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Happy !

Happy Earth Day! This morning we created self-watering planters. Stay tuned as we patiently wait for the first bit of green to pop through the soil! 🌎💚 🌱 🔍 – at John Trumbull Primary School

Un libro altamente recomendable. Me ha encantado.

Check out the beauty and wonder of kinetic wind sculptures in this previous !

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Les sixièmes face à Wonder : projection du film et débat sur le thème du harcèlement en milieu scolaire

/ 日本一のアカペラをEテレで🎶 \ NHK Eテレ 『 沼にハマってきいてみた 』 4/24(水) 18:55放送🔽 公認団体Musik Spiel()に所属していたWonder()が出演🎤 白金キャンパスも登場するかも? ぜひご覧ください😊

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Tower of Incomprehension - had to wait very patiently for the right individual for this image

In an unforeseen spin of events, Maleficent took the iron throne. • Maleficent costume and concept by @thecorsetcarriage. Body paint and makeup by and @mcbridebeauty. • Photo by @fatmanphotography. •

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Happy Earth Day…a passion for hugging trees and sending love vibrations around the world
I love for being here!
👁♥️U Mother 🌎‼️
My heart is full of Infinite Thanks for all the magnificent wonders of living among nature’s beauty, creatures and joy on this AMAZING planet!!!!!

“Ideals are like stars; you will not succeed in touching them with your hands. But like the seafaring man on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guides, and following them you will reach your destiny.”

-Carl Schurz

Open your eyes

Remove those who

do not understand your soul

Open your eyes

And you’ll apreciate the ones that do

Open your eyes

Be one with your mind body and spirit

Open your eyes

And see yourself

As the beauty which makes you you

Open your eyes

Love your eyes

They gift you sight

And knowledge along

With strength and courage

Open your eyes

So that you can be alone

And still see.

- something I thought of

Another Life

Not often, but sometimes, I indulge myself. I let myself close my eyes and I let my mind wander. Expanding to embrace the idea that there is several versions of this reality, happening right now, somewhere far away. A reality much like this one, only in this alternate universe, the part of you that loved me was bigger than the part that wanted to let me go. In this universe, you stayed. We grew together, continuing to love each other as deeply as we did, all those years ago. Maybe we’re married, maybe we are living in Canada like we once daydreamed of, maybe we’ve got a dog, a cat, a child. My mind spirals and spirals, embracing all the possible ways we could be living our lives, somewhere out there in space. 

My favourite reality, though, is still the one where you leave. You leave, and we both hurt. It burns, deep down, and we wonder if we’ll ever stop aching. We grow, we heal, we learn things about ourselves we could never have possibly learned together. Then, one day, not because we need to in a flurry of teenage desperation, but because we want to, we find our way back to each other. It brings me small comfort to think that somewhere way out there, there’s a me living the life that I’ve always longed for, though I have to wonder what she longs for, on the long nights when she’s trying to fall asleep.