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The Danube in Budapest

Air returns to Icelandair as Indigo Partners deal breaks down | News! is now Trending on Tech - Shopping - Deals - News -

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just damn. So, what'll happen when the bubble bursts come Sunday morning? I'm thinking / HOPING ummmm..., Jim Jones😏

Something amazing happened during my active learning workshop this week. We were playing Kahoot & one of the questions, with 4 options, had 3 answers which were correct. In a class where almost 100 students answered, there was a perfect distribution across the three answers!

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These gloves will allow anyone to understand sign language
#wow #aslcommunity #americansignlanguage #signlanguage maybe I can just get these ✌️🤟🤟🤟😁🤩🤔🧐🤟 #universityofwashington #lemelsonmit #signaloud #signaloudgloves (at Lemelson-MIT Program)

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anonymous asked:

badboy gray begging to take your virginity whew 🥵

ugh he’s done everything to get you comfortable. it’s all good signs coming from you and even though you’ve already consented to it, he’s slapping his dick against your clit and rubbing at it, “please baby, wanna be the first to stretch this sweet pussy out. please say yes to me.”

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Fairy + Elf?? owo

Fairy- What is something that you get excited about?

I’m gonna sound even dorkier than I already am, but a new book is something that always gets me excited. I’m boring, I know. I’ve got too many health problems to get excited over other things so I get excited about that - or when a game I love has a new sequel/part of the series (I’m looking at you Undertale/Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley - I NEED MORE).

Though recently I’m excited because the boy bought me the Kingdom Hearts Story So Far game so I can replay all the old ones before I play KH3 c:

Elf- What are you proud of? 

Here is my lack of self-confidence coming in, haha. I mean… I guess my ability to just… handle things as I do? It sounds weird, I know, but I’ve had a lot of crap happen in my life that could have easily led me down the shitter if I let it. My brother died when I was 18, my mother died in a house fire when I was 22, but… I’m still here, I guess. I try to stay as optimistic as I can despite things, even if it’s hard sometimes. So, I guess that’s what I’m proud of - that I’ve survived all the shit that’s happened (including all the recent health issues) and I’m still here to talk about it.

i was fooled to eat

out of a birdhouse

that carried

plentiful seeds,

an abundance of fruit,

and held so many promises.

“my little skylark,”

the voice told me,

cusping me into their hand.

at first

i trusted the seemingly safe

and warm aura they had

but through time

i noticed my feathers had

become tattered,


and used for selfish needs.

having been placed in a cage,

one that was small,


and lonely,

i was merely watched.

i lived to entertain,

to be seen upon.

“look at my dear skylark!”

they say to the others,

“aren’t i lucky to be the one

they stay with?

isnt it beautiful

to be seen with such a rarity?”

the scarcity of skylarks was

nothing but false tells.

to stay, i appeared to have no choice.

my other friends,

how i missed their dear voices.

and one especially,

the wind,

who would call my name with a breeze,

“mi amor,

mi corazón,

todo de mi mundo;

how i miss you so.

your singing,

and happiness,

means more to me,

than you’ll ever know.”

the day my puppeteer left

without realizing

the cage was unlocked,

i saw an opportunity,

and heard the wind in the distance;

“your freedom,

means more to me,

than you’ll ever know.”

with a hop,

and a skip,

and the spread of my wings-

i break through the door,

“my little skylark-“

the faint voice called,

but the wind bellowed,

“be free,”

and i flew,

and struggled,

but kept going.

the air wrapped its breeze around me,

snuggling my ruffled wings.

its love surrounded me,

and i never felt so free.