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It's a wedding time of the year! And what a fairy-tale wedding it is, complete with pumpkin coach and lots of beautiful flowers.

FBI Agents Otto & Gaspar get a lead on Jack Reacher. Virginia welcomed him yesterday. Is he there now?

Ladies and Gents, be on the look out for . His first published novel “NAEISUS” will be taking over the world via RhetaskewPublishing soon! I’m so proud of you Tom. You totally deserve this!🤘🏻

A wise knows everyone has a . And that how interesting people's are often depends on the *skill* of the rather than the events of the tale... (pic via )

What sort of secrets does this beautiful woman keep, as she hides behind her veil of data? This intriguing cover works beautifully for any sort of modern, data-driven mystery.

This is out (later) today! Autopenography by Silas Zephania. The life of the pen, narrated by SZ. Beat by .

Could she be real? Or is his mind playing tricks on him? Continue reading ‘Love’s Frozen Kiss’:

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As promised, my new short story set in the Carpe Noctem World is live on my website!

It’s the one you’ve all been waiting for, the story of the first Shifter. Go check it out in my story section on my website.

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Visit the aquarium

And see the manta rays I raped

I lit a fucking fire

They killed Steve Irwin on a tape

Honestly I’m feeling great

Cuz I can out-rhyme half the rappers that I hate

The other half can eat dirt and play-doh

Fuck PaRappa The Rapper

I’m the third Halo

I’d love to go steal their pay load

But with their kind of success

I’m convinced they all use codes

They can kill us all they want

But I swear to god before it’s over

Me and Stephen gonna haunt

With their happiness I’ll taunt

Use a knife to take off Taylor’s blouse

I’m a lyrical savant

Fuck investing in college

She’s spreading herpes

I’m spreading knowledge

I’ll be damned if I’m dying

With my nose in a geology book

We’ll never use this fucking calculus

Old farts are crooks

We’d rather skip class

And make societies for dead poets

I’m a god damned schizophrenic

And I don’t care who knows it

God sent my soul back to Maine and froze it

My body will probably follow suit

Death comes quick

New casket

Just close it

Mr. Blue Suit is getting tired of white chalk

It’s pretty fucking sad

We grew up where cribs talked

I used to tell her she was pretty

Now I lay awake for countless hours

Not counting sheep just feeling shitty

Where does the art start?

After my suicidal rants?

I gave her all I had

Now I’m pulling up my pants

I put her pussy in a trance

Gave the man the finger

Grabbed Master Chief and did a dance

It’s cool if the radio don’t wanna play me

But Drake’s getting pampered

Who’s the real baby?

I should probably go back to the 80’s

Scratch that

Game’s over

I’ll go back to Hades

Hanging on long enough, Forgetting how to let go

So I lay down on the tweed couch, naked in my belt-less kimono, under the rough striped woolen blanket, behind the thick dark curtains. I feel the hunger in my stomach but nothing feels appealing. The further lack of exercise makes me soon forget my unexpected fasting, helped by some tea along with, spread out over a few hours, two cookies, one banana and a long shower. I don’t seem to belong to myself anymore. What do I really want? What should I in fact do? Many many opportunities that could be crammed in a few few hours. I know to do this too well but I won’t today. I don’t feel like running around, even if the journey brings me to my personal heaven. My body has gone heavv with all the previous days’ translations, not all really of my own volition. I have seen places, I have met people, I have eaten foods. And now, I want nothing but immobile silence. The symbolic death of a grey Sunday where I try not to worry yet about the week ahead, already packed with all its unspoken objectives, its known deliverables, its numerous bus trips, its various human interactions. I am a concert crowd but I can’t hear the music anymore. What is the point? So I lay down on the couch again, less naked, no blanket, open curtains. I might cook myself something soon. Meanwhile some I know and some I don’t are running, hiking, working, volunteering, resting and I end up writing this text which in fact even feels out of place, unfinished business that should have never started in the first place. May the time stop its course and I at last exist for what I am, indefinitely floating in space-time, like I was, yesterday night, for a moment in the empty speeding bus, all lights out, my own very special spaceship sarcophage.


Hugging you

feels like I’ve been holding my breath in for a million years

Living through my deepest fears

Choking back all the tears

from that touch of hope which appears and disappears

It’s a magic moment

When I finally hug you

I’m finally able to exhale

And it’s like the world stops for a moment

And I’m home

But I don’t know what you do you just trap me

Can’t you see?

Even you agree, once I breathe out, I can’t breathe in again

And I’m just there suffocating

Not being able to breathe


To make scenes easier, I’m building a reimagined version of my high school, which is one of the main settings of my story, Yscariot, now available as a full novel and comic series illustrated by @aditparsial 😄
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Are you ever doing something and you know fine well that your not paying attention to what you’re meant to be doing because your brain is writing in the background? Like, that’s nice person I’m talking to but currently I’m writing chapter 15 of a piece of work I’ve not even started writing yet - and until today it was just a fleeting idea that had no intention of being expanded upon

I can’t get enough of this and I’ve been on creative kick all week. I noticed some things as I was being mindful about my energy😎.

1. The old controlling stressed out me would never have allowed myself to make such messes in the house.

2. In addition, there would never be 5-6 different projects going on at one time and never during the holidays!🤗😎🎅🤶

When we do things that make us feel good; we experience Joy. Joy IS the ultimate feeling of being in perfect alignment with who we are.

Being in perfect Alignment to who we authentically are, allows more Receiving of healthy, positive, creative or joyful experiences. Expressing gratitude brings even more Joy.

