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Building healthy relationships in the workplace

Talk to me @ TEN! Question of the day: Is risk-taking encouraged in your workplace, and what happens when people fail?

is one of the biggest killers of productivity. Use to catch gossipmongers at work.

It's a good afternoon to work while enjoying VRS GT iRacing World Championship Round 2 at Suzuka. Good Saturday all!

can provide a new, approach to prevention . Why training may be the future of sexual harassment prevention in the

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Andrew Tobin, from , suggests that the right environment is key to attracting, retaining and motivating talented staff.  How do Directors play a key role in this success?

Etech is a Servant Leadership Organization which places the needs of our team members, our customers, and our communities first. We strive to create a safe environment promoting courage, humility, trust, integrity, adaptability & learning.

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a lovely photo

I see the current harassment as a problem for both male and female. First it puts males in a situation where they cannot trust potential females they might meet. If they touch them in any sort of way they risk the possibility of being misunderstood. Its no longer safe to flirt. Sexual harassment and plain harrasment puts the sexual revolution over. From a recent survey, sex by certain portions of the american population is down or non existing. Does sex even sale anymore? 

From a female perspective they want to be be taken seriously in the work place and in society. They want to be treated fairly and equally. Should females dress to look sexy or should they dress to look strictly professional in the workplace? Or in everyday life. Nothing shows. Fashion tends to show otherwise. Movies tend to show otherwise. Celebrities tend to show otherwise. Hallmark Channel tends to show otherwise. Is the recent accusations of harrasment even worth paying attention to?

So is everything suppose to be hidden and discreet? Should people marry? Why even get in a relationship?

Isn’t it sort of harassment on a workplace when your male colleague - that is on a higher position than you - comments on what you’re wearing, e.g. “you are always wearing black, you should wear a little more colour” or - when you wear any colour but black (not because of him) - he remarks “see! you can pull of that colour, you should wear it more oftten, it suits you!”… or he “jokingly” says “you have to wear a colourful outfit at least a three times until your probationary employment periods ends, otherwise wie will fire you”. ???