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Simplee Vintage v-neck floral print women jumpsuit Elegant short sleeve sashes jumpsuit High waist summer playsuit jumpsuit long 272.32kr - 31.99$

🧼 Spring Cleaning in style 🧼 New publication “house keeping” for Schön Magazine featuring our designer Alice Pons’s oversized check tie and Lydia Fung’s sheer black top. To discover more,

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World Famous Model & @Marvel Actress @LaurenTsai for My #HYBRIDTOKYO @UNIQLO Brand Mate @GU_Global Collection. A collection which I created to explore and communicate the hybridization and cross-pollination of cultures and creative disciplines. I’m blessed to be able to work across the globe with some truly inspiring and talented individuals. Here’s a glimpse of just one example of that 🙏🏽 #fashionisart #artisfashion #uniqlo #gu #menswear #womenswear #streetwear #weouthere #doingthangs #nyctokyo #artwork (at Tokyo, Japan)

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okay tumblr where in the good fuck could I, a female living in the U.K., find a shop that sells women’s suits for prom??? Like, not the weird crop top kinda ones, I mean suit suit. Like, maybe tuxedo, but who knows atm. I’m indecisive as fuck and need a pro opinion on fittings and everything like that, and it’s really hard to find an actual suit place for women