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Hello from your least favorite women’s wrestling stan 🤷🏼‍♀️💝

Rousey: The WWE Is A Business, Not A Women's Charity, WWE/Chyna

Disco: "I don't like women's wrestling." Twitter:

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Madison Rayne wins Women’s Championship in IWC Wrestling debut

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B-b-b-but the plan was always was the marquee match for a women's main event for Wrestlemania...Becky is a B+ player...she doesn't draw...a REAL wrestling fan would acknowledge this

Becky Lynch Re-Injures Knee After Charlotte Flair's Brutal Attack at SmackDown Live Event (Video)

There's a high level of male inferiority when it comes to wrestling marks interacting with women and it's fascinating to watch. It's like the primal age. Just waitin for the rocks n sticks to fly 😂😂😂

While I dont really care about the personal stuff going on between them, wrestling groups are having a damn good time with this. I bet the crowd will be very vocal during the women's chamber match.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Corey Grave have been cheating on his wife with wwe Women’s superstar Carmella

BREAKING NEWS: cheated on his wife.. with one of their child's idols nonetheless .. I knew I got bad vibes from the day I met her & he wasn't acting when he flirted with women on live tv every week. I feel so sorry for his wife 💔 U deserved much better.

BREAKING! wins the IWC Women's Championship in her debut match with the company!

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Since we're all talking about wrestlers's personal/scandalous lives, there's no way in hell that there's only one (1) powerful gay in the WWE...

Women’s Wrestling crowned a record 6 individual State Champions: Jessica Corredor (100), Karoline Ortiz (128), Jennifer Charles (134), Shania Gowan (162), Shedeline Ulysse (222) and Amani Guzman (287)

The Dynasty continues! Women’s Wrestling soars to its third consecutive State Championship!

Congratulations to of for winning the inaugural 187lb Mo State Wrestling Women's Title!

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Wresting Fan: You surprised about Corey Graves & Carmella banging? Me: Nope, not at all. He's a married man disrespectfully slobbering over half the Women's roster on a live mic Monday, Tuesday, & Sundays each month...& besides Carmella is from Staten Island Wrestling Fan:

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