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When you finally make it out of writers block! ---🌻--- Creative block is the worst! Sitting here on the floor of my livingroom writing feels so good! I hope everyone is haveing a good day. 😊

Thank you to this little gem for a wonderfully chilled week. Cool, cute. Fab. Now onwards for a sentimental journey. From Correjalo to Cadiz.

We love trying out new voices in a closed forum- Wattpad's mixed media feature let us explore Westeros (Emilia Clarke as Daenerys, Drogon as Drogon the Wee Bairn)...

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No sales for 5 days. No reading on kindle unlimited in weeks. πŸ˜• the dream is already over. I had hope that people would enjoy the story despite it being my debut. I love it. I’m learning how hard this game is.

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Real moment of pride - my reception year daughter’s first independent story! What a lovely thing to wake up to!

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a thought

do i write? fanfics? suggestions? halp! i wanna write!!!



Till Silence sounds the horn

And Stillness hoists the flag

- J. P. Lee

7 December 2019

I became a ghost, even to myself. Wandering through each day, the incorporeal fingers of my soul reaching out to the world, and sliding right through it. So I keep wandering, hoping each day will be different, that perhaps today, my ghost will find what it is looking for, and perhaps in that moment, this world will make sense to me.

A. Ram

I’ve lost my heart completely in my fantasies. In the writings I am doing day and night. In the Poetry that yearns softly in my soul.

I made a choice. I don’t care if I am a poor writer, one who can live by it or one who is well known. All I want is to touch peoples hearts, inspire them to follow their dreams and maybe, even for a little bit, to change the world.

I am a writer. That’s all that matters.

- Ghost

Writing a story using nothing but whatever my auto suggest gives me. First sentence: this intense pain is…

This intense pain is the result that you dont know if I am golden or something like this, but I’m still a learner and a little bit more than a few years old, but I’m pretty sure that it doesnt have to the bathroom so I could have them in a few weeks before I get a chance at work at a right for the love of the show and the fam my friends will come to a doctor to see you soon.

In conclusion: what does this mean and what can I make of this?


This intense pain is the result of you not appreciating me, I am golden, or however they call it nowadays. I’m still a learner in the ways of love, yet I am older than you’ll ever be.

I’m pretty sure it didn’t have to happen in the bathroom, and yet it did. I could have the results done in a few weeks before I get the chance to return to work. But for the love of my show, my friends and my family, I will gladly go in person to see a doctor.

Question: What story can I make of this?


An older woman in show business, scorned by her first love, finds herself in a tough situation realizing she could be pregnant. Knowing it could very well cost her everything, she decides to visit her doctor and awaits her result.

Try it! What can you come up with?

It seems there is an interwoven connection between you and my heart. It is terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. Much like the feeling of being outside in a thunderstorm; knowing it would be safer sheltered inside, but being unable to tear yourself away, as being amidst the beautiful chaos is far too awe-inspiring to move.

Some say those who chase storms are reckless and wild, I think that’s how it is exploring new connections. You feel the fear, you know the pain of the lightning strike, but its just so beautiful that you must chase it.

The lightning strikes, at first just a flicker, but enough to jump-start your heart and take your breath away.

Before you know it, there is thunder in your chest, and electricity through your body, but like a storm chaser an eternal calm and a craving to experience more.

—  Rain Storms // 07.12.2019

Sometimes I feel like a fool for just wanting something pure

I sometimes find myself watching and listening others, coming to the conclusion that there isn’t anything pure left in this world.

Not with the way friends and peers smile sweetly and give you hugs in the sun, but talk so badly about each other in cozy dim-lit rooms.

Not with the way jobs eat away at our souls and bosses whisper sexual innuendos to new hires while the coffeemaker hums.

Not with the way men frown at your modesty and consume your sexual freedom. Grabbing at what they feel belongs to them, snatching the rest of what wasn’t offered.

Not with the way women inject their bodies to inflate their image, which only expels their soul and deflates their confidence.

We live in a world where bad is good and good is square.

We’re encouraged to be individuals but only if we aren’t the first.

I feel silly for craving authenticity, because maybe the definition has changed. Maybe integrity is one of those words that got ‘reclaimed’ to have another definition.

But I hang on to the notion that one day I’ll find genuine love amongst a partner and a community. Because I need it right now y'all.

that’s the thing about being happy when you’re a poet you lose the ability to write anything worth reading. so much poetry comes from a place of pain, loss, heartbreak. when you’re happy and in love and things are finally going right for the first fucking time in your life that you don’t know what’s going on let alone how to write about it. it’s ironic you’re so happy that you can’t write and that hurts you to the point where you’re in pain again.


‘Only’ And 'Ever Almost’

Perhaps you only picked me up on accident.

Was I not

that shell you found on the Oregon coast

which turned into a trinket

whom you only loved in whispers?

Those whispers were the loudest sounds

I’ve ever almost afforded.

Those whispers were the longest smiles

I’ve ever almost resisted.

Don’t you dare love another

only ever almost!

A steel heart would have

popped like a balloon

in the pinch of your accidental embrace.

You were the pearl in me.