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This Is How 99% Of A by Jill Chamberlain

Update: I've finished editing my outline today. To get a taste of what I and are interesting you are interested in it, you are all welcome to read my writing on my blog.

It’s pouring, not going to venture out, can’t wait for the spring/summer and , but for now, going to stay dry and continue to and the 2nd book of Have a beautiful day everyone!

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Solid start to school day: 2 letters of recommendation drafted & 5 miles by 5:15 a.m. 🍏🌕📝 – at Cobbs Hill Park

My is all about motivation I’m here to change a nation, learned from the wise, pass it down to the unlearned to help them rise... one of the reasons why I ... out now in link:

Vandaag for Rights dag. Speciaal voor jongeren die slachtoffer zijn van onrecht; opgepakt vanwege hun strijd voor een betere wereld en voor hun mening uitkwamen. In het gemeentehuis van Wormer leestafel ingericht om brief/kaart te schrijven. Wij waren vanmorgen de eersten.

Today is . are part of too, and is one of the measurements needed to ensure those rights. . initiates writing actions, especially on 10Dec. Come this afternoon for activists all 1/2

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I have a strange relationship with time. My circadian rhythm ticks off beat, until it no longer constitutes rhythm, for, rhythm implies consistency. Its idiosyncratic, unrhythmic nature is the constant. The only constant is the inconstant, and that says a lot. I have a marrow-rooted, stifled weight in my chest that is a byproduct of the transient nature of time. Time is fleeting. I feel time so deeply that the mere concept is palpable. I feel seconds in my skin as they elapse and dissolve into nothingness. Each one adds another line, another wrinkle, another marker of existence, to the inner layer of my skin, just slyly waiting to penetrate and mock me. Some individuals do not feel the burden of time. They do not feel the grim reaper that is packaged with it. They just float along the wavelength, without catching sight of the composition, and without noticing the neighbouring shadow of the cloaked skeleton. I envy this. I would like an unabridged edition of time. I am tired of single works that never amalgamate to anything but angst. These single works make me feel as though I do not have time to bask in the candescence of life.

i have never been captivated by brown eyes
until i was acquainted with the intensity of yours.
you have me searching for miracles within them,
praying between glances
that those brown eyes are the same ones
in which i have the privilege of getting lost
for the remainder of my lucky life.

every whisper to God
is filled with wishes of you.
there is no day ahead of me
that will prove to be different.
Character Inconsistencies

Character inconsistencies are a big downfall for the character as well as the author.

How to avoid them?

- Don’t force the characters to do something against their character just to move the plot forward. If the characters do something totally out of character normally without there being a plot twist, you can consider this as a big sign of being an inconsistency in the character. How to avoid this? You should know your characters, make a list about all their personality traits and keep adding as you go on with your WIP. Check the traits before doing anything major to see if it falls out of their department.

- Characters who are only there so they die aren’t characters, they are inconsistencies. Burn them.

- You need to know how characters fit your story. Define their goal and contribution to the plot, their core personality traits and things they do often. Their bad habits and quirks. Make a list of things they do either as you go on or at the start of your WIP.

Gotas de cristal

Te voy a contar la historia de un soñador, que creyó en el brillo de las estrellas, incluso estando sumergido en la niebla de la confusión, interrumpió sus días una mañana, cuando despertó a una nueva utopía, llevándonos por caminos desconocidos, pero llenos de alegría y resplandor, conoció el secreto de la conquista de las quimeras, caminó por tierras filmadas de pasión, pero siempre miraba hacia el cielo, para constatar que ese mundo que recorría, estaba cubierto por la inmensidad, como hermosos faroles, que asemejan luciérnagas en la oscuridad, así brillaban las estrellas, mostrándole que la magia existe, para todo aquel que este dispuesto a observar, las inseguridades fueron destruyendo los puentes, con los que el soñador volvía a la realidad, y cada vez soñaba menos, se perdía en su padecimiento, oscureciendo su alma en la noche de la racionalidad, sintió deseos de detenerse, de no continuar su caminar, angustiado.miro el firmamento buscando un poco de seguridad, y ahí en las alturas, suspendidas como gotas de cristal, se encontraban todos sus sueños, iluminando sus días tristes, con la esperanza de verlo llegar.

