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day 15: I finally finished the journal app in the course! Upon completion, I made 8 single-line entries, and they show that I may have watched too many videos recently.

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It's very very very not pretty yet, but I wanted to show what I've done today for ! I also have a call about an internship tomorrow!

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Day 36-37 : Work in Progress: course from . Wasted HOURS trying to install Homebrew/npm on Mojave OS because of XCode download + Power outage this weekendπŸ™„, so I'm a bit behind.

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Day 22 of ! Still working on my 0px; " tag="ulator app. I am having a lot of trouble with it so I am going to put it down for a day and work on something else tomorrow.

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D36: Personal Portfolio page content done. It's the last project in 's Responsive Web Design course. CSS tomorrow. It's been hard to go so slowly when I'm so obsessed, but I'm committed to this marathon and burnout wouldn't help matters.

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Not only did I write all the code down, but I wrote out what was happening under the hood (am I using that phrase right? πŸ˜…)

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Handwritten code on paper based on React.js documentation: Main Concepts (4) Components and Props - Extracting Components.

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D61/: Taking these last 40 days more seriously & teaching myself React. Going thru docs slowly & writing down A LOT of notes. Had trouble understanding β€œExtracting Components” so I wrote it all down

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Handwritten code on paper based on React.js documentation: Main Concepts (4) Components and Props - Extracting Components.

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Day 5: This was SO FUN to complete!! I decided to take another precourse from just because it's free!! Thanks for encouraging me to be open to the coding bootcamp world... I'm hungry for more!

Tomorrow is the St. Louis March ! Come learn why developing an Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) strategy is vital to cloud transformation success! Complimentary refreshments will be served. Everyone is welcome!

Day 15/100 Plan your in style: switch (day){ // (...) case 15: cssExercise++; javaExercise++; break; // (...) default: day++; break; }

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Day 14 abit o' graph implementation + traversal. It's good to know the for the , really need to start putting them to practical use, instead of studying them because I have to. Think it's time for my first side project 😬

Day 3 of : Kept working on my contact form today and spent some time on my conditional form validation logic in php.

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D73 - Loads of progress. Got my rock, paper, scissors game working and styled a little. Used ES6 features! Will improve style (responsiveness and labels for the scoreboard. Will make it a best of 5 game.

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Here's a course I'd like to take, and thanks to Developers Circle Facebook, I can! ✌🏾

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Sorry haven’t posted for couple of days everyone. Got really hectic with school and work 🙄😪! Sometimes, I’m like “why am I doing all of these again?! Oh, yeah it’s for you to achieve your goals and ambitions! ” Lol! It’s hard sometimes to put some balance in our lives, but know this, you, yes you, is not made just for work, work, and more work! You’re destined for greater and amazing things! So, live your life to the fullest and never apologize for being you! .
🌸On the side note, with all of the hustle and bustle, don’t forget to reward yourself for your small victories and wins in life! In my case, ain’t nothing like a good old retail therapy 😜😂! Uniqlo is one of my fave clothing brands and it just happens that they’re having a sale, so you know your girl here give herself a treat 😊💕! So now, it’s your turn to reward yourself!!!.
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At times it is hard to find motivation to get work done. Sometimes starting is the only thing you need to begin. Don’t wait for the inspiration, work on one thing at a time, and things will come together.

❓What is your approach to getting things done?

😀 Most times, taking that first step is all you need to get yourself moving. No matter how hard it may seem. 🙋‍♀️ 🙋‍♂️Once you get going and build positive habits, you will become unstoppable.

❓What are your strategies to get yourself going?

#javascript JSON.stringify can be used with third parameter to specify number of spaces, and making it easier to read in the console.

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How learning to code is building my resilience, one mistake at a time

Feeling like you have failed at something is not a great feeling. When you make a mistake that you believe you could have avoided or when you pick what turns out to be the wrong approach or solution, it can be so frustrating. It happens to all of us.

