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Throughout history there have been women who overcome personal adversity to dedicate themselves to activism. Yu Gwan-sun was one of these women. The icon and martyr of the March 1st Independence Movement, she sacrificed her own freedom for .

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Strong women wear their pain like they do stilettos. 👠 No matter how much it hurts, all you see is the beauty of it all 🌹 "She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear for the future." - Proverbs 31:25

Your secrets will come out. It's energy. Your Laundry will be out. If you depend on someone to pay you to commit to you whether work or love relationship start investing in skills and be independent! Be your own HERO!

We're looking for you! That woman that wants to make a difference and connect with other like minded women! Come out and show up for women!! Let's connect ladies!!!!

The biggest breakthroughs frequently happen after what first seems like a mistake.

Angela Jurdak (Lebanon), Fryderyka Kalenwoski (Poland), Bodgil Begtrup (Denmark), Minerva Bernardino,(Dominican Republic) and Hansa Mehta (India), Delegates to the sub-Commission on the Status of Women, New York, May 1946

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We’re gagged…

on US Senate letterhead! Thank you Senator Dianne Feinstein!


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Who’s in Your Corner?

“You won’t live the best life with the wrong friends.” I heard this quote on a podcast and it got me thinking. I’ll soon be entering a season of change, and with change comes new dynamics in existing friendships and the start of new friendships. I’m so grateful for those in my life who positively influence me. 

Friends influence us in ways that we often don’t notice. They shape our thoughts, our perspectives, and our goals. They even shape how we see the future. We all need people in our lives who are pouring into us spiritually and emotionally. 

Examine your influences. Who is influencing you? Who is in your corner? Don’t believe the people who are never going to believe in you. As Proverbs 27:9 states, sweet friendships refresh the soul. 


Ask yourself, are you?
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Story of Michell Obama…
Wow she is so Confident!!!
Dont miss thiss!!!
Comment me below on which topics would u like to have motivational videos…
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IPR Women's Leadership In PR

I receive emails from the Institute for Public Relations and I found this interesting, not only as a woman but because they are conducting a two part study on this. I am not currently working in the industry, so I found this even more useful, something to consider about trying to get into it.  This study does have its faults, it is not statistically representative of the general public relations industry and only focuses on gender. I think it just shows how important mentorship is. Let’s all help each other make it to the top!


“In this world of perfect people , Its okk to be imperfect”
“ People say failure is not an option!! ,
but its okk…,
When you Fail you get up, and try again & again & again
but Giving up! Nope, That should #never be an option.”

Watch the video of this amazing personality “Muniba Mazare” #thebestexampleforwomenempowernment)It will really help you out. May you have a good journey. Like|


The Cost Of Beauty.

I wake up to the sound of my alarm. The cacophony resonates through my otherwise empty apartment as I muddle around in an attempt to end the awful dissonance. It hurts my ears and my brain. Afterward, I lay in bed in silence. I stare up at my plain, white ceiling. My mind reflects the blankness back. I debate the need to wake up…. do I have to? Of course I do! But the weight of existence seems too hard to bear.

Slowly, reluctantly, and in a haze, I sit on the edge of my bed. The sunlight seeping through the windows hurts my eyes. I sit with my head down, my chin to my chest, my hands clutching the sheets as I brace myself for yet another dull, uneventful day.

I finally stand up shakily, ignoring my reflection in the mirror hung on the opposite wall. I look like a mess. I look ugly. I tell myself everyone does early in the morning. They do, don’t they? My mind conjures an image of a supermodel from a TV commercial waking up early in the morning in perfectly high spirits, and the perfection of an angel. I force myself to move on in to the bathroom.

Switching the lights on, I walk over to the sink in my tiny bathroom. I look into the mirror in front of me. I look into the eyes of the person staring back at me. They’re empty, those eyes. Lifeless. When was the last time they smiled? When was the last time they shined? When was the last time they cried?

My gaze wanders over to the darkness that has etched itself onto my skin below my eyes. I am reminded of the darkness that once took over my life, and then never left. I am ugly.

My gaze shifts to those spots on my cheeks, and on my nose, and on my forehead. And in that moment, just like the million others before that one, I feel like grabbing a knife, and peeling them off my skin. But my body continues to remain still.

My eyes flicker over to my lips. Small. Pink. Chapped. Nothing like those of the models and actresses on TV. Can I efface myself?

Tearing my gaze off the unsightly face on the mirror, I continue with my morning tasks. I strip off my clothes before stepping into the shower, once again ignoring my reflection. I’ve seen it before. I’ve seen the imperfections, the curves, the scars, the stretch-marks, I’ve seen it all before.

I’m back in my bedroom. In front of me lay palettes of different hues and shades, lipsticks of different colours, bronzers, eye-liners….stuff. Stuff that’ll make me look pretty. At least, that’s what they all say. Personally, I am very uncomfortable with applying makeup. But I guess it’s worth it….. or is it?

I have a plain black outfit on because I read in a magazine that black makes one look thinner. I hate it. I wished I could wear more colour, more pattern. But society will not accept me as fully-functional if I am not “beautiful”. Because a woman without “beauty” is a woman of no worth. That’s a lesson I have learnt throughout my life. It is this unsaid rule that everyone seems to know, and follow without question. I hate it. Because no matter what I do, I never meet those standards. And I don’t think I ever will.

As I collect all my makeup and dump it into my bag, I can’t help but think…think of how much all of this has cost me. How much had I spent on these supplies? I think of my love for books, and how I wished I could have an endless supply of those. Then I look at my makeup and try to estimate how many books I could’ve bought instead. And then, I realize something. I realize that I haven’t only sacrificed books for makeup. I’ve sacrificed my happiness, my comfort, my desires, everything. I realize that what I’m paying is actually of higher value than money… I’m “beautifying” myself at the cost of myself. Each day that I colour my face, I lose a little colour from my soul. I lose myself. I don’t just lose money, or time, I lose me. Beauty costs me more than just my finances… it costs me my life. It costs me my self-esteem. It costs me my freedom. It costs me my individuality. But, I guess it’s worth it…..isn’t it?



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Being a woman

For every night that I missed,

For I have to be scared of the dark,

For silence is how I respond to sound of broken bones,

For darkness is where I hide in the middle of the storm.

I got no name than my father gave me,

I got no body, no shape, than society gave me,

I got no opinion than they allowed me.

For I’m a woman,

“Just a woman”,

A useless, stupid woman.

But I’m not one, 

I’m not ten,

I’m “just” half of the earth.

But still a woman and women are weak

if something happens they blame it on me.

And for everytime I was told to shut up

and for everytime I was beaten up

And for everytime I got angry, told’em my opinion and then I was mocked

I got dark, darker and darker,

Silence hid my anger.

I asked for help, shouted and screamed

But there was nobody to listen to me!

For every night that I missed,

For I have to be scared of the dark,

For my dress and my lipstick 

are blamed for their violence,

For I know what kind of screams 

are hiding into silence.