When life drains me and I need to fill my own cup ; I get super excited about the time I set aside for that. I set a good vibe mix playlist and start feeding my soul.

I share the pics so y'all can see I’m just creatively expressing ME! You decide what brings you Joy, fills your cup and feeds your soul; then, go do it every chance you get! Show me what you have been creating these days!


66/100 - Relationships flags

Red flags

- Physical/emotional abuse. Only apologies when the other want to leave or go to the authorities, never recognise they have a real problem and getting help, cycles of violence/apologies/periods of ‘honeymoon’/re-violence. The abuse is the victim’s fault according to the abuser, often about uncontrollable little things.  
- Coercion or forced touch or sex. Absence of the notion of consent. 
- One (or both) is controlling the other’s behaviour (where/when do they go out, how they dress, who is in their life or not, how they live their life…). No privacy (phone search etc). 
- (Almost) never feeling where we stand, if the other really care about and love us. 
- Constantly having to work at the relationship for it go well/smoothly. 
- Personal differences (what we like/dislike) are seen as a serious issue. 
- Expression of hurt and pain or being ourselves met with : excessive anger, threats, shaming, contempt, blame, physical or emotional abuse, being ignored, mocked, diminished. 
- Conditional care and love : the other only love or is here for us when they need or want something, or have nothing better to do. The rest of the time they have no problem ignoring or badly treating us. 
- Fights gets violent with an escalation of negativity and aggression. 
- Feeling like the relationship is bringing us down constantly, making us feel miserable and unworthy. 

Orange flags 

- Big differences in core values (what it means to be a good person) or in delicate zones (like money, sex, parenting). 
- When there is abuse (which needs to be rare), there is unconditional and non rationalised recognition of what happened, acknowledgement that this is absolutely not ok, sincere apologies, and of course actual long term change. 
- Asymmetric romantic relationships and friendships (one behaves like a parent, the other like a child, one is the screw up, the other seen as perfect…). 
- Never any real disagreement. (sign of a lack of communication and vulnerability)
- Fights are always more or less the same and never end up on actual change in both parties. 
- Dishonesty, coddling, silencing our own hurt and pain, pretending to be someone else, making ourselves smaller to please the other or in fear of being left/abandoned.
- Conditional care or love : the other is only here for us and loving us if we behave a certain way. When we don’t, they get distant, mean, shaming… 
- Not feeling like we can confide in the other, trusting they will meet us with kindness, acceptance and benevolence. 
- Broken promises, violations of trust, dismissal of important issues (for one or both).  
- The relationship feels mostly like a lot of work. 
- The other pushes our “buttons” (the things that make us really feel miserable and unworthy) constantly. 
- Half or more of our interactions are negative. 
- Consent is often neglected (around privacy, personal space…).
- Not feeling allowed to be ourselves. Desperate feelings on not being enough, or “what the other needs” no matter how hard we try. 
- Feeling like we or the other have to change to be able to stay in the relationship. 
- Needing a lot of breaks from each other for the relationship to work. 
- Being very fusional. 
- “We met at the wrong time”
- Feeling like we can’t live without the other person, or that we need them in our lives to function properly. 

Green flags

- Feeling safe, loved, heard, understood and supported most of the time.
- Differences are enriching. 
- The relationship doesn’t induce a lot of anxiety in both sides. 
- A feeling of flow most of the time. Relationships are work, but they aren’t labour. When they work, the work is only sometimes hard.  
- Experiencing problems as something we have to face together, and collaborate to that effect. 
- Growing up and strengthening our bonds through both pain and love. 
- Fights happen, but we don’t often turn on each other. We are mostly (~80%) exchanging neutral and positive emotions, including during painful times. 
- We feel safe and free to completely be ourselves and to share our darkness and shadows with them. We know and appreciate that the other does too. 
- Feeling like we are enough the way we are, and seen and appreciated for it. 

See you tomorrow, 

Villain Prompt #10

[ Can we say at 0% brightness it still hurts my eyes?? Also it’s almost 2:50 AM, someone save me ]

Sure enough the president of the United States got assassinated, the third one in the past five years. The states are once again under mourning, churches are filled to the brim.

You decided to make the state’s more in chaos and hell. You take a journey back to your old training days with old moves and styles you simply forgot them (but still somewhat remembered them)

Locked away

There’s a dark corridor and a door ahead. He daren’t look around. At the oozing walls or the clasping hands reaching for life, for him.

He takes 5 steps forward, not looking around.

He opens the door and steps in, he doesn’t hesitate.

After all what could be worse?

The next room was complete darkness; the only slip of light comes from the door he had just came from. He closes it. The darkness is known to cause fear. In the darkness the imagination runs wild. However, what the room looks like no being could have dreamed of what gruesome and cruel horrors filled the room.

He took 7 steps forward.

He remembered this room, he made this room. It was some of his greatest work.

He turned left and took three steps forward, what came next?

He tried to remember he took a step left.

He reached for the door. It opened.

The next room was bright, white, burning. My room. He closes his eyes but the damage was done. No one escapes.

Not even him.

They tell me not to play with fire

But what do I do

When fire plays its little game with me?

And the energy it emits is the strength

I desperately need?


This tiny spark, so full of life

Would be more than enough to ignite

The lonely places inside my chest

Where hardly anyone wants to invest


The cinders of past love

Dark and grey as the sky above

There is no one to blame but myself

Except maybe you as well


Cause now my heart is no longer a home

Only former ghost that roam

The lovely paths where you once danced

With every goodbye the pain enhanced