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I Can’t Wait For . . . (Can’t-Wait Wednesday/Waiting on Wednesday) Secrets Under the Sun by Nadia Marks  

[] Esta semana en Azeroth: > Jefe de mundo: Azurethos > Evento de bonificación: Paseo en el tiempo (MoP) > Camorra JcJ: Cocina imposible > Fin de minifestividad: Llamada del Escarabajo (23 de enero) > Inicio del evento: Festival Lunar (28 de enero)

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Felix Groß mit dem Team Deutschland zum Worldcup in Hongkong. Viel Erfolg Felix, der Weg zu Olympia. Felix Groß with Team Germany to the World Cup in Hong Kong. Good luck Felix, the way to Olympia.

The Western Ahoada County High School is one of many foundational schools of our dear Rivers State that have been left in complete ruin over the years. Thankfully all that is changing today.

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Balmain Spring Summer 2019 Details

theveryfirst  asked:

👠 What was my muse’s last serious relationship like?

sex+romance headcanons! // @theveryfirst

Depends on what qualifies as serious. If we’re talking 2+ years, then her last “serious” relationship was in High School with her very first girlfriend. 

If we’re talking serious as in move in together, that has never happened.

In adulthood, Tina’s last “serious” relationship only really lasted six months. Tina never really gave that girlfriend a key to her apartment, never really told her that she loved her. Tina tends to cut herself off before she gets hurt, because she’s scared. Her last “serious” girlfriend was honestly great? She was smart and pretty and always tried to help Tina out where needed. They could have been really good together, but Tina didn’t let herself get too attached. Sure, she smiled and hugged and kissed her, really seemed to be happy with her. But she never told her “I love you”, instead told her things like “You’re amazing.” “You’re the best” “I don’t deserve you” “You’re a queen” She gave her many compliments and inklings of affection, a lot of displays of affection, but never managed to proclaim her love to her. 

When her girlfriend said it first, Tina didn’t answer, she just smiled and kissed her ( or probably even said “me too” ). When she tried to meet her family, Tina made excuses of why they couldn’t drive to Pontiac to see her mom. and when she tried to move in, Tina ended it. She started to feel suffocated, trapped. She had to cut it off.

It wasn’t pretty, a lot of crying and yelling and demands of why? and even Tina had been close to tears. But then the other woman left and the suffocating feeling that had been consuming Tina slowly disappeared. She felt better for the time being, until a few days later when she was sitting alone in her apartment and she realized how cold it was without someone by her side, how quiet it was without someone talking to her or texting her. She probably messaged Gavin a few times that night, just to have some conversation going, to get rid of the lonely feeling. 

It wasn’t until that night that Tina realized that maybe she had gotten attached, that maybe she had been happy, or on the road there. She’d gotten attached and cut herself off, hurting herself in the process. 

Tina doesn’t let relationships last that long after that. She doesn’t let people get too comfortable in her apartment (Gavin is the only exception bc he’s her friend) That’s probably also the time that Tina gets her cat, because she refused to be alone or feel alone.

(obviously, Tina’s view of relationships changes depending on roleplays and ships, but she’ll still get scared and hyper aware of when they’re coming up on that six month mark)