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They ALMOST match, lol! My Death Knights, Lisitza the Worgen and Lirah the Vulpera!

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! ซนฝันตลอดเลย ดู สายฟ้า สิ ลอยมาเลยยยยยยย 😵😵😵😵😵😵 😘😘😘😘😘

Пиздося, товарищи. Рейд в важнее юбилея/встречи с друзьями. Ну хоть мой муж выбрал (в этот день) меня вместо рейда. Вместо тысячи подарков!

Not a bad first week if I do say so myself. <Broken Limits> Alliance US-Stormrage is recruiting ranged DPS roles!

Really?? You actually sat and thought about your response and that's what you came up with.

Live on! [8.3] Sextou, bora jogar WoW q ta massa! !tabela !bruto !sr !comandos !nakoins

Haven't had chance to stop by and taste one of our AMAZING burgers? 🍔 Well they're all 50% off until the 31st! So check our availability, book your table, and come and get stuck in - 0151 336 1963 . . .

only in grade 11 and already a published author!@Theatre_Stage 👍😊 keep being you! Only barriers are those that you set for yourself. Thank you so much for the mentions. You did it !

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Got my serpent!


My beautiful Paoaial and her dragon <3

Free For All Friday!

Kutasan Edition

With the introduction of Vulpera I’ve started working playing more Horde-side. So much so that I made a mediocre looping gif of him! 

With that said if ya’ll have any questions about him, I’d be happy to answer them! No subject if off limits.

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if someone says ‘zadr freaks don’t interact’ then respect their boundaries and don’t interact freak it’s that easy

Alright, well I’m an everything shipper for the most part? So I just can’t especially if it’s good art man gotta spead good art.

Like seriously it’s just art and I was making a joke and a little PSA on why it’s a little better then other ships. On the topic really no one should ship anything because Vasquez doesn’t want romantic things at all. Literally just let people be people.

So if I reblog something don’t get so offended it probably means I like it. (If you have zadr dni and reblog my post on my art blog what does that make you? I keep seeing that with my pm posts and I get so confused???)

Idk who you are unless your the dude who blocked me and I asked why you blocked me. Literally just trying to tell my follower usually I go unnoticed so thank you!!! I’m an official zadr now my guy!!!

Also thank you for respecting my gender! Freak! I just wanna know how you knew?(jk)

(you’re not nice at all :))

Mr. Bidwell: no one has asked me on a date yet. No one!

Miss Pauling: well where are you going?

Bidwell: nowhere because no one will ask me out

Pauling: but you have to go places to meet people so you can date


Pauling: you do know that right?


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Any favourite WOW ships?

Too many to name. :>
But how about a top 5?

1. Malfurion/Tyrande :P (just to piss everyone off, no seriously I loved them. I might have liked a threesome with Illidan even more, but alas.)
2. Fairshaw … do I have to type it out? Mathias Shaw/Flynn Fairwind (though one my PC’s loves both)
3. Wranduin (which won’t happen, and since it won’t happen I would love Anduin/Taelia/Wrathion) Let me dream!
4. Turalyon/Alleria (No writer self-inserts, and they feel just natural if you read the books.)
5. Thassarian/Koltira (I can’t tell you how often I got mocked for my love for Thass.)