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Did you know that snakes are really important to our ecosystem? Check out this link to find out why: This lets all help protect our endangered species the

Stilton’s pic is finally here! 🐍🐍🐍 Sorry for the awfully late arrival, πŸ˜… I was going to post earlier on account I finished it, but I had some doubts. πŸ€” Stay tuned for Sputnik’s Pet Pics coming later today! 🐢🐱🐹🐰🐒🦎🐠

Don't Be Afraid... I Only Bite A Little 🐍 | A Belated Happy | Love A Snake Today

Today is the LAST day to to our Campaign! is dedicated toΒ  & mitigation! We need snake handling equipment to increase our conservation efforts and you can help us by Donating atΒ 

Earlier this week conservation partner, Kamal, celebrated for the 1st time in ! He spent the day educating people about He needs items to increase his efforts. Can you/anyone you know Donate to us @

There is still time to Donate items to in celebration of Our partners in & are looking for & protective gear Do you have items for us? You have until tomorrow to Donate @

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co-founder, Murthy, celebrated at a school Sri Prakash Vidyaniketan in India for a programme. To increase his working capacity we're gathering snake handling equipment. Do you have items for our team? Donate @Β 

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My contribution to is a sunning itself over a lake on a sumac branch in eastern Ontario. I was proud of myself that I could actually get this close to one and take a picture as I'm not fond of snakes but I respect them !

Belated post! Egyptian Saw-scaled Vipers (Echis pyramidum) in captivity at a industrial (non-academic) venom lab I visited for a few days in Belgium last month. These were new arrivals from an African shipment of captive-bred snakes.


DYK:Venomous snakes kill LESS people in a year than Mosquitoes Mosquitoes cause over a million human deaths compared to a few thousand from For we're supporting our partners at by gathering items for them @

We missed this past Monday’s but that doesn’t mean we can’t still revel in reptiles every day! Recently we spotted this water moccasin a.k.a. cottonmouth (Agkistrodon piscivorus) behind the Center. Water moccasins are a semi-aquatic species & largely prey on fish.

There are ~3700 snake species in the world. Less than 1000 are venomous of which only ~200 pose a serious threat to humans work to reduce & about snakes Support our efforts for

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My ballpython Ash. She's approximately 6-8 months old.

Can't believe I missed ! Please enjoy this Madagascan Hognose snake eating a chameleon egg we watched him dig up in Ankarana National Park. What a beauty!

Retweeted PETA Asia (): Some have their jaws forced open & are pumped full of water to make their skin easier to remove.

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Yesterday was world snake day so here is my belated appreciation post. Here is a banded watersnake from this past winter that I really enjoyed. Snakes are one of those ornate creature we share the Earth with that a lot of people tend to give a menacing persona too. This is mostly due to a lack of knowledge… which for whatever reason makes people think that the only way to cope with this lack of knowledge is to attempt to kill snakes. Just taking 15 minutes of your day to instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram to just inform yourself briefly on some local herpetofauna in your area and how important the roll they play is instead of just assuming that your irrational folklore inspired “facts” on the snake are true. #worldsnakeday

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Happy World Snake Day! Two years ago today, @taylorswift was given the inspiration for her record breaking song Look What You Made Me Do.🐍🐍🐍 She took back that narrative in the best way! -
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‪Rattlesnakes use a few rapid & repeated muscle twitches to shake their rattle! #slowmotion #Video for #WorldSnakeDay‬ #AnimalFact #zookeeper #sandiegozoo #wildlifeaddicts #wildlifeseekers #wildlifeeducation (at San Diego Zoo)

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Today Is #WorldSnakeDay .
Check Out The Exclusive Photo Of #BoaArcoiris #Snake Clicked At #ArenalVolcano Area #CostaRica ,Shot On #NikonD7100 & #NikonLens 200-500 mm. #BOASNAKE.
#RutaKalmankar WildLife Photographer India.
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From our friend at @planetexperts - In honor of #WorldSnakeDay, we encourage you to suspend your fear of snakes and recognize the challenges facing these important reptiles. A big thank you to organizations like @snakeadvocate, who are helping to promote compassionate conservation and coexistence with snakes through science, education, and advocacy. Become a #SnakeHero by tagging a friend who might not realize that snakes aren’t as bad as they’re portrayed to be! #KnowYourPlanet #Regrann

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Let’s brush up on some snake facts to celebrate and keep our little buddies safe in the wild.

- Snakes are Hella important for the ecosystem.
They keep mice, rats, squirrels and other pests from over populating the area. Do you want a shit tonne of mice in your house? Or even rats?! I don’t think so!

- Snakes are cold blooded, they need to warm up!
If you see a snake out in the morning in your garden, or somewhere like that, LEAVE IT ALONE. It will not hurt you, it is only interested in getting it’s well needed heat for the day. As soon as it’s warmed up, 9/10 times it will leave. I promise you.

- All snakes are powerful in their own way, and deserve respect.
(This is a given, because every animal deserves respect.)
Snakes either kill their prey by constriction, or a venomous bite. Sometimes even both. This leads on to one the most important fact.

Snakes do not like confrontation, it is very rare they will attack humans for no reason. We’re too big, and even for the huge ones, we don’t taste the best. There are easier targets for them, we are far more likely to kill them. They know this. They are very very smart in that aspect.

With that in mind, let’s keep our little legless buddies safe, and keep them thriving in the wild! Have a great day everybody! :D