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We stepped into this world trying to make some sense. Everybody is on their own to figure out the purpose of our existence

• Every morning the world is a sheet of white paper and waits for the children, attracted by its brightness, to impregnate it with their colors. 💛 ❤️☀️

Napoleon’s Hat, Dropped at Waterloo, Is Picked Up at Auction for $400,000

Had a great time today making public management great again with 38 wonderful public managers in in masterclass in a !

🏆 The 2018 FIFA is finally here! 🏆 Colombia vs Japan 19 June - 13:00 - Morovia Arena, Saransk | Who will win? ⚽️ Comment: or

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Here's an idea to protect our coral reefs. I'd be interested in everyones thoughts.

via SCUBA: explore the underwater world, online

From left to right: Patrick Watson, Peter Moskvin, Skylar Yeager and Jonathan Quester, Guildmasters of the Colonial Service Guild (formerly the Colonial Defense Force).

Day 18: What are the fashion norms in your world?

Most people on Hearth wear contemporary casual clothing, but there are a few regional preferences.

Victoria - Living in the Pantropical Rainforest, the citizens of the Victoria Peninsula mostly wear thin clothes made of cotton or wool. Most people also wear outerwear made of cotton or leather, usually thick enough to act as armor against lionwolf attacks.

Verdan - Usually, they wear one or two layers of cotton or wool clothing. People of Verdan also tend to wear more decorated and expressive clothing than most others, and they are more laid-back when it comes to clothing when they do not plan on wandering off into the rainforest.

Greenfields - They commonly wear shirts and jackets made of wool. During the colder seasons, the people of Greenfields usually wear coats of wool, furs or leather as outerwear unless they choose to stay indoors.

Slagfelt - Most people wear white robes of wool or linen due to the heat in the valley. Wearing usually only one layer of clothing, they are more vulnerable to the beasts that wander the plains of Slagfelt than other colonies.

I think now’s a good time to talk about why all of the men I draw have beards. It’s because I have trouble with drawing jawlines (that’s also why I rarely draw women. Sorry. I plan on drawing them soon™). As for an in-universe explanation, it’s probably because they’re on an alien world with a lot of hostile animals and they have no time to shave when A. Their lives are almost always in danger; and B. They’re always busy working towards the survival of the human race.


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📮 Outgoing : 190618
Mailed out these postcards to Russia 🇷🇺 and USA (Maryland, South Carolina & Iowa) 🇺🇸 Thank you for swapping with me!
Also, I’m loving the flags in the background. Yay, World Cup season!

🔹 Still looking for postcards from missing countries & missing states of USA. Please leave a comment or DM me your offers! 🔹

im planning such a lovely litha party on the night after the summer solstice. because friday works best for our schedules hehe. i’m very excited we are going to grill and have a fire pit and i’m going to buy little terra cotta pots for us to paint and plant a little succulent in. happy midsummer y'all i love u all dearly

Futbol can be intense, and it definitely was for our little dude. He just couldn’t take it, but hey, he died doing what he loved the most, right?

We were very excited when MTV called us to do another one of these killer Artist Id series. The keywords they gave us this time were: World Cup, Anxiety & Purple. Check! Check! Check!

Watch the full Ident here

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girllll same!!! I’m so excited for the World Cup! Who do you think is going to win?

ahh it’s gonna be an exciting month!!! i think the best chances to win have spain or germany. and from these two i’m rooting for spain (and poland of course!)  i’m also really hoping for some surprises and unexpected scores! 

Cyber attack on Mexico campaign site triggers election nerves

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - The website of a Mexican political opposition party was hit by a cyber attack during Tuesday’s final television debate between presidential candidates ahead of the July 1 vote, after the site had published documents critical of the leading candidate.

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