If you’re like me, these perfectly normal moments can really get you down. I have agonised over what I could have done better or that I should have been more prepared. At one point in my life, I felt that every mistake I made was a reflection of how bad I was as a person. However, I have since learned that what is most helpful, is to learn from these mistakes and extract wisdom from each experience.

For me, this realisation really came about when I changed career and started studying to be a web developer. One of the first things I was taught as a developer was how to fail. And break things. On a regular basis.

One thing I was constantly told at the start of my coding journey was that breaking things (or making mistakes) is integral to the whole process. Furthermore, this does not change throughout your career. Even the most senior and experienced developers make mistakes. It can be small like a typo in the spelling of a class or it could be huge like an expired certificate taking down an entire mobile phone network…!

The reality is that mistakes will happen, no matter what you do and where you are, but the point is to learn from them.

Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward toward success.

- C. S. Lewis

In order to build my resilience I needed to learn how to accept that making mistakes is natural and human without also feeling like my career, my life, or the world, was falling apart.

I started thinking about how to achieve this, and I realised I needed to find an environment where mistakes were understood and supported. I wanted to feel like I could try new things without fear or anxiety and learn from any mistakes or failures along the way.

This is one of the great things about my experience of the Tech community. The only way to advance is to try and fail. It’s the only way you learn and figure out how to improve. Furthermore, programming  teams and projects are set up with frameworks and systems that allow for mistakes to happen – development environments, code reviews, user acceptance testing, test driven development, business driven development, stand ups, release cycles and more.

As a discipline it recognises that in order to improve and get better we need to be allowed to take risks which may end in failure. We need to try new things, test ideas, reaffirm our existing knowledge and yes, break things once in a while in order to succeed.

There is no innovation and creativity without failure. Period.

- Brené Brown

The Challenges of Learning To Code

  • High Pressure to Deliver. If your resilience is low and you enter a world where you are regularly making mistakes and breaking things, it can get pretty stressful. Just like any high pressure job can feel.
  • Mistakes are relentless. Over the past 9 months of working in my first developer job, my ability to pick myself up and move on has been challenged. So many days have been spent agonising over a mistake I feel that I should have been able to identify sooner, or an error I should never have made in the first place. There have been times when I have let the feelings of failure or frustration get me down.
  • It feels personal. It’s hard not to take these moments personally. I have found it difficult. But I know I am not the only one who has felt this either.

The Good Things About Learning To Code

  • I feel supported. Towards the end of last year, I had series of bad days. Instead of telling me to ‘just get over it’ or ‘toughen up’ my boss and colleagues listened and offered advice and perspective.
  • The online tech community has some great social media accounts (yes, really!). These social media accounts have been an amazing and surprising source of strength. There are so many instagram posts, medium articles, twitter accounts… all sharing the mistakes they made or the knowledge they gained or encouraging words to motivate their fellow developers.
  • I learn everyday. Every time I get stuck, break something or make a mistake, I extract wisdom from that moment. I try not to judge myself too harshly, but instead accept that it happened and figure out why. With every bit of knowledge I gain, I inch closer to feeling more confident and more equipped to deal with the next challenge that comes my way.

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. – Albert Einstein

Of course, I still get upset and stressed but thanks to the help of my friends and colleagues, plus a healthy dose of perspective, now I am ready to pick myself up and try again. I feel ready to try and find the positive learning from the mistake instead of dwelling on what went wrong or what people are thinking about me as a result.

I will no doubt make a mess of something else. But I know it will be ok because with every tumble, a bit more knowledge gets logged in my brain. I will approach the problem differently next time and so keep moving forwards.

So, if anyone is feeling stressed, worried or frustrated with their own progress or that they haven’t done enough. I know that you have. I also promise you that many other people have felt what you’re feeling.


