has been hectic, and I’ve really been taking the time to work on myself. I may or may not talk more about this journey, as I think it might be worth documenting. I’ve upped my bullet journaling game and I have some new poetry in the works! Stay tuned!



queen-of-pinkskull  asked:

I am having trouble coming up with an MC action plan and scenes for my story. Her goal(She's a pop princess) is to write serious songs by herself that'll be commercially successful. (she's bad w lyrics). I only have plan B, which will fail. Is it the nature of the goal? What could I do to get through the block?

Please let me know if I’m interpreting your question wrong; I might need more clarification to answer this specifically to your story, but I do have some advice on writers’ block and figuring out your plot.

Here are some things I would do to get ideas flowing:

  • Read other people’s writing. It might help if you can find something on a similar topic
  • Write something else for practice. You can look up some writing prompts and do some short writings to help boost your creativity.
  • Go for a walk or get some exercise
  • Don’t worry about writing in chronological order. If you have an idea for some part that happens later on, write it while you still have the motivation and it’s fresh in your mind

Things to consider while writing your story

  • Your character seems like they need to learn something or grow in some way in order to achieve her goal. Maybe throughout the story events in her journey inspire her to create songs, or perhaps she meets other characters that help her learn how to write stronger lyrics. Perhaps the book takes her on a journey to truly discover herself, her voice, and her place in the world.
  • Remember that it’s okay to write a seemingly bad first draft. The first draft is really just to get your main ideas down. Things can be changed or fine tuned later.
  • If you have multiple ideas, write them all down. Explore each possibility and see what works best.

I hope this helps. Message me if you need any more guidance :)


My complaints are cheery
as you hang here a red, a cherry.
I hang from a lace scaffold.
My heart scolds.

October announced itself with thunder
under the weight of a performance, you were tender.
Tenderized, tender eyes, flight of fancy–
you glide away on a tether

into a more steady November.
I watch you hang around.
You leave me, breathless.



The margarine republic:
buttermilk brains, ill-gotten gains,
pristine bodies, vile brains,
eternal pulp,
golden arches, golden twin parabolas,
going to go for the big gulp,
a preference of pressure,
allied to measure,
mind the eclipse,
everything goes better with butter,
and it’s winter and we’re grape juice–
we’re all sour grapes sipped.

Now, is our mind of discontent.


I’m back

So I haven’t blogged for a while, but there’s been a reason for it. I just haven’t wanted to. My laptop is slow and blogging on it is slow and painful, which is why I’m hopefully going to blogging a lot more through my phone. Another reason for the very long hiatus is the fact that I’ve had a lot go on in my personal life. It’s been quite recent, it only happened last year, so I don’t really feel ready to talk about it just yet.

It’s been difficult, it’s definitely been a challenge for me. Since I’ve been pushing myself to make two videos a week, power through revisions for The Definition of Love and, on top of that, maintain a social life and a college life, I’m definitely feeling the effects and the strain on myself. However, I’m going to continue to make two videos a week up until the end of March and I think I’ll probably end up burning myself out (we’ll see how that goes), but I’m most likely going to calm down in April. I’m not sure if I’ll go on a hiatus or just go back to one video a week but you’ll find out when March rolls around, I guess. I will have hopefully finished revisions for The Definition of Love and also the third draft (the one that’ll be sent to beta readers - more on that around the time I’m working on the third draft) and that’ll be going to beta readers in April which means I’ll get time to either start on A Funny Kind of Love or just relax, have time to myself and read.

As for my music, I’m right on track with my goals for the month. I think I’ve probably written and completed three or four songs and started two (which I’ll need to complete at some point).

Sorry I’ve been gone for so long but I’m back now. And hopefully, I’ll try uploading one blog post a week. It might be a bit much for me right now but we’ll see.

“And going by this theory, there really is a universe somewhere out there in which Shep really does hate me,” Joyce mused, looking at the boy with a lopsided smile, “Can you believe that?”

“Frankly,” Ben noted, his own grin victorious and bright as he spoke so rudely though mimicking Joyce’s sweet tone, “who’s to say we’re not living in it now?”

(Is it easy hating the love of your best friend’s life, Benjamin?! - JD)

Illyria Aquiarium- Haircut Day

So sorry for taking so long! I didn’t mean to leave this alone for as long as I did. I like writing all these tiny fics, and I’ve got a few more coming up! Mostly they’ll be involving daily-life stuff at the aquarium, but I’ll try to mix other stuff in!

“Just a lil’ more…lil’ more…hey, hold still! How am I supposed to work with you wiggling?”

May offered a series of playful clicks, sensing the humor in the human’s tone. She continued squirming around in Axl’s lap as a brush tried to run through her messy brown hair.

“Oh, this a joke to ya, eh?” Axl smirked, managing to snip a little more of the girl’s hair off so it lined up with the rest. “Well, jokes on you, but I finished, anyway! What’cha think of that?”

The dolphin clapped her hands, flopping back onto the floor and easily slipping back into her open tank. She slapped her tail against the surface a few times for good measure, and swam back down.

“Oi, Jackie!” Axl turned to check on his co-worker. “Need a hand?”

The girl flashed a smile back at him. “Nah, I’ve got him! Finally.” In one hand, she held a fish treat just out of Sin’s reach, while the other trimmed his shaggy blonde hair. When the section was finished, she tossed him the snack. “Nice job, buddy! Almost done!”

