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Regarding filming DD/lg shit with an employee. Note - I like DD/lg but everything has its place and context. Also, filming this kinda crap in the workplace is a serious error. Especially when you want everyone to know how “faithful” and “religious” you are, but then no surprises there.

Also, if you wanna be a daddy, don’t whine and wheadle. That too is all kinds of fail.

9:30 pm. I just got home from work. I can’t stress enough how exhausted I am. Aside from the never ending series of deadlines, I think it’s the responsibility to hold my team together is what really draining the shit out me.

I couldn’t even show them how burn out I am. I have to wear that don’t-worry-I-got-this face all the time. I have to pull them up so we can move forward and get through the crisis. I feel like I have no right to be vulnerable when in reality I’

What can I do? It’s my job to be in the frontline. One of my team member tried to be sympathetic and told me she wished she had my brain so she could help a lot. I’m like “nah, you’re wishing for something you’ll regret.” My mind is everything that isn’t serene.

Ok, I’ll stop writing. It’s time for me to put my phone away. Ang haggard ko na, skin care muna 👽


Guess which country is the only industrialized nation without paid parental leave? Did you guess America? Great job! Despite overwhelming evidence that it’s actually GOOD for overall company morale and the economy, America refuses to institute any type of paid leave for new parents and instead leaves it up to corporations to figure out what’s best (read: cheapest) for their employees. What could possibly go wrong?
Women's pay lags as they often work for free, says new report
Women in the U.S. typically spend two more hours per day than men cooking, cleaning and doing other unpaid tasks , says a new report from Oxfam.

A woman’s work is – often unpaid.

That’s a key finding in a new report from Oxfam, an international organization focused on fighting poverty.

Women in the U.S. typically spend two hours more per day than their male counterparts cleaning, cooking and doing other unpaid tasks. That adds up to more than 95 additional eight-hour work days in a year that women work for free.

If American women did receive a paycheck for that time, it could add up to as much as $1.48 trillion annually, Oxfam says. That figure soars to $10.8 trillion a year when women’s unpaid work worldwide is given a value.

“Women and girls, who spend billions of cooking, cleaning, and caring for children and the elderly are the backbone of our global economy, yet benefit the least from it,” Paul O’Brien, Oxfam America’s vice president of policy and advocacy said in a statement.

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