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The next leap in business productivity builds upon collaboration and digital transformation by creating experiences that multiply productivity, excellence, and ultimately employees who are set-up for success.

“The horse is here to stay but the automobile is only a novelty—a fad.” AI Predictions For 2019! 🤗

With the latest Sprint from , several very interesting news were implemented Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested on a demo or more details , &

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Much of the knowledge created by organizations is informal by nature. Businesses need to capture that knowledge through tools that index and make that information searchable.

The Futurist shares his passion and enthusiasm toward a better future and yet more exciting times for the human race in general and for technology and banking in particular!

hashtag Teams un aliado de los equipos en las empresas, innovando en aspectos básicos como la formando entornos verdaderamente colaborativos. La genera valor con la aplicación de herramientas tecnologicas. Collaboration

“While there are numerous concerns about advanced technologies like AI, the fear of job loss, sometimes guised in jokes about “robots taking our jobs,” seems to be the most widespread concern.”

What a year #2018 with amazing success, important changes & customers I would like to thank you & wish to all our customers, partners, colleagues & friends a

Maintain employee trust as the world goes digital by providing them with what they need to adapt to their transforming roles.

Companies with a fixed mindset can find themselves falling behind on innovative technology, which leads to talent turnover and a disjointed workplace according to a new survey. Read more on our Blog.

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