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Evento #360°

Looks like I'm finally getting the right balance between and for my . Fuzzini here is wearing bits primarily from the Time Lord and Heritage armor sets - Looks a bit like , and I'm ok with this

we announced on Mon that we've won a coveted spot in the at Autumn Fair. A huge opportunity for my business which is run from our front room; selling date boxes to help couples improve their life-romance balance. Winning too would be amazing 💌

New content ? yes please !!! Series starting tomorrow :D got it rendering right now.

Do you have a dream? Do you fear that the dream isn't possible? Dreams sometimes need work and that's not a bad thing! I can help you to focus on this dream and see how you can get that bit closer to it

Experience warmth with the Arizona D Series radiator. With rich, deep tones in satin nickel that reflects the simmering heat of the desert.

Wanted to do some practice for something a bit more dynamic, used a guildie's character as a guinea pig! Torak the Zandalari hunter ^^

[] ¡Últimas 2 semanas! El 10 de julio es la fecha límite para obtener las siguientes proezas de fuerza de banda: > Innovador: Lady Jaina Valiente. > Aventajado: Lady Jaina Valiente. > Innovador: Uu'nat, Presagista del Vacío. > Aventajado: Uu'nat, Presagista del Vacío

I enlarged the eyes and boobs to make a “Am I pretty now?” meme... but even my art looks better with filter...

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yuqi in uh-oh!


Aye Maan, I don’t care how kool this looks, I’m giving dude a dollor and getting tha hell outta there family🤨😊😅😏☕☕

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Rise of Azshara Part 1: Welcome to Nazjatar 

The latest World of Warcraft patch for the Battle for Azeroth expansion is here. Welcome to Nazjatar!

I was so scared to say that till I’m fully sure but here it goes:

I am on my lowest weight now (dieting from like 2014-2015 at least)

I found my old pictures I did “before” and I’m mind blown how far I have gone. Both mentally, physically. It actually gives me a new perspective of how you can change throughout the years, months etc

Now I’m close to my ugw and I’m not gonna stop.

Hw: 78

Cw: 63-64

Gw: 55


WORLD OF WARCRAFT : RISE OF AZSHARA - Exclusive Cinematic Update Officia…