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People assume Groupon is for good deals not to be shady 🤔

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Here is this week's streaming schedule! PVP Season 4 starts this week, gonna be grinding that latter out much as I can! Come join me for the PUG life!

Turns out I just had probably my best day metal detecting ever.. 💥Iron Age 1BC Celtic cloak fastener 💥 That’s over 2000years waiting in the ground to be picked up.some posh so and so lost it I found now all I need is a cloak 😂😂😂

Hey guys! For one month I'll be hard and hope to earn $500. I know its selfish of me asking but I'm trying to save up for getting a snuggling buddy of a custom luna plush. Wednesday I'll be playing and guess what character? hope you can help.


Heute kann ich mein erstes kuschliges Alpaka in meinem Stall willkommen heißen. Nach ca. 4 Stunden erbarmungslosen Wartens war es heute Abend endlich soweit. Ich wünsche euch einen guten Start in die Woche und natürlich guten Loot.

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I reportedly won’t watch if Tessa isn’t in the next season

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anduin: my father is dead because of you

wrathion: my father is dead because of the old gods

jaina: my father is dead because of me actually he’s dead because of the horde actually he’s responsible for his own death


Only thing worse than the idea of Tyrande being portrayed as the bad guy in future content because she wouldn’t forgive the Horde for what they’ve done?

The idea of Talanji also being portrayed as a bad guy in future content for not forgiving the Alliance for invading her homeland and murdering her father.

They deserve better than this.

Monsters in you

“Do you believe in gods?”

Izuku turned to see who is speaking to him, but the alley was empty. Maybe once again he heard things. His mom often tells him that his mind plays tricks with him. 

It would be ideal if that would be the case. But it wasn’t. Izuku from the beginning could see black smogs surrounding people. Sometimes he could spot red eyes and a yellow smile that made him shiver in fear. Creatures weren’t talkative. They followed humans and that was all. No harm was done to them. Even his mom and dad had such creatures behind their backs. 

At some point in their life, even Kacchan got one. Kacchan was fine. That what he thought, but their relationship wasn’t fine at all. Kacchan pushed him away, cut any reminds of their childhood friendship. 

Izuku wept for days missing his friend. 

One day he got up and went to the bathroom to get ready for school.

In the mirror, he saw. 

Black smog with red eyes behind his back. He heard the quietest hum that sounded like mocking laughter. 

But these creatures don’t hurt humans… Right?

It’s only his brain playing games with him. There is no way it’s real.

“It is real I-Z-U-K-U.”

A cold shiver ran over his backbone forcing a scream from his mouth. Inko got to him as fast as her body was able hugging him tightly asking what’s wrong but he didn’t have an answer.

What exactly is wrong with him?

“Do you believe in gods I-Z-U-K-U?” The creature said(?) lowly looking at him from the mirror. “Do you?”

He blinked surprised. Was he able to communicate with these creatures? 

The creature smiled wickedly before turning into dust that coved his whole body. He gulped looking at black dots that moved towards his heart.

“Izuku! Izuku!” Inko cried shaking him with much more force than was needed.

 Izuku looked at her’s creature that hung over her back. Blank without any sign of being alive or being able to speak. 

He passed out wishing to wake up in the world where he is like others. 

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Would you do player factions if you were making your own MMO?

Maybe? This isn’t something I’ve ever really thought about. I wouldn’t have characters hard-locked to them, and I think it would be better to have three (or more, but that would probably be unwieldy) rather than two to cut down on the us vs. them faction conflict mentality. What annoys me most about factions in WoW is less the big story issues and more the smaller ramifications on gameplay, like how you have to play multiple characters to see and do everything and how there will always be vastly overpowered NPCs waiting to one-shot you if you try to explore certain areas locked off to your faction. Making factions an opt-in feature that you can reverse is so much more flexible in that regard.

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For reference with the Southern Barrens, the Dwarf who massacred an entire tauren tribe including civilians in classic to steal their holy land whilst citing his racial superiority over the "savages", then later killed more tauren as well as goblin civilians, was unironically depicted as the good guy when he reappeared in Mists, whilst the Tauren were depicted as bad. The novels also had the tauren complain about the Tauren not giving up their land to humans. That gives very awful implications.

Haven’t read any of the novels, but if it makes you feel any better Wrathion sends players to kill that dwarf in a Mists quest that no longer exists - and the target for the Alliance version of this quest is the orc who killed the former leader of Desolation Hold and ordered the hit on the Alliance general who condemned the attack on Taurajo. That implies that Twinbraid is considered to be just as bad for continued hostilities by a neutral third party.

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WoW is a modern game made in the west, so I expected more representation in this day and era, personally. Similarly all humans being white and monsters like tauren as a hodgepodge of stereotypical native american traits is very outdated, especially when Tauren & Trolls are depicted as evil. I really rolled when my eyes when Kul'tiras backstory depicted the 100% good white settlers vs the 100% evil shamanistic natives.

The racial optics of WoW are pretty indefensible except insofar as just about every race in the setting except Stormwind humans and gnomes is developed via some kind of ethnic/racial stereotyping. Sometimes they even stack together, like the blood elves taking cues from how Anglos depict the French (which is why I find them so relatable) but drawing their architecture partially from Arabian influences and their surface-level personalities from stereotypes of metrosexual/valley girl Californians that weren’t quite as outdated in 2007 as they are now. Like I brought up in the example of the entirety of the Southern Barrens storyline there are elements of implied colonialism in the way the Alliance pushes into Horde territory especially where it concerns the tauren. It’s still stereotyping, but they’re hardly uniformly evil even if you’re playing as Alliance…and the most overtly evil Horde race has always been the Forsaken, the only member of the faction in Classic not based on a non-European culture. Also, humans have always had dark skin tones available, although it’s the orcs who are the pre-colonial Africans of the settings so I would consider them more immediately relevant. 

Essentially if you’re not an Anglo the closest analogue to your race/ethnicity in WoW is not going to be any kind of human since the humans are just Anglo variants with different accents. That even applies to some of the NPC races, like the Drust who draw mostly from Celtic sources and whose subjugation by thus Kul’Tirans thus mostly resembles the colonization of Ireland by England (which in using the overly simplistic US model of race is acceptable because they’re both “white”). That’s entirely to be expected in English language fantasy fiction (as I occasionally bring up in my GoT liveblog), and it’s so blatant in WoW that it verges on parody at times. 

As for queer representation, it’s not as though any major Western developer apart from Bioware is known for incorporating explicit examples into their games. Subtext is still much more common when there is any to be had at all - which is why I don’t expect anything in a major way from WoW, and why I’m critical of FE fans who place too much emphasis on poorly executed self-insert relationships when IS is demonstrably better at writing subtext than text.