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I thought I wasn't a 'Costco person' until my friend showed me what I was missing, and I've never looked back

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Commission drawing!

when you’re alone in the office and you can open the windows for as long as you want without bothering any of your colleagues so you open them for a good 20 minutes while it’s 4°c outside because no one can stop you from not doing it and everyone who wants to come in and ask you something has to bear the cold that you enjoy, which then makes them leave quickly


Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. 

So, open my email at work and get a “my analytics” message. Didn’t think much at first. I handle websites, work with the social media team , etc. so there are lots of analytics we track. Then I took another look. Nope, this is Microsoft tracking ME and wanting to tell me how focused I was at work last week. 

Now Microsoft claims this info is private and googling it showed me how to find the command to supposedly turn it off. But I really have no way of knowing that it is off or that my company can’t get access to the info to find ways to justify a lower raise or worse if they wanted. 

If you work in an office that uses Office 365, this is apparently on by default. You can search to turn it off (hopefully) and I recommend doing that. And then what I recommend to everyone is - the work computer is only for work stuff. Personal stuff, no matter how innocent it seems, happens on your personally owned and controlled device only. 

“dämonische Leinwände III - beyond” - kozek hörlonski / Alexander Martinz (2019)

Dämonische Leinwände ist als dreiteiliges Projekt konzipiert – jeder Part beinhaltet Filmbilder, die jeweils in einen installativen Kontext gesetzt werden. Die Künstler orientieren sich dabei inhaltlich und ästhetisch am Genre des Horrorfilms, seinen Varianten, Subgenres und Hybridphänomenen, wobei sich jeder Teil mit einer anderen filmischen Ära des Horrorgenres auseinandersetzt. Diese historischen Bezüge werden vor dem Hintergrund zeitgenössischer Fragen, Gesellschaft, Politik und Ortsbezogenheit gestellt. - Nora Leitgeb ( “dämonische Leinwände II - arrival”, Steirischer Herbst)


Don’t Depend On A Job - WeeklyT 001

Why does no one I work with have any sense of responsibility? I’m not exaggerating when I say that in the year and a half I’ve worked there, literally only 5 people have put in a 2-week notice when they leave. We’ve had probably 20-30 other people quit who just don’t show up and then refuse to answer their phones when someone tries to figure out where they are. Or they just walk out in the middle of a shift. Like… I GET that this job sucks, don’t get me wrong it’s a garbage job, but it’s not hard to just be like here’s a sticky note I wrote you that says my last day is this date, see ya losers. This is not a professional job, you don’t need to write out some fancy resignation letter or anything, but no, nobody can even be bothered to write a sticky note, or to even just talk to someone and SAY they are leaving. I mean, jeezum squeezum, they can’t even be bothered to call and say “hey don’t expect me today, I’m quitting” like what the fuck people!

Dear Mr. J

Today was boring as hell. I woke up, went to work at my 8 to 5 job and then wen home. The most exciting thing that happened today was my Boss’s boss came in and I had a meeting with him.  Apparently our office has too much drama which is funny because we haven’t had any issues in months. The fact that they came from a whole other state to tell us to stop having drama is in and of itself very dramatic. Kind of funny when you think about it. 

I am on my second day of antidepressants and I am having a little nausea but nothing too bad. I don’t feel the need to eat all of the time now. I do feel extra anxious today though. It might just be because of the meeting though. 

The Cool Morning's Call

Thrashing out of the nest,
The cool morning is calling
Starting as glimmer
Where a black river curves

Rumbling and revving
Never sparking to life
The full day sputters
And binds me to earth

Flattened and defused
Before a nightmare’s whirl
The enraged cyclone
Must claim its revenge

Things that are annoying

So I was on medical leave for burnout the past few months, which is covered by Canada’s sick leave (yay) but is not considered a workplace related illness/injury so my toxic workplace will face no fines, penalties or repercussions or even any help in ameliorating the situation.

How can burnout, which is basically depression and anxiety about your workplace not be a workplace related injury/disability?!?