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HelpAge & Pondicherry Old Age People Development Welfare Association & Pondicherry Foundation jointly organized health awareness session and a free check up camp for over 80 elders on .

What better way of rounding up the World Diabetes awareness month 2019. Our Provost, completes the Buddy Doctor Initiative training on Diabetic Care.

أقامت العيادة الطبية بالمدينة الجامعية في شطر الطالبات فعالية ، وقد تم تقييم مستوى خطر الإصابة بمرض السكري وقياس ضغط الدم وحساب مؤشر كتلة الجسم للطالبات، ووزعت المواد التعليمية والتوعوية وشرحها.

was celebrated by to give awareness about the . We are really thankful to UDaan for engaging the students to learn their social responsibilities.

রবিবার সকালে মালদা শহরে ‘হাঁটো বাংলা হাঁটো’ স্লোগান নিয়ে এক পদযাত্রা আয়োজিত হয়

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MVP wants me to post this in honor of World Diabetes Day (11/14/19) This guy. Wow. He is a super trooper. Getting diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 12 days before his 10th birthday - 2 weeks before Halloween. We are glad there are cool stickers and nice people in the community who are in the same situation. It isn’t all smiles all the time. It is shots, and middle of the night checks, and an emotional rollercoaster to match the blood glucose levels rollercoaster…but the family is in it together. He was diagnosed a month ago today.
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Metabolic Surgery and Lifetime Benefits

Know the benefits of Metabolic Surgery and how it helps in treating Type 2 Diabetes. Dr. Bhandari Mohit is sharing the details about it which can help in making a decision.

For further queries or booking an appointment, drop your contact number in the comment below and we will get back to you.


Who Can Undergo Metabolic Surgery?

People commonly ask this question that can metabolic surgery treat Diabetes…is this surgery apt for them…and here we are having a metabolic surgery expert Dr. Bhandari Mohit who has treated a lot of diabetic patients through this surgery speaking on this topic. Know what is the difference between type 1 & type 2 diabetes and who is the right candidate for it.

For further queries or booking an appointment, drop your contact number in the comment below and we will get back to you.


Difference between Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes

वीडियो देखें और जानें टाइप 1 एवं टाइप 2 डायबिटीज में अंतर और इसके साथ ही टाइप 2 डायबिटीज का ट्रीटमेंट। Dr. Mohit Bhandari अब तक कई पेशेंट्स को टाइप 2 डायबिटीज से पूरी तरह निजात दिलवा चुके हैं।
अगर आप टाइप 2 डायबिटीज से संबंधित कोई भी सवाल करना चाहते हैं तो नीचे कमेंट में लिखें।