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in the is important for many reasons (equality, companies should reflect communities, social justice, to name a few!). Many don't know how much it improves financial performance. Awesome info here:

Special to Congressman for being apart of our this week. We enjoy connecting with our elected officials & we hope you had a blast!

133 Million new job roles that don't exist today will emerge by 2022 - is your prepared for the future of work? Your organization's greatest assets are its people - develop them.

The webinar: How Can Use to Build a More Effective and Successful is today at 2:30pm ET. Register now

Looking forward to the reflections of these leaders of forward-thinking organizations here in Minnesota.

is proud to be in such a supportive community! Learn more about a generous donation from to fund educational equipment for the next generation of leaders

The aim of the GP Trainee Transition Scheme is to help develop a workforce that is able to respond to the NHS 10-year plan. Visit our website for more information and to sign up -

Across California, hospitals partner with local community colleges to educate health care professionals in a variety of disciplines. More than 60% of the students enrolled in these programs are from diverse backgrounds.

Organizations can expand offerings to meet the needs of a diverse .

Join at the Strategies Summit, the premier event for and professionals, this September in for the insights you need to move your solutions program into the future!

Join at the Strategies Summit, the premier event for and professionals, this September in for the insights you need to move your solutions program into the future!

Join at the Strategies Summit, the premier event for and professionals, this September in for the insights you need to move your solutions program into the future!

Join at the Strategies Summit, the premier event for and professionals, this September in for the insights you need to move your solutions program into the future!

Hear from students whose lives has changed with our . Dan traded his sales job for one that truly makes him happy in made possible by his Technical Education

Join at the Strategies Summit, the premier event for and professionals, this September in for the insights you need to move your solutions program into the future!

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-Real name: Sandy Anderson


-Publisher: DC Comics

-Type:  Alien

-Afilliations: Legion of Super-Heroes, Wanderers, Workforce

-Powers: Blast power, fire control, flight, heat generation, light projection, radiation

Letting Lord Dampnut hold on to all of his business connections while in office seems like a pretty big conflict of interests right?

He’s now in the highest position of power in the country, with the ability to make any business partner happy via executive order to cut regulations or offer tax cuts to the nations most wealthy… and has already done both. He’s in a position to astronomically grow his investments with all of the power in the free world, and now he’s just being allowed to do so.

And his claim to fame in this is that he’s not accepting the presidential pay check. Like, he’s making more money doing it his way, of course he doesn’t give a shit about presidential salary. We should be a little more wary of a president who scoffs at the pay offered to hold the highest position of power in the US, the pay meant to be unteathered from self interest such finances from private businesses come packaged with.

A president divested from his personal business interests is a president paid for and working for the people he’s meant to serve. A president that denies that contract and keeps his own business interests instead is beholden only to what will grow that business. And it’s certainly not the American people.

This is not a partisan issue, this situation should be making the average citizen on either side nervous and angry, because big business with fuck you over to make an extra buck no matter what party they’re from.

Millenials Get Fucked Over by the Corporate Definition of “Flexibility” While Still Bitterly Trapped in the Gig Economy, Decide Now How Much Your Time is Worth








Welcome to the trappings of corporate wording in the early 21st century

In the age of the gig economy, the eight-hour working week and the subconscious social revolution taking place in 2019 (working less, spending your life on what is truly important) - corporate wording is that feeling you get on the back of your heel. In the graceful and lengthy strides that you take to and from your place of work, that feeling of your heel being stepped on or grazed by that someone behind you that walks too fast and entirely too briskly, that feeling? It is inflicted on you by your employer.

Sure, you knew the Amazon warehouse wouldn’t be a bed of roses, you knew your internship wouldn’t pay that well, what you didn’t know when you read those welcoming words on the job description “NO 9 TO 5 MENTALITY” was never meant to evoke flexibility in the employee and encourage them to leave early to spend time with their family or whatever actually makes their life fulfilling, but rather open them up to the possibility of working more than 8 hours, open these millennial employees up to the idea of being constantly on-call past 5pm and before 9am. 

(because let’s face it, work is work, and everyone can’t wait to leave work)

Your employers (any place, everywhere at any time) know you enjoy your life more than your “work-life” as they’d like you to refer to it (knowing full well that being employed is the rectum on this body of linear time we spend in flesh-vehicles, called “life”). They want you to use that millennial flare that they’ve seen protest political inaction on climate change, that energy that backs young politicians like AOC, they want you to keep that same energy that you put into your life and they want you to throw 110% of your passion into a workplace you’re dispassionate about.

Everyone wants money, everyone likes spending it, but if you asked 9 out of 10 people if they felt entirely fulfilled with the means of making that money, if you really asked 9 out of 10 people if they felt their workplace was “flexible” enough to care about their lives after 5pm - or if their employers were considerate enough not to bother them after 5pm - a lot of workers would tell you that dream has long since been forgotten. 

The reality is that in today’s global workforce young people are sold flexibility repackaged as “work more for us to prove you’re flexible”. Can’t these white-bread, vanilla-ass companies understand that we don’t give a single shit about their demands after 5pm? When did it become okay to ask your workers to have “no 9 to 5 mentality” as a way of asking them to work longer?

Corporate wording is a bitch and as the world bank struggles to keep up with brand new currencies and methods of payment, younger people are sincerely aware that their employer must offer them more than simple compensation if they are to retain their work-ethic.
Care Home Operator - the price of politics and "magic thinking".
This is just a brief article following a piece of work I did for a small care group in the south a few years ago. I did some interim work to improve their leaders, develop the teams, fine tune the governance - the usual stuff.

