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Working at the airport before taking my flight to some new discoveries and new business partners

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Almost there guys and gals!, almost…

Probably should figure out how to process this style more effectively next time.

Time is running

The week last were filled with searching new tunes, creating a playlist with a nice flow on a high energylevel for the dancing crowd and doing a lot of research. These things took so much time after the regular job that i decided to pause creating content for social media networks. And a few days (3-4) later more than 20 instagram follower leaved me. I just hat near to 70 but when on this point 20 are leaving it´s a lot.. My main problem the last days were creating a playlist. I have the chance to join 2 DJ Contests and can upload 1 mix to an online radio station. All these mixes must be 1h. But 1 mix is for me the most important because i´m able to win a 1h live slot at a party. So this mix should be so perfect on energy level that the people on th dancefloor don´t stop dancing. And i´m still working on my homepage and a presskit. Whe i´ve finished all these points i will get in contact with club managers. This will be one of the hardest part for me. And it will take a lot of time again..

Stay tuned! P!runya


Szybkie malowanie ?

Znacie takie urządzenie?

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[January 15-16, 2019]

This is an accurate representation of what my life has looked like for the past two days. I’ve been working countless hours in the library, reading through a dozen law books and finishing my essay in one of my law subjects. I’m gonna be honest, it felt good to be productive. But I’ve also noticed the huge gaps that are a result of my own negligence during December.

I’m 95% sure I’m going to fail this essay. I’m not saying this for pity or sympathy, but because I’ve never failed anything. I’ve never needed a second attempt for anything. Failure is - or used to be - my biggest nightmare. Maybe it would be a good thing to learn this lesson early on, rather than at a later part of my studies.

Right now, I feel incredibly unbothered by the idea of failing. Because failing wouldn’t mean the end of the world. It’s a lesson I’m learning.

He.llo Wor.ld

Olá, se estás por aqui foi porque de alguma forma me encontraste, aqui podes ver alguns dos meus trabalhos que vou realizando a nível fotográfico. Tens várias páginas que podes explorar, basta clicares numa delas. Obrigada.

“As memórias que desaparecem a máquina fotográfica guarda.”