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37,400 int’l businesses operate out of . Yet many small businesses struggle to source with specialised skills. The solution? The . Singapore Business Review article:

We will have a special event this Friday from 9 am – 11:30am to get applicants registered! We don’t want anyone to miss this opportunity as grant funds will expire soon!!! # CNA Fundsavailable

What is the scope for artificial intelligence and technological innovation to give doctors more manageable workloads?

The 's Chief Community Officer Ray Bentley will receive The Southland Ministerial Health Network​'s Spirit of Excellence in Development on Monday, January 21, 2019.

How can we ensure expanding the non-medical workforce improves doctors working lives and patient care, with the right safeguards in place?

. and I report on some of the different ways have to think and behave in order to acquire, train and manage the most in history.

Updated Data on : All regions in Minnesota except the Northwest have seen an increase in foreign-born residents between the 2008-2012 and 2013-2017 periods. Explore the data:

As it prepares to slash its by 12,000 in the integration of up to 2021, has begun corporate functions in the US. A first move will see the closure of its , with the loss of 569 administrative .

programs are important part of development. Read about the latest developments with our participation in an apprenticeship program called GA CATT in Georgia:

To access Investment Packet for opportunities to or promote of workers with intellectual/developmental disabilities, please visit: or contact . ,

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A great afternoon at Swansea University's annual Physician Associate Careers Fair! Nice to see so many faces: students, graduates, staff and external visitors alike! 😁

speaking about how is critical to success via our partners in industry and national labs as well as at conferences and workshops.

आधिकारिक बुलेटिन -6 (17-Jan-2019) गृहमंत्री ने सीमा प्रबंधन में अंतरिक्ष प्रौद्योगिकी पर कार्यबल की रिपोर्ट मंजूर की क्लिक करें -

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Elon Musk's rocket company SpaceX cuts one tenth of workforce
Company cites ‘extraordinarily difficult times ahead’ behind decision to slash about 600 employees

Workforce Profitability retains Customers

A solid workforce profitability strategy ultimately retains customers. Does your organization or association even consider the value of this strategy? 

Read more…

Favorite Tom x B'Elanna Moments

These two cuties are just so adorable. Even when their memories are wiped, they are still drawn to each other. 

You have to love Tom unknowingly hitting on his own pregnant wife.


PARIS: Can I bring you something else? 

TORRES: No, thank you. 

PARIS: I haven’t seen you in here before. 

TORRES: You probably just didn’t notice. 

PARIS: Oh, I’d have noticed. 

TORRES: Well, apparently you aren’t as observant as you think you are. 

PARIS: Oh, really? 

TORRES: I’ve been coming in here the same time every day, for the past two weeks. 

PARIS: Well, that explains it. I usually work nights.

TORRES: Me, too. 

PARIS: At the Power Distribution Facility. You see? I am observant. 

UMALI: Tom, I need you for a moment. 

PARIS: (to Umali) I’ll be right there. (to B’Elanna) Listen, you should come back in when you get a night off. It’s a lot more fun when there’s a crowd. 

TORRES: I don’t really like crowds. 

PARIS: Well then, maybe we could get together during the day sometime, take a walk by the river. 

TORRES: I don’t think so. 

PARIS: Why not? I’m a very engaging conversationalist. 


TORRES: Yeah. Still want to get together? 

PARIS: You’re married. 



TORRES: Enjoy your day.

Images from Trekcore. 


ALL MEN MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO! Jordan Peterson and Tucker on What’s Happ…


Canada wants 1 million immigrants by 2023. By 2021 they will be welcoming 350,000 each year. #Canada #immigration #society #workforce #populations #toronto #vancouver #calgary (at Toronto, Ontario)

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Post-acute facility trims length of stay by 3-5 days with alerts tech

Cedar View Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, a skilled nursing facility in Methuen, Massachusetts, operated by Marquis Health Services, was reviewing hospital discharge summaries and relied on a patient’s or family’s memories to piece together a patient’s encounter history.


Sometimes the provider organization also received input from a hospital’s external case manager, but consistently obtaining accurate information proved challenging. After it discharged a patient, it had no way to track their subsequent encounters with the health system.


Cedar View turned to vendor PatientPing, which provides real-time alerts from hospitals, emergency departments and post-acute care providers every time a patient goes through a transition of care. The vendor also supplies key clinical data that is valuable for placing a patient’s situation in context, as well as contact information for their healthcare providers.


Vendors of healthcare alerts technology include ECRI Institute, Healthix and Spok. Some health information exchanges also offer forms of clinical event notifications.


The members of the Cedar View care team who have PatientPing alerts sent to their desktops or texted to their phones include the admissions coordinator, the external clinical screener, the facility care manager, the social worker, the administrator and the director of nursing.

The care team monitors the alerts all day and has found them very useful for tracking patients, making bed offers and collaborating with other providers, said Andrea Gele, vice president of case management and reimbursement at Cedar View Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center.

“When Cedar View admits a patient, the staff uses PatientPing to validate the number of the patient’s remaining Medicare-covered days by looking at how long they were in the hospital,” she explained. “Information from PatientPing also allows team members to reach out to facilities or home care agencies from which the patient previously received care.”

In one example, an elderly, at-risk patient had a history of frequent hospitalizations and had recently been discharged from Cedar View. Following another hospitalization, the patient refused to let a home care nurse enter her home, and the home health agency reported this to Cedar View.

PatientPing notifications enabled the Cedar View care team to see that the patient presented to the emergency department following a fall that left her with multiple fractures. Cedar View then intervened and the patient returned to the Cedar View facility with a strong discharge plan. This direct transfer from the emergency department averted an unnecessary readmission to the hospital.

Click on page 2 below to learn how Cedar View reduced length of stay and readmissions.

OH oh oh I was having dinner with the dad tonight, earlier than usual because whatever, but that meant that instead of Tucker Carlson ruining my appetite, it was some other Fox news show.   “The Story with Martha MacCallum”.

And there was a guy on there.  Who was talking about the possible overturning of Roe v Wade. 

And he said things like

how we, as a country, aborted 16,000 babies last year. 

and he said

we have to bring in immigrants to do jobs

because we aborted 16,000 of our workforce.

our workforce.

and he said

that was tragic.

I can’t find the clip on the website though.  

The description doesn’t mention it.  It’s not in their video highlights, and today’s episode isn’t up to view yet.

I might check again tomorrow.  It looks like there are transcripts, and I want verification that this dude, this asshead, just called unborn humans “workforce”, and the loss of “workforce” was tragic.  I don’t even know what dude’s name was.