Liam Palmer

Care Home Leadership Specialist - specialising in larger homes/building private fee market

New Office Printer …

New additions this week to the home pottery office. 👍🏻 🖨 New printer EPSON WF-7720, +paper, +laminator, +gillotine, +envelopes. Working on to make new promotional and fundraising material. Bookmarks, badges, key rings , buttons, gift cards, and brochures. Next on the table is to get a button maker machine. 👍🏻 maybe some more ceramic books too. 😉 😉 😉

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Being in the working world

As a 20 year old in the workforce somethings are great, and others are shit. Like the most of the older generations, who wont hire younger people because if they slap our asses without our permission or a decent friendship we wont stand for it. Or because we go for lunch and dont come back. Bull fucking shit. They only reason that most of my age group walks away from our job or does something like that is because we aren’t being treated well and we wont stand for it. If y'all would treat us well and with even a small amount of respect we will go to the ends of the earth for you.


Top of the morning!! 🌄 Love back training!
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Women and India’s economy.

In 2012, the last time the government surveyed its citizens about their occupation, an astonishing 205 million women between the ages of 15 and 60 responded “attending to domestic duties.” Economists, with increasing urgency, say India will not fulfill its potential if it cannot put them to work in the economy. They say that if female employment were brought on par with male employment in India, the nation’s gross domestic product would expand by as much as 27 percent…

One of the men had found employment as a “mobilizer” for Gram Tarang, a for-profit agency contracted by India’s government to recruit and train workers. He mentioned that Gram Tarang was offering a cash incentive — roughly 450 rupees, or about $6.75, a head — to mobilizers who identified young women willing to enroll in a training program for garment factory jobs…

 “Letting go of female children is dishonorable, in itself,” explained Pramanand Das, who presides over an informal family council. Minati Das, the mother of a 19-year-old, got to the point quicker. “Not everyone wants a daughter-in-law who is a working woman,” she said. “They think she has lost her chastity.” The village had its own plan for these young women. Upon reaching adulthood, they would be transferred to the guardianship of another family, along with a huge dowry that serves as an incentive to treat them well. The transfer is final. Each morning, before she is allowed to eat, the daughter-in-law must wash the feet of her husband’s parents and then drink the water she has used to wash them.

All of my savings were worth 1500euros after all… Isn’t foreign exchange market a wonderful thing ❤️

I recently applied for a job and signed a 3 month contract with the said company. And at this very moment, I realised I have never beem this confuse with all these dress code that is implemented in the working industry.

What constitutes smart casual? what attire is formal enough to be formal? Why is it that females are still required to put make up when men need not do so? Is it always necessary for females to wear high heeled shoes in office work, why aren’t normal flats allowed? They are formal too.

At this point in time, I am just really frustrated with all this.

How to make the most of your commute to work
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Don’t squander away the time and instead keep yourself energised with these productive tasks.

Take in a podcast or audiobook
Podcasts and audiobooks are a great way to entertain yourself, while also learning something new. Not only are you adding to your knowledge, you’re giving yourself a reason to look forward to your commute. From self-help to industry-related news, comedy, interviews, and general knowledge, there are a whole host of podcasts out there. If podcasts aren’t your thing, download an audiobook. Most books published today have audio versions, perfect for those looking to make the most of their travel time.

Learn a new language
You can use the time spent commuting to brush up on a language you’ve learnt earlier or pick one you’ve always wanted to master. There is a range of language learning apps that use interactive lessons, quizzes, games, and audio-visual formats to make learning fun. Some of the popular apps are Duolingo, Memrise, Babbel and Rosetta Stone. By adding to your skill set you’re also making yourself a more valuable asset at work.

Use the time to network
This a bit of a rabbit hole, so you need to keep yourself on a tight leash to ensure you are being productive. Check your social media to catch up on current happenings and use the time to (re)connect with and reach out to industry veterans, peers, colleagues, and potential business partners. Build on the connections you’ve made at industry social gatherings or events. These relationships and interactions could provide helpful insights and knowledge as well as lead to interesting work opportunities.

Evaluate your day
The time spent travelling to work gives you the perfect opportunity to take a good look at the day ahead and make sure you’ve got your to-do list right. Your mind is fresh and you’re more likely to spot areas of improvement, possible hurdles, and the changes you need to make to have a productive day. To do so you also need to evaluate your previous day’s work as part of the self-improvement. This daily review is a great way to decrease stress.

Make it your ‘me time’
In our mad, hectic lives and rush to get everything done, we often don’t set aside any dedicated time for ourselves. That little bit of ‘me time’ to create your own space and tune out the rest of the world. Well, your commute time can help you do just this. Finding the environment too noisy? Take the help of guided meditation apps to focus inwards and relax. This will calm your mind, increase focus, and prepare you for the day ahead. If you’re doing this on your way home, it will help you unwind and deal with all the stress and tension of the day at work, so that you’re relaxed and can enjoy the rest of your day.
Workforce Management Solutions
Workforce Management Solutions allow for fast ramp-up and ramp-down of highly qualified resources.

V2Soft has been solving the workforce management needs for our clients across multiple industries for over 21 years.

V2Soft workforce solutions include the following types of solutions:

➢ Contract

➢ Contract-to-Hire

➢ Consulting

➢ Permanent Workforce

➢ Flexible Staffing options  

I single handedly got cargo shorts banned for my entire food service chain district 😂

Starting Memorial Day everyone used to be allowed to wear docker or cargo shorts at work as long as you still had a belt on and your shirt was tucked in

I was basically the only person who took advantage of this, and people would tease me and call me a dad which I accepted, I inherited a bunch of shorts after my brother quit UPS, I know how they look- and come on, it gets to be 80+ degrees out in the summer and I walk to work, no way do I want long jeans year round

Yesterday we got word that the regional district manager made a choice to ban shorts for all stores in their jurisdiction forever on account of them “looking tacky”

What a fuckin call out y’all 😂