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If any Galactic talent wishes to have a match or a segment on Episode 5: who doesn't have one yet, just hit us up!

Please welcome Galactic's newest signing, ! Everything she's ever wanted so far, she's she wants to RULE over all of Galactic. She debuts soon...

The full bracket will be released tomorrow morning so until then, here’s a small tease of some of the women you’ll be able to vote for!! First match-ups will come at around noon eastern time. Stay glued!

. will officially challenge for her Womens Championship at . Jazz will defend the near 100 year old championship against Nicole who can become the youngest Champion in history. Get your tickets here:

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Next Saturday Night! Logan Square Auditorium 7:30pm AAW Women's Championship Match vs. Get your tickets now at

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The womens team heads to Marshall, Missouri for a tournament at Missouri Valley on Sunday, Nov. 18. It’s the largest tournament of the season. Here is a link to the preview for the competition:

They really need to create the women's tag titles that way these 3 talented & most deserving women will finally get the respect & recognition that they deserve. They're the greatest team in wrestling & the only team to have never betrayed each other.

The following womens contest is a Women Tag team championship round 1 match scheduled for 1 fall!! Making their way to the ring.... From Scottsdale, Arizona.... Weighing at a combined weight of 254 pounds.... Nikki and Brie Bella... The Bella Twins!

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The Atzlanti may accept, but it's rare for them to outright choose. Huitzilopochtli has summoned from the darkness a ravenous hunger. Their name is Legion (), and Pantheos will never be the same.

It may be dark now but in 24 hours this gym will be full of the hardest working young men and women WHS and WMS has to offer. Let's fill it up and enjoy the show!

IMPACT Wrestling Knockout Talks How She Got into IMPACT Wrestling, Her Look, Looking Up to a Current RAW Women's Superstar & more w/ (VIDEO)

Ricochet starts to display his amazing athleticism by jumping over Edge and connecting a Moonsault onto Edge! He goes for the cover... 1... 2... Broken up by Ellie ( )! Live's now in the ring and goes straight for Ellie, sending both women out of the ring!

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Today consisted of exploring downtown and supporting the womens USA team! 🇺🇸🇷🇴

New podcast eps is out and it's been NUTS! We got Scott Hall to spotlight, womens wrestling, bloody lucha crazyness, and ch77 to talk about! joins to party in this one. Leave a review to enter our contest

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Grappling with taboos, Iraqi women join wrestling squad

New zine by Adam Jason Cohen coming this weekend to Chicago Art Book Fair and available online next Monday, Nov. 19th 📚 Shimmer documents an independent womens pro wrestling event held in Berwyn, Illinois 🤼‍♀️

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Jordynne Grace vs. Davienne, WWR Tournament For Tomorrow, Electric Haze, Worcester, MA, November 26, 2017.

I think it was for the best that Asuka wasn’t picked against Ronda because as much as we would like it, Ronda is going to win the match now for sure. With Becky, there was a possibility to keep up with her character, but now that she’s out, there is no way in hell WWE won’t let Ronda win clean. I do think that Ronda will win clean because Charolafe can afford to lose. Asuka has lost a lot of the momentum ever since her streak broke, and losing to Ronda will just be just hurtful to her character.

But I think it will be interesting if Charlotte lost. Listen, this feud became personal for Becky the moment Ronda talked about Becky’s past you could see that it became personal. Ronda looking down on Becky’s past made it personal, so who is it in the Smackdown women roaster that knows exactly what Becky went through to know why winning over Ronda was more of a big deal to Becky? Charlotte. The one person who has been with her through NXT, through their first Wrestlemania, through every single thing in their WWE career. Becky chose Charlotte because she respected her skills and knew that she would do the job. 

Becky and Charlotte don’t trust each other, and may not like each other, but they respect each other. They respect their skills and trust in their skills, and Becky trusted Charlotte to finish the fight she started, but if Charlotte lost, then it would mean that she lost Becky’s trust as well. It would add a lot of dimensions to Charlotte’s character because we have already seen her losing her confidence slowly. If she lost and Becky does a cutting promo the next Smackdown, we can really see another new path for these two characters. One to find their confidence and one to find their kindness. 

Dream booking for the women’s division until Wrestlemania 35 :

Becky is forced to relinquish her title due to injury next week. A tournament crown Naomi as champion. At the Royal Rumble, Charlotte wins back the title.

Meanwhile, Becky Lynch comes back to win the Royal Rumble and gets the loudest pop of the night, cementing her as the next Stone Cold. The tag titles are announced.

BOOM. At Wrestlemania, you have Sasha and Bayley wining the inaugural tag team titles ; Charlotte has a rematch and loose to Asuka ; Becky and Ronda MAIN EVENT Wrestlemania. Becky wins and Ronda has her first loss.

And you have a night where every single one of the 4 Horsewomen holds a title.

So I just read through just a glimpse of Nia’s comments on Instagram and I was in real tears, y’all. How can humans be that fucking hurtful to another human!? Nia made a mistake. I’m sure she didn’t purposefully hit Becky wanting to break her face and cause her one of the biggest matches of her career. She didn’t wake up Monday morning thinking, “It’s a great day to break Becky’s face!” No. It was an accident. But all of you horrible ass people who are literally telling Nia to kill herself, body shaming her and telling her that she’s literally worthless, that’s not an accident. You’re literally doing this ON PURPOSE and breaking her as a person. I’m a huge Becky fan and yeah, it really sucks what happened, but THESE THINGS HAPPEN. Y’all really out here thinking you’re just “defending” Becky. Y’all bitches for real. Nia isn’t the only wrestler to ever injure another wrestler and she sure as hell isnt gonna be the last.


Fuck y’all who are out here cyber bullying.