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Check our WRITING EVALUATION and mark the day: DND Applications will open October 15th! Find us on Tumblr: There's still time to fill our Interest Check: !

We'd apologize for the limited activity here, but since most of our followers are on , , and , what's the point? Anywho, we're in need of talented for articles and stories. Write what you want and accept the occasional mission. Contact us.

My review of Kellcey on Goodreads. Same one will be amazon (soon if not already), on my tumblr and on my website blog. Have good evening.

Let's talk Social Media channels. Obviously we're all on Twitter, but what other social networks do you consider a MUST to reach potential readers? FB, Wattpad, Bookbub, Tumblr, Instagram, Youtube, etc... you can't be everywhere, so where do you choose to go?

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I also write poems and stories sometimes; they’re on my tumblr right now but when they move ya’ll will Be Informed β€”

Just found this on Tumblr, and my goodness, this is a good reminder, my fellow .

Follow Tumblr:shashankspace where I write stories, blogs and more. Following is an excerpt from a story posted on the blog.

Follow me on tumblr! I just posted some super cool dialogue kind of conversation over there! Kindly check it out! Hope you like it! Fingers crossed

I needed this, tbh. β€οΈβœοΈπŸ“– Hope if any other writers out there see this it helps. (cred. goes to @ gentle-reminder on tumblr for posting this)

Her Royal Highness The Princess Luna, Crown Princess and First Princess of the Kingdom of Castelia. By Viedzmart (follow her on tumblr)

If any are on Tumblr, my writing partner-in-crime and I are running a short story challenge throughout 2018. You can find it at

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