Reppin’ my whites for #OloshasUnited and headed to @chswomenintech #HolidayMingle #WomeninTech #Techettes #WomenWhoCode and then some ☺☺☺☺ #pclife (at Charleston, South Carolina)

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BCS Tech conference in London England. Alicia telling her story around the world. Believe you can no matter how old you are. #tech, #coder #developer #swift #IOS #apple #techgirl #aliciacarr #podcast #womenwhocode #Atlanta #womenintech #womentechtalk #womenpodcasting #womenshows #london #england #BCStechconference2018 @coderinheels @millionnaturalstyles @atl_coco @dajuicec @mizzsunshyne79 @fineblkwoman @marsmo7 @youonlyliveonce2013 @julietarsha_art @maxxthewriter @dawidowcarr17 @1happyblackwoman

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1000 Pieces

I was having lunch with a friend this weekend discussing a problem they had just helped me with. I was stuck on it for a whole hour! They figured out what I was doing wrong in a matter of seconds. I was incredibly frustrated, not that I couldn’t figure it out, but that I didn’t feel equipped with the knowledge to solve my problem, even after googling it. He has been coding for years. I have been coding for weeks. 

I explained to him that it feels like coding is like trying to complete a 1000 piece puzzle. And when experienced programmer starts on the puzzle they have all 1000 pieces on the table. If one doesn’t fit, at least they know the piece they need is available, they just need to locate it. When I, a complete newbie, am trying to code, its like trying to solve this puzzle, but 500 pieces are missing. So when something doesn’t fit, or I run into a problem, I don’t even know if I have the piece I’m looking for! Both situations can be frustrating, but I rather be frustrated with all my pieces on the table…

He told me programming will always be like this. I will get stuck a lot. All programmers do. Sometimes for hours or days. It’s normal. It’s part of the process. 

And while that wasn’t the advice I was looking for, it was definitely the advice I needed moving forward. It was also validating to know, I’m not the only one who is struggling through lines of code trying to get it together. Especially when the solution seems so simple after you figure it out. Good luck to the stuck programmers out there! May your solutions be right around the corner. 



I had the pleasure of TA’ing an Intro to JavaScript workshop this weekend. 25 women from all walks of life, all different backgrounds came together to learn a new programming language. As they asked thoughtful questions, the covers we pulled back a little more each time. If just one person walked away with a better understanding of JavaScript, then, it was all worth it. #gdiphilly #javascript #codenewbie #womenwhocode #giveback (at Launch Academy)

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Why React?

There is a reason why React is gaining so much interest and popularity.

So essentially people like things that Facebook make. 

Ok, not entirely. In fact there are a number of reasons why React is so popular right now.

Before I started experimenting with React, I was in love with AngularJS. Bringing JavaScript and HTML closer together seemed like a brilliant way to bring code and mark-up closer together. Angular enabled me to see which page or element the JavaScript was affecting. The beginning of compartmentalised code files…!

However, the drawback was that there was still a level of mystery of what the code looked like “behind the scenes”.

React brings the HTML into the code and for me personally this feels clearer and much easier to see exactly what is going on. The component style approach really helps to digest what the code is doing, but also enables me to focus on just the relevant sections of code. 

You can also mirror the React component file tree with CSS/SCSS. This adds an additional layer of clarity when you need to go back and fix a bug or modify a feature or element. 

With excellent documentation and many start-ups and new products being developed with React, I definately think this library is worth learning. 

As an added bonus, React actually helps you become a better JavaScript developer! All the components are in JS and once again there is less mystery than when you use the snappy library of jQuery!

Until Soon,


There are definitely parts that went well and parts that I want to improve on, but I’m happy to have had the experience. My interviewer was extremely nice and only a few years older than me (and a woman!). It was nice to talk to someone about working in computer science in a non-academic setting, as I’ve had almost no exposure to programmers/coders/engineers in the tech industry.

We’ll see how it turns out, but in the meantime I’ll be researching new places to apply to!

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Inspiration at is finest! #womenwhocode #womenintech #ageaintafactor #sherocks #ios #iosapps #appmaker #naturallydope #programmer

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