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in my first day as assistant editor, I put Hamilton in my newspaper.

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Gettin’ little bit of work done in the office today. my new secretary is picking venues in cities & states to go to, y’all can help too. Where should I go to?

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ORGULLO es creer en ti mismo y tener la libertad de elegir y expresar quién ERES realmente. Creemos que la DIVERSIDAD fomenta la CREATIVIDAD.

Construction firm Kier Group has said it will cut around 1,200 jobs by next year as part of accelerated restructuring plans. The move is expected to create £55 million of annual cost savings from the 2021 financial year onward.

I stepped off the BB Battle Field and into the Boardroom. Been super busy and loving it. Still need to schedule some free time and get back on the field.

Been getting mad love on my SooundCloud profile bless to all of you🙏🏻🖤 You can stream/download/lease/purchase my music from the link in my bio💨💨

I stepped off the BB Battle Field and into the Boardroom. Been super busy and loving it. Still need to schedule some free time and get back on the field. More info:

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So, I’m working as a lifeguard this summer 🌞🌞

Also self promo- i have instagram @ominouspizza

Had a grand ol’ photoshoot today, spoke a lot to one of the big shots in marketing, made some connections, did some networking.

Spent 4 hours traveling back to Sheff from Uxbridge and now I need to get a good sleep because my 2 senior colleagues are coming up here from London tomorrow to do some store visits. Fuck…. work work work work.

One million dollar $

“Imagine waking up with one million dollar in your bank account.”

I think and belief that most of the human popularity dreams about this scenario, me either. But its not that easy, you can´t just hope that one day you wake up and magically receive a paycheck over one million.

The good part is you can do something to get to it.

Just work for it. Be smart, learn new things and stop dreaming.

One day you will earn the one dollar for your complete million dollar dream. 

Why do you want to be a millionaire ?

girloverhere replied to your postgirloverhere replied to your post: Literally why…

I just can’t imagine thinking that is a viable option!

girloverhere replied to your postgirloverhere replied to your post: Literally why…

Like where dopeople get the idea thats okay?

Well apparently (at least according to this lady), other more sketchy organizations are willing to do it.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But TBH in general, in this field, most people I come into contact with are either incredibly humble and feel bad asking for anything, or incredibly entitled and expect everything to be given to them without question and immediately. There’s not a lot of in-between.

June 25, 2019


Currently working on emails and getting through my to-do list before I start on my research again. I’ve been putting off my thesis research in favor of doing my job research. Honestly, I don’t know if I want to do this thesis, as interesting as it is. Decided to sit outside with my iced chai.

Volunteering at an English language learning school in Phnom Penh, Cambodia [March 2016]

Mission 1 of 5: Serve others by working and volunteering.

Working fills your pockets; volunteering fills your heart. Look within yourself to decide how you want to positively impact those whose paths you cross. While traveling, if you can highlight your talents and also learn skills that benefit others, you will bring an enhanced sense of purpose to your journey.

Whether you scrub hostel toilets, care for endangered elephants or farm zucchini in the blazing heat, do what grows you as an individual. Your energy spreads unto others, thus, continuing the cycle.


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girloverhere replied to your postLiterally why is it so hard for certain people to…

That’s so odd

The person this lady wanted to send a card to was recently honored by us at an event, so it’s literally just laziness - she knows her kids have the contact info but is just like, “well if the organization just honored them, obviously they already have it, so I won’t bother getting it even though the donation form requests it.” I don’t remember the exact situation from the other time this happened, but I think it was something similar - someone who had been honored or a board member or something. And I’m quite sure we DID have the address in both cases, but that doesn’t mean we can do something like this. Being honored by an organization is not giving that organization permission to send you correspondence on behalf of anyone and everyone who asks who doesn’t know you well enough to have your contact information. Don’t get why it’s such a hard concept.