If tomorrow you must go,
Then stay with me tonight,
So I can drink you in.
This memory, in my heart I stow,
A weapon in a lonely fight,
Remembering the warmth of your skin.
And if I’m not right for you,
Don’t hide it with words and flowers,
But mourn along side of me.
If it is not I who would give you a kingdom then who?
The one who thinks of losing you and cowers,
Even when I’ve lived a life on stage for the world to see.

“I Finally Wrote About You”

Cheers to how blue the sky is

as you rise up from your deep sleep

and the ponderosity of your mind

yet you know the grief would be ceased

Another days would come

I might still down and out

suffering from my battle with my own ideas

the boisterous notion is slowly snuffing me out

Please stay and hum a bit longer

the divinity song that you loved

while you stroke my hair

and my chest is tightening

Why am I scared even more?

Right after you whispered in my ear

“I will never forsake you”

but you subsequently disappeared


Have you ever grasped your own fist?

Felt your own skin under your


This life is presently here

For you to grasp

Yet most of us

Ungrateful beings

Feel there’s something we


I take that back

There is a place that is

Crystal clear

Bright as Light

With Heavenly cheer

A place where the LORD

Dwelleth near

A place far away

Or maybe right here

I fear the LORD I serve

Since I don’t deserve

To even

Be here

©A.Angeles, 12/09/19

Write seriously for the first time

Hi everyone! Hope your having a good day! I’ve been meaning to write a fic for a the longest while and I finally got the motivation. I started writing about 4 days ago and I’m only on the first chapter, and I think I’m becoming tired. I really love this au and I want to flesh it out but I don’t think I can continue. Everytime I look at it I write 300 - 600 words and then just stop. How do you maintain the motivation and creativity to write ?

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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
Please darling don’t stay. Don’t stay if it’s meant to destroy you. All this time you’ve been hurting. All this time you’ve been hiding. You made others believe your smile. You made them believe your laughter. But the truth is, you’re dying inside. The truth is, you’re screaming at the top of your lungs. The truth is, you wanted to get out. All these things are going on inside you. And nobody has a clue. They don’t know how much fighting you had to endure. They don’t know the extent of damage it took to look okay. But I hope, one day you’ll find the strength to leave. To leave everything that’s been killing you from the very beginning. No one can make you do something you don’t want to do but no matter how hard it is to leave, I hope you do. Leave, my darling. Don’t find another reason for it to kill you inside. LEAVE cause eventually you’ll LIVE.
—  allenmae
Writing Commissions!

Hey, would anyone want to commission me for the holiday season? Give this poor trans, autistic boy a chance; it’s my dream to write for a living…or at least, make a bit of extra cash doing what I love. I’m super flexible on prices, so hit me up in DMs! 

Make my day; I’ll literally get so happy if someone DMs me requesting something. As long as you have a paypal (18+), I’m game! Thank you so much for reading!

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You are the darkness and the light
The ray of light that shines through the door
Leaving a sense of warmness all around
You’re the wind and the trees
That cool summer breeze
The birds and the bees
Pure might, you’re so bright
You are what makes me not feel alone at night
Eyes blue, oh so blue
The halo you wear over you head is oh so gloom
When darkness arises, and everyone is asleep
The halo forms, turning red
Thorns grow around the halo, and eyes go black
The darkness is something you can not escape
The man in the woods, the witch in the trees
The death of the newborn child, grazing upon a grieving mothers teet
Grieving ones mourning love ones
You realizing that you are just one
The pills that dance around in your brain
Playing games
The blade that grazes your skin
With marks oh so thin
The evil sparkle in the young mans eyes
But fear not
Without darkness, there can’t be light
So stand tall and might
We are all the darkness
And we are all the light

The constant pain
Is a reminder that
I know you’re real
I know that you’re still here
When I go to our place
When the flowers are blossoming
And the birds are chirping
It’s a sign that you aren’t gone
In all the hearts you touched
People you’ve helped
The pictures that hang on the wall
The beat to our favorite song
I know that you’re still here

That’s what makes being vulnerable so much worse – is that you let yourself feel, and when it does not go your way people end up feeling sorry for you. They’ll say things like “I’m sorry I don’t love you back,” and it’s like that’s great, here’s me, as raw as it gets, pouring out my feelings like a sink overflowing, and you just turned off the faucet, pulled the drain plug and walked away. That’s where people get it wrong though, being vulnerable is powerful - but it’s also terrifying. Don’t think for one second you won’t get hurt when you allow yourself to do so.
—  Vulnerability // 12.9.19