Hair-cutting day was one of the more enjoyable chores at the aquarium. It was also one of the few that both Raven and I-no were willing to come down and help with. The added manpower made it easier to keep track of everyone, so the mood tended to be a lot more mellow, with less worry or something going terribly wrong before anyone could intervene.

“I never even know how to cut this right.” I-no grumbled, trying to pin Jam’s hair back as the carp squirmed in impatient annoyance. “Wouldn’t it be easier to keep it short?”

“Jam likes her hair long.” Axl replied. “If you cut it short, she’s gonna kill you.”

“Fine, fine. At this point I’m surprised she hasn’t gotten caught in anything.”

“Oh, give them some credit. Mer are very clever things.” Raven paused from giving Potemkin his buzzcut to go help I-no. The whale shark remained calm despite the interruption, staying propped up on his muscular arms by the tank’s edge. “I know you train yourself to think from a scientific standpoint, but you probably wouldn’t want to be pulled around, either.”

“Heya, El!” Jack-O started pulling out the lionfish, trying her best to keep the snipped-down barbs from snagging on anything. “Just a trim today, alright?”

Elphelt clapped her hands together and swished her tail, spraying droplets of water everywhere. She practically pushed herself against Jack-O, who flinched and held the scissors away.

“Someone’s excited! Be careful, don’t want either of us to get stabbed.”

“How has his hair gotten so long again already?” Axl was already busy trying to trim Ky’s hair. Unlike Sin, he was calm and stoic, sitting perfectly still as he was brushed.

“It’s weird, but he seems to like it longer lately, anyway.” Jack-O replied, getting started on Elphelt. “Ever since Sin showed up, he’s like his hair down his back.”

“Setting an example for the kid, maybe?”

“Maybe. Not sure what having long hair accomplishes, but-” she cut herself off, going back to brushing the pink-haired fish. “Relax, El, I’m being careful.”

The floor was quickly being hidden behind piles of multicolored hair. It was an odd sight, and Raven briefly had to run off and grab a broom to start sweeping the wet mess up into something a little more organized.

“That short enough for you?” Jack-O paused her cutting to get a better look at her handiwork. “Want it shorter, El?”

The lionfish ran webbed fingers through her hair, figuring out where it ended. She thought for a moment and started wiggling back towards her tank, chirping in approval.

“Taking that as a yes, then?”

“Oh, you’re done?” Axl glanced up. “Do us a favor and go grab the, ah, the purple can.”

The girl immediately stiffened up, then sighed as she slumped. “Fine. It’s in the supply cabinet, right?”


While everyone was busy finished up, she ran off towards the large storage closet in the corner. After less than a minute of searching, she came back clutching an old shrimp can.

I-no had an equally unpleasant reaction as she saw the can, expression growing suspicious and irritated. “You didn’t cheat, did you?”

“Sheesh, relax, I didn’t look.” Jack-O jostled the can, making the four wooden sticks rattle inside of it. “No cheating, I know.”

Raven was the only one who didn’t look outright upset, instead kneeling on the ground with calm detachment. “I suppose the fun can only last so long…”

“So who’s going first?” The can was shaken again. “I know I gotta go last now…”

I-no managed to beat everyone else over to the can, snatching one of the stick out of it. She froze, letting out a relieved sigh as she looked over the plain, unmarked wood. “Thank god.”

Raven and Axl managed to reach it at the same time. The silver-haired man tutted, shaking his head. “The statistics are always the same, I-no. What’s the rush?”

“Hey, I’m not the one feeding the little devil today, so I couldn’t care less about whatever you have to say.”

“It’s just amusing.” Raven pulled a stick out. “Unmarked. We’re supposed to be professionals here.”

“Yeah, relax!” Axl said. “Figured you of all people-…”

“Ooh…” Jack-O flinched, hissing. “Sorry, buddy.”

The man clutched a stick like the others, but instead of plain wood, the tip was stained with purple marker.

“I- ehehe…” Axl went pale. “Hey, Jackie, don’t suppose you could-”

“Nope.” She replied simply, taking all the sticks back.

The four of them looked over into the tank, though the steel grate and rippling water. They caught a brief glimpse of violet for a moment, before Bedman noticed them watching. His response was immediate, baring his sharp saw-teeth and diving deeper down to find a place to hide.

“…This is gonna suck.”

“I’ll go get the tranquiliser gun.” Raven turned and headed for the aquarium’s stairs, pausing before he reached the door. “On second thought, I’ll bring the first-aid kit, too. Probably gonna need it.”


He makes the dubious decision
to honor her sex–
he lets her before him step.

He honors her best out of manly habit,
so he can mentally dispose of her habit,
and unleash her golden wonderfalls.

He sucks in his cheeks to master it all,
as his fastidious, fictitious hand
removes her earthly ties.
He makes trivia of the sprawl
for each nerve to sympathize.
He wants to bring the bounty to his nose
and let the fragrance make
puddles of his ample clothes.

She plucks the abbey rose.
He knows well, the origin of the fall.
He does not partake at all.
He goes.

She broadcasts from her garden:
“I’ll put on my apron.
Let’s do an impression of the ancients.
Let’s eat yogurt from the supply tent.
You can search each segment of my wonderfalls
with your ten-digit equipment.”