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How small businesses are changing work spaces. Via

JGGroup presentó en la feria Orgatec dos nuevas propuestas para organizar y optimizar el espacio de trabajo: los armarios 60 / 40 y los prototipos del programa modular Nodus, ambos diseñados por Ovicuo Design BCN:

You can avoid set-up costs, capital investment and ongoing complications: we eliminate the burden of a property management and monthly rent issues. You do not need a security deposit to use Work Spaces.

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We love the view of London from the sky. Its a city of possibilities...and of great . We'll be hopping about between some of the best this week making sure we are curating a fantastic selection of places for you to rest your weary laptop!

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Unconventional : An interesting article on designing for space optimisation and innovative . This is what we do, feel free to get in touch. via .

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Workspaces reflect organizational thought, culture, and growth. Read Khurshed Gandhi's blog which emphasizes on why office should consider agile & flexible , and strengthen their relevance in -

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Today my friend @SnowTheBearCub asked for some photos of my studio. I figured I would share a few. At some point, rather than simply trying to fit in as many things as I could without going too crazy, I decided that I wanted to literally fill every available space in this room. So before you say it looks excessive, realize that it is on purpose xD If I see a blank spot, I very much hurry to fill it! This place is full of magic for me, it’s a museum for all my sources of inspiration. I am happiest in here.

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