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Fitness can be anything from dancing around our home to spending 30 minutes at the gym or swimming.

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I google one bloody workout video last week! And now I’m getting this shit!? suggested to me! I’m cool with my body Thanks Google! That exercise video I looked for was to keep fit! Not body shame myself!

You should never stretch a cold muscle. Stretching is best done after a . What's your workout today?🚴🤸🏃

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Agent’s 1st day of school! 🙏❤️
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Quando acendemos a nossa própria luz inconscientemente, damos permissão a que outros façam o mesmo. - Nelson Mandela

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Because we’ve been on an ‘explaining’ spree recently… 


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I wouldn’t eat before going to the beach or the pool so that my stomach could stay flat.

Let me say that again - I skipped a meal so that I could LOOK better instead of simply enjoying my time with friends and family. You know, instead of simply being a kid.

I was about 13 years old - maybe even younger - when I started obsessing about burning calories, eating “clean” and looking a certain way.

To be honest, the more I think about it now, the more I get mad at our society and diet culture for telling me that I wasn’t good enough or pretty enough and that I needed to be better by dieting.

That’s why @ww’s new app for kids (Kurbo) scares me. I was young and vulnerable when I started counting my portions using the Canadian Food Guide in the fear of being fat (P.S there’s nothing to fear or wrong about being fat).

I was young and vulnerable when I felt guilty for eating a piece of cake… on my birthday - or any day.

I was young and vulnerable when I would skip breakfast before going to the beach or the pool so that my stomach could stay flat.

I was young and vulnerable when I would check my stomach in the mirror every couple hours to see if my body changed.

I was young and vulnerable when I dragged my brother to the park so I could burn calories on the swings.

That app will most likely be the cause of many bad relationships with their bodies, exercise and food. That won’t improve these kid’s health, it’ll make it worse.

No kid (and no adult) deserves to feel like shit about their body and themselves - ever.


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Post three

I find that writing posts super regularly on here probably wont be helpful for my journey but to find a place to vent is always good. My current goal of 85 KGs is getting closer and closer. At the moment i am less than 3 KG away from that goal which to me is insane.

I had realised that i was being really unfair on myself and my goals for when I had expected myself to accomplish them by has shifted a lot. I now want to get to 70KG by the time i gratudate which isn’t until December of 2020. This seems like a super doable task. I had broken it down by a total loss i should aim for in a month in order to reach this goal. So as long as i lose around about 2 KG per month from now until then, i should have reached my goal.

With the rate at which i am losing my current weight (Which is mostly through my changes in diet) I should begin losing more than that once my timetable comes back to normal so i can also hit the gym while watching what i eat.

In a picture perfect world I’d like to be down to 85 by the first weekend of September, but i know thats a super big ask, so instead ill be patient and work towards being at that weight hopefully by the end of September.

I’m already beginning to feel more confident with myself as i start to see more changes in my body and energy levels.

Weight loss since last post: 6.4 KG

Total weight loss since blog started: 6.4 KG

आर्कषक दिखने के लिए आजकल लोग जिम में Workout करना पसंद करते हैं। लेकिन Exercise के दौरान लोग अक्सर कुछ गलतियां कर बैठते हैं। जिनकी वजह से उन्हें नुकसान हो सकता है। आपको Gym में इन गलतियों से बचना चाहिए।


a great pt session with Steve in Queens park . #kettlebell and #trx #workout ;
8 exercises 40 sec work 10 sec rest .
x rounds , 1 min rest between rounds
#MetabolicConditioning #metcon (at Queens Park)

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Today’s Workout:

Hour long walk
Jillian Michaels 6 Week 6 Pack Level 1
Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Level 3
Denise Austin Sculpt and Burn Body Blitz (Warm Up, Kettlebell-Inspired, Cardio Sculpt, Cool Down)
12 ½ mile bike ride
2 mile swim
45 minute circuit training

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: Chobani black cherry on the bottom Greek yogurt, coffee
Mini golden oreos, Reese’s peanut butter cup, Heath bar, Starbucks grande caramel frappuccino 
2 1/2L of sparkling water


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