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Thanks to the wonderful cast and crew of this year's Bar Show for another hilarious production. "For Lying Out Loud!" is a !

Fancy a change of style in your house but want to save on buying new furniture? Get it wrapped! Now offering wooden effect wraps to transform your home.

📣Handcrafted from compostable cloth, ethically collected beeswax, made of cotton, beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba oil keeps food freshest while camping, hiking or working all day.📣 Click here for more information 🌐

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日産FAIRLADY Z用ツイーターピラー 楽天市場、ヤフオクメルカリにて出品してます!是非プロフィールからご覧下さい。 CARROZZERIA TS-T440 Hi-Res

はっぴぃWRAP第9クール第1回行いました!今日はガイドラインを決めて、WRAPの概要と元気に役立つ道具箱を行いました。いろんな人の道具を聞いて取り入れてみようと思ったというご意見もありWRAPならではという感じですね!次回は12/16(月) 13:30〜です(*'▽'*)

ความทุ่มเทใส่ใจ และความละเอียดในงานของลูกค้าต้องยกให้ ช่างแป้ง แห่ง Realgadd มือหนึ่งงาน เป็นอะไรที่สุด แบบถืออะไรมาแป้งจัดให้ได้หมด!! มาหาแป้งได้ที่ร้าน Realgadd ทุกวัน 10.30-20.30น. เปิดร้านรอลูกค้าทุกวันค่ะ

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“House of Cards” and “Art of Suicide”, finished yet unreleased songs since 2018…
So, another year reaches its end, and here I am again, posting and revealing my unfinished and/or unreleased projects. Specially musical ones..
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So, another year reaches its end, and here I am again, posting and revealing my unfinished and/or unreleased projects. Specially musical ones.
Music Videos are delayed, I know. BUT keep in mind that we are trying to make them look MIND BLOWING.
#wrap #2019wrapped #2019wrappedartists #caribbean #pop #house #artist #artistsupport #supportartist #gayart #gay #gaysupport #flstudio12

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anonymous asked:

So, what now? Do you guys have any plans?

[the phone in the smaller skeletons pocket dings. he takes it our, unwraps it and inspects the message]

what’s this?

[the taller skeleton leans over to inspect see the phone]

I Think It’s The Voices.

and since you turned it off this is the only way t can still talk to us.

[he stretches]

well, at least we won’t look crazy talking to thin air.

[he pokes at the message]

im not seeing any way to respond to it…?

We Might Not Need To

what do you mean?

Well, It’s Not Like They’re Natural. They Might Be Able To See And Hear Us, But Not Speak Without The Circumstances Provided By The Event.

i can buy that…

[theres a silence for a moment]

so if you’re right…. then we do have to talk to empty air to respond?

Yes, However If We Do Decide To Respond To This Method Then We Can Hide By Phrasing It As If We Were Talking To Eachother.

ok then…

{he checks the message again]

so. trous, what do you want to do now?

Hmmm… Honestly, Let’s Go To G’s, I Could Use Some Of His Food. And By The Time We Get Back Our Stuff Should Be Cooled. What Do You Think Van?

[Van looks mildly surprised]

wow. lotta firsts today. you wanted to wait to clean something up, and now you want to go to “that grease pit” are you sure your still my brother?

[Trous rolls his eyes]

Yes, Van, I Am Still Your Brother.

[The pair turn to start walking through the snow, past the libarby towards a building marked only by an off-center G]

And Honestly, I Wouldn’t Disapprove Of It So Much If You Didn’t Go Practically Everyday.

[Trous shoots Van a look, he only shrugs]

whatever. I’m always up for some gr- g’s


DIY recycle box~ little program for reuse empty box~

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Black, White And Brown Mongolian lamb Fur Lady Wrap

For just £37.00
Genuine long and curly Mongolian Lamb Fur
Can be worn many different ways - has endless fashion potential
One size fits all
Fur Length measure 55 inches
Dry clean and professional fur clean only


Wrap yourself in this new coming chic fashion fur wrap. This amazingly soft and curly Mongolia lamb fur wrap creates a piece that is dynamic and stylish. Wear as a shawl, scarf or stole. The black, white and brown mongolia lamb fur wrap is bold yet classic. Dress it up with a trendy blazer and black pants, or keep it simple with a long sleeve shirt and jeans. With something this stylish the outfit options are endless. With a length measuring 55 inches you can double it up or wear it long and elegant. Whichever way you decide to wear it know that you are adding opulence to every look.


Burger Corner by Pekka Nikrus