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Sergio Baizabal al aire en FUSIÓN 90.1 FM 📻🎧 Cabina 2010120 o 2010121..... ☎ Whatsapp 2299608763..... 📱

Capping off my long 3-days off by some as my favorite version of the character!~❤️ ..My is gonna be hella hectic for the next month, so this mini-break has been nice. Now to survive the season...

Finally arrived! ReWork completely disrupted my thinking on how the workplace should operate. Can’t wait to dive into ’s new one

I have a crazy for the next couple weeks... Gonna try and keep doodling in my spare time, but no promises. I hate the season.😓😨

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I’ve accumulated over 200K points from Southwest. Damn I travel way too much.

Well that was fast! The is in! Going to be a for each person at my . My is going to busy for some time. Might have to get the other one cleaned up and do some maintenance. Yay for sparkly !

Subscribe here and you will get motivation sentences every week in a mail and in the first time you register you will get a short ebook for free Please this

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I love my job, my boss took some of us out to a Brazilian grill downtown and jfc. The parmesan pork and grilled pineapple fucking killed me. The pineapple had a crust of carmelized sugar and cinnamon boy I shit

let me just tell you, working in food services is hard af, ok? I’m a server and it gets really stressful, like tonight there were multiple occasions where I wanted to cry but I kept telling myself “I’m fine, I got this everyone makes little mistakes” but that shit builds up and at the end of the night one the chefs said my name and I thought “great what did I mess up now” but instead she told me I was doing a great job and i stg I started to tear up right then and there while scooping out tartar sauce


before i saw hayley live i did this cover to get emotionally prepared


#Light #Work salute @theonlyjkey for with the squad since day numero uno (at Blackwood Studios)

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Alaska guy vs Cop guy

Thanks to going to bed at 7 pm two nights in a row, I had enough energy to stay on my feet all day and continue to stay on my feet to make dinner.  Dinner was pancakes and enough pancakes to have for breakfast until we break for Thanksgiving.  :)

I thought I was sick yesterday b/c of something I ate the day before, but this morning I could hear my neighbor (b/c the walls are paper thin), throwing up in the bathroom and I noticed he did not go to work so maybe it was something going around. 

I have decided that the only reason I go to New Mexico (or the main reason) is to see the scenery.  So I  have decided I am going to take a bus to Gallup.  It is going to be a 17-hour trip.  I will stay a day or two and then take another 17-hour trip right back.   But I won’t have to drive so it doesn’t matter. As long as I can get a window seat for the daylight portion I can take all the pix I want.  :)   I also already found the restaurants and motels there and omg……. I found a place that gives hot air balloon tours!  It’s expensive but I want to do it so bad.    Maybe I can save some money to do it over Spring Break.  It would truly be a bucket list experience.   Anyway, I plan to embark Jan 1 or 2nd, providing I don’t spend too much during Christmas.

I’m going to spend Christmas with my ex-husband in Corpus.   We see each other for the big holidays b/c…………..well, neither of us have family, we were each other’s best friend for 20 years and he knows we will never get back together again and that once I’m gone it will be a year or so before he sees me again.  So I get to have a movie partner and someone to drive me around to see the Chrismas lights and he gets to pretend or a few days that he didn’t lose the best thing he ever had.   Then I go back to my job and friends and cats and he goes back to the homeless shelter where he lives and that is that.  I’ve got a few other friends to see in CC as well.

One friend from CC is now in Alaska and ……………….oh hell I stuck my foot in it with him….
Where to even begin.   We’ve always flirted online, it’s just natural for us for some reason.   But in person, I am not attracted to him at all.  I’m not sure why.  He’s a handsome guy, but for some reason, the chemistry is only online.

There is a guy I have been wild about for about 15 years.  The one that is newly married that my stan seemed to freak out so bad about.  I had the feeling he knew how I felt but finally I just had to tell him …..b/c why not?  He’s married, I’m 600 miles away, what harm could it be.  So I did and he was so nice and asked me basically “Why didn’t you make a move on me before I was married?”  making me think it could have worked out.  But of course the answer was “You weren’t married but I was and i couldn’t cheat on him.

Ooooookay.  Well, I used that as a prelude to the story about me and Matt as a way of saying “I’m so fucked up now, even if you weren’t married, I couldn’t do anything with you but I just want you to know I’m going to love you forever.”

Okay, I’m one lazy beeyotch I freely admit.  I have what happened between Matt and me in a Gooogle doc so when I meet someone I would normally go for and we start to get close I have to pull that out as if to say “Put the breaks on, I’m broken, I’m fucked up, I’ve always been but I’m even more so now and here’s why”

So I go to forward it to the Alaska guy, not checking the cut and paste and not only did the google doc get sent but also the note of “I know we can’t be together but I’ll love you forever”
So now this dude had kicked his flirting into hardcore overdrive—-turbo flirting!!! And I’m too embarrassed to say “oopsie, wrong dude!”  I don’t want to hurt his feelings.  

But I guess for now it’s okay.  He’s a billion miles away and I’ve told him I can’t be with anybody now but holy cow….he’s apparently crazy about me now.

I used to dream about him all the time and in the dream sometimes it is him and sometimes it is Dean Winchester!  I think I’ve had those dreams b/c I knew he was safe.   He’s always been nice, always been respectful.   I had two dudes start coming on to me HARDCORE (LIKE GRABBY HANDS HARDCORE) when i left my husband.  I mean, my anxiety had not even calmed down, I was still freaked about everything and there come these goons the instant I get away from my husband wanting me to jump into bed with them!   But Alaska guy wasn’t like that at all and neither was the other guy(whom I met when I was the assistant manager at a 16 screen movie theater.  Now I am a teacher and he is a cop), the one the message was made for.   I remember that guy coming to where I worked, giving me brochures victims services and just giving me the best, longest, warmest hug.    

Oh, and I got to teach a bunch of 12 year olds to play Scrabble today during library.  That was SO much fun!!!  I have vivid memories of playing that with my mom but now I realize that OMG she taught me to play that SO young.  I had to have been only 9 or so but we did it all the time before she got sick.   It’s a good game for kids, so glad the library has it now.  And it was the birthday of one of my students who at 12 is taller and more developed than me.  I am not kidding, she looks 20.   I gave her a diary and inscribed it to her as best I could to be in code.  What I wanted to say is “Men are going to try and take advantage of you.  Get away from them, don’t trust them, they are only going to hurt you.”   But of course, as a teacher, I cannot bring up a subject like that…   But we had just finished reading “The Spider and the Fly” so I told her ‘take a lesson from that poem and be careful around people you don’t know.  Stay in school, stay away from boys, if something is right in your heart, trust it, if your heart tells you it’s wrong, run from it. When all else fails, read a book.  Graduate and go out and conquer the world.”
And I included the lyrics to Tip The Scales and Gave It All by Rise Against.  She seemed so happy.  She read the inscription over and over again.

I really, truly love my job!


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VOLITION PILOT | walk cycle test - Woot this rig came out better than expected! Now to animate great sci-fi adventures! Have a great night! (Btw I’m looking for a job placement) lol #maya #playblast #animation #cgi #3d #rig #test #walkcycle #animacao #personagem #pilot #scifi #work #demoreel #portifolio #gamedev #elitedangerous #StarCitizen #reference #advs5 #rigging #videogames

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