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3D scan of my face 😱

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Congratulations to on her Honorary Membership! Former CEO and co-founder of , she's worked to increase the representation of women in the global technology workforce:

r4d53 - My children and me at home != not as much time for coding as I would like, now that I don't have to go to work. Managed only to spend 1 hour on learning in

Caught in a screening of ’s episode 1 today! Thanks for hosting & More info on this powerful docu-series here:

The WISE Choice in : One Female Engineer's Journey Breaking Stereotypes by Melissa Ahmed, Managing Director via

Margaret Ann Bulkley. A woman ahead of her time, who pretended to be a man to pursue a career where she was not welcome

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Someday there will be a line for the women’s bathrooms at these conferences.

Starting the of af with Gwendoline Tuma speaking on promoted listings and related Seller Ad and Marketing Levers. – at eBay Main Street

Our very own Jamie Lee just returned from . Visit our Linkedin Page for her message about work, travel and TransTech. Plus, there are more wonderful pictures from her trip too!

Still disappointed by no petite women’s sized tees, but impressed by this swag via ( !) I am a t-shirt lover and I want to give you some free publicity. Make me a t-shirt that fits please! 🙏🏼

We're so happy with all the amazing work coming out of our apprentice program so far! If you'd love to learn more about this initiative or how you could help out, take a look here ⤵️

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When I’m creating workable automation, I can’t just sit in an office and just expect it’s going to work, I have to know all of the things it will affect. The best way to scale is through automation and delegation.

Let’s go ALL IN and get dirty!


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Somewhere at @isteconnects
#payitforward #Repost from the creative folks from (@get_repost)
This robot is made with a roller blade wheel, 3-D printed parts, a servo, etc.
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