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CEO Coach is in the house with talking to about the effectiveness of emotions in the !

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"The old model of front-loading education early in life needs to give way to lifelong learning." The future of work in America: People and places, today and tomorrow | via

We strive to be a organization & can only do that by protecting the health of our workers, so we've integrated standing desks into our ! Some benefits include reduced back pain, improved mood & energy, & lower blood sugar levels.

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When we are happy, we picture ourselves outside 🌞 Yet during our workday, we are cooped up inside ☁️ VOTE by Aug 23 “The Best Meeting Ever is Around the Block” feat

RT : RT : Research has shown that self-criticism makes us more emotional and less able to learn from our mistakes. But, self-compassion encourages resilience:

Nara Kasbergen - Open Sourcing Mental Illness: One of biggest challenges in promoting mental wellness in ? Mental illness is stigmatised, not discussed openly. People with most power to effect change are the leadership.

“A quick Google search reveals no shortage of articles about managing millennials in the workplace. However, to nurture a truly inclusive , there needs to be greater awareness of how negatively impacts an organization.” Read more...

Is one profession more humble than another? Michael Morse worked two full days at the fire department, then headed to a restaurant to wait tables. He learned about human nature in the evening while he studied how to save humans during the day.

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Last year I moved departments and was assigned to a supervisor who didn’t want staff and micromanaged me to the point where I wasn’t willing to put more than the bare minimum of effort into my work for them because it would be completely rewritten (work for other managers was barely touched). I’ve recently been poached by a new team and have a lot more responsibility, staff of my own, and a supervisor who trusts their staff.

Do you have any idea how empowering it is to have a manager who assumes you can do the job and lets you do it?

no moment makes me feel better than when you sit around a kitchen table with a couple disencouraged minimum wage workers and they start talking about militant direct action and you say “cool who’s up for it” and then their eyes get all glittery until one of them asks “but isn’t that illegal?” and you lean back in your chair, show your shadiest smirk and say “were a different kinda union”

My boss is this really unusual mix between being the most intense person I have ever met, and being the kindest and most under standing person I’ve ever met.

Like, get this, right? The other week when I was doing an opening shift with her, she accidentally cut a small bit of her finger off with a knife. And instead of freaking out, she threw the piece in the fucking bin, wrapped her finger in some paper towel and did not go to the hospital. I shit you not, I witnessed my boss throw a piece of her fucking finger in the bin and carry on like everything was peachy (EVERYTHING WAS NOT PEACHY!) She went and got a god damn coffee from the place next door. Like, what the fuck? How the the fuck?

However, sometimes when I do an open shift with her, and I don’t have time to have a proper breakfast before coming in (because I’ll be starting at 5 in the morning), she’ll just make me something to eat. Like, one morning, I walked in and she just started questioning me about whether or not I had eaten yet - I hadn’t and I told her this. She then made me a plate of scrabbled eggs. She’s a really great cook by the way. Even gave me a piece of brownie before I went home one afternoon.

She frightens me sometimes. But she’s also super cool.

Toxic workplace phrases to avoid

“Don’t discuss politics/wages/personal life in the workplace! it’s unprofessional.” and “Don’t adress your boss in a familiar way” are some of my biggest pet peeves tbh. First of all, discussing politics is a constitution given right and it’s necessary in every democratic society, especially regarding workers rights. Wages are also important to discuss in the workplace in order to assure a certain level of fairness and trust, so many businesses loose employees because they end up frustrated about their wages or other’s wages. It also helps to ensure gender equality. Small talk between employees or with customers is important to ensure a cohesive work environment. As long as we do what we are required by the job description and we don’t prevent others from achieving it, it’s none of their business. Treating your boss in a formal way should only be done as you would do to any stranger or coworker, they are simply another human being that are here to ensure the job is done and give you the tools to achieve your labor. They often think of workers as their subordinates that should do anything they ask, but labour is an exchange of services for money, the social hierarchy between employee and boss is purely out of power abuse and coercion. These phrases are used to undermine the day to day worker, justify power abuse and keep workers’ rights stagnant.

Am I better or silently worse?

I always thought life improved after I met my current partner it’s been years, I went out and got a job, I finished therapy, I didn’t self harm and we bought a house. We live our life like a routine, we get up and go to work, we come home and cook dinner and eat together and then relax in front of the TV, we get into bed and most nights we fall asleep with the occasional night veering away to become intimate.

Did my life improve if I question it? I didn’t finish therapy I simply walked away because I wasn’t getting anywhere. I didn’t self harm because there was someone who cared who would question it, see my naked skin and I didn’t have time to give them the answers as to Why? And When? I went out and got a job but I hate it and I actually feel like breaking down on an at least weekly basis because of the stress of it. We bought a house to follow the norm of suburbia but I didn’t want to live here, I wanted to go nearly six thousand miles away where I knew home was. We tell ourselves we want children but we are just following the pattern.

My life never improved my suffering just inverted, it may not show by cuts on my skin or the reckless behaviour, it shows inside me; my body is physically and mentally tired at the end of every day because of the suffering I go through that I have no physical outlet for anymore, I don’t get to act like I’m really deranged; something I desire to do every day of my “perfect life”

I merely suffer in silence these days.

I’m working on assignment about intercultural communication regarding religion in the workplace and I was wondering if anyone could respond with a time that you were negatively impacted by a workplaces rules, regulations, events etc. anything that made you feel as though you were on the outside. Not flat out intentional discrimination with ill intent, but something that wasn’t fully considered and made you feel as though you were an outsider. For example: dress code. Pls don’t feel as though you have to respond, I don’t want to dredge up bad memories. My only intention is bringing awareness and create a workshop.