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Words- If you manipulate , it's a lie. If you on words,it's a . If you rely on words, it's . If you transcend words,it's โœด SriSri Jgd Gurudev Beyond words, enjoy the & of Nature ๐Ÿ™‚

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i’m SO sick of seeing the most beautiful souls get treated so much worse than they deserve time and time again

I pray that you forgive yourself when I’m gone, that you avoid thinking you could have done better. You should know that things couldn’t have been different just because we spent a night drinking overpriced frappes or picked up superficial women from sketchy bars. You couldn’t Banksy a blue sky over my head.

I pray that you understand. I’m just a moth with odd desires, so don’t you ever –for a minute– think that it’s your fault I got these scars.

I pray that you don’t trace my breadcrumbs so you don’t end up following my footsteps. I pray that you accept that every story has a beginning, middle, and end.

–// Letter no. 1

Malaya Ka Na

By Gian Tabia

Mahal sa palagay ko'y sapat na, 

Sapat na ang pakikitungo mo sakin ngayon mahal 

 Upang magising na wala na talaga, 

 Wala na ang dating pinagsamahan 

Pinagsamahan na ngayun ay baliwala na. 

 Mga pangakong napako na. 

Pero naalala mo ba mga pangako mo? 

Pangako na hindi mo ko iiwan na tayo hanggang dulo. 

Ngunit ang mga pangakong iyon ay na naglaho na, 

Mga pangako na pinanghahawakan ko ngayun ay wala na. 

 Saan ba ako nagkamali? 

Bakit ‘di ko maintindahan ang dahilan kung bakit ka lalayo, 

O sadyang ayaw mo na kaya ka gusto mo ng lumayo, 

Lumayo nga ba o may pumalit ng bago, 

Bago mong gusto na hindi ko matutumbasan. 

Sana sinabi mo na sa mga araw na tayo pa. 


Pero mahal ito ako ngayon

Lumuluha at mag sasabi sayo: 


Paalam mahal sa mga masasayang pinagsamahan. 


Salamat sa sakit na iyong iniwan, 

Sakit na pilit kung kakalimutan 

 Tulad ng paglimot mo sa'kin. 

 Mahal salamat sa pagmamahal na iyong binigay, 

Kahit alam mong tayo'y mahihiwalay 

Kaya mahal hanggang dito nalang tayo. 

At sa mga masasayang dinulot mo sa'kin na magiging alala nalang. 

Sige na mahal kung yan gusto mo 

Ngayon mismo mahal pinapalaya nakita, 

Hindi dahil sa gusto kong palayain ka 

Kundi sa kagustuhang, gusto kong maging masaya ka dahil mahal kita. 


Landian sa chat

By Gian Tabia

Nagsimula lahat sa chat, 

That time wala akong intensyon na mainlove sayo, tanging gusto ko lang yung may kachat! 

Normal na hi hello? 

Kumain kana ba? 

Hanggang sa na punta na tayo sa topic about your life 

Hindi ko na mamalayan na sayo na pala umiikot yung mundo ko. 

Umabot sa point na “Phone is my life” “Mamaya nako kakain” “Mamaya nako maliligo” “Uunahin ko yung pm ko sayo bago breakfast ko” “Nagcecellphone habang naka-charge” “Dating tambay ngayon tutuk sa cellphone” “Dedma sa tropa” Basta ganon. 

Minsan nga nalulungkot ako pag hindi kapa nag-rereply or ang tagal mong mag-open. 

“May sweetness pero walang kayo” “Concern siya pero walang kayo” “May mga promises pero imposibleng mangyari” “Mahal naten ang isat isa pero diko alam kung totoo.” “Bawal mag-selos” “Bawal mag-reklamo” “Basta malabo” “Kasi nga walang label” “Kasi nga walang kayo”

 Dun ko na narealize na yung alam kong landian lang! 

Sineseryoso ko na pala. 

Mahal na pala kita kahit alam kong hanggang messenger lang yung pag-ibig ko sayo. 

Ang masakit dun nag-babago pala talaga ang lahat. 

Ang dating “Okay” naging “K” Ang dating “Iloveyou” naging “lab u" 

Ang dating "Sweetness” naging “Maalat” “Seen” “Inbox” “Likezoned" 

Pero alam mo kung anong pinaka-masakit "Cleared nickname” 

Parang gusto mo na talagang tapusin yung kalandian nato. 

Pero ang masaklap dun nagmahal ako sa messenger. 

Umikot yung pagmamahal ko sayo gamit ang “Data” “Messenger" 

At lahat ng nararamdaman ko natapos lang lahat sa "BLOCKED" 

You can’t reply to this conversation…. 

If my misery is essential for your happiness, go along, tear me apart, break me.
But donโ€™t forget the law of attraction and karma. I never had to destroy anyone for my own satisfaction.
—  Estevão Fernando (stoic-words)


So crisp, like ice

but with none of the painful feelings of cold: those numbing stabbing symptoms.

More like clear glass; making the mouth water in anticipation of the smooth cool feel against the tongue…

Or perhaps it was liquid blue stone, instinctively sucked upon to the delight of the senses, minerals coursing into the cheeks and teeth.

What dreams and visions slipped along and overlapping until they became a blur

while I floated in and out among dimensions of sound and taste?

It didn’t matter, the experience was unexpected and wild; it could not be mapped.

And in the flowing and tumbling I found myself doubled and opened.

Becoming both




As a mirror shattered!

yet gives now myriad reflections

Thursday April 18, 2019

There are some things we can’t sell on our social media accounts. Some feelings that just can’t be portrayed through the avatars that  have become more human than the real humans that we are. Moments when we feel what we feel, because we really feel it. when there’s no camera’s around to document, no words to type out. & even if we wanted to, even if that thing inside of us that desires understanding and connection puts every effort forth in explaining these things, it won’t come out right. It’s not meant to be any more than what it is, a full body, deep to your core, nameless soul- connection.

It’s those early days in April, when the cold air suddenly goes into hibernation & you feel your body begin to ease with the red wine working it’s way from your mouth to your toes. You walk outside and feel it, that warm burst of air that’s so foreign and yet.. so nostalgic. An old  friend that had long ago moved away, and yet it’s only with their return that you wonder how you could have possibly ever gone on without them?

You lay in the grass and let the air fill your lungs, brush against your legs, play with your hair. Summer nights. There’s something so special about summer nights, and I can feel it coming. Sitting out and watching the stars as my dad smokes a cigar beside me. Falling asleep to the sound of the ocean as that last bit of smoke makes its way out of the bonfire. The people in my life always willing to go for a walk at 2:00 in the morning; Who never questioned, but just always knew.

When I was young, and I mean really young, I would go through phases of having frequent panic attacks. Nothing could calm me, nothing could ease my mind, until one day my mom picked me up, brought me outside and told me to breathe in deep. “In through your nose, out through your mouth.” for months it was that deep breathe, that fresh air that brought me back to a place of feeling like myself again. Who  would have known that 20 years later that same feeling would still live inside of me. 

It’s those feelings that send shivers down your spine, and makes the bumps on your arm raise. The way your mind works and turns in these moments. 

Feeling so human, that you long to be this human with another human.

& even with this picture painted, I know in my gut that it’s not even a fraction of what I’m feeling.. Not even a sliver. 

i want to be naked around you
and see how you stare at me
i also want to be comfortable with myself
and taste the freedom with you

i want to show off my soul
not because we’re a “couple”
but by doing it so, it’ll make us whole
you’ve stolen my heart and made it your own

– you’re my home