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'sHealth With as busy as our daily lives can be, it can be easy to forget to fit a doctor's visit into our schedules on a regular basis. However, seeing a doctor for a check up each year becomes increasingly important as a woman ages.

'sHealth When we talk about women's health, this is a lot different from what men need in order to stay healthy and disease free. Women have their own need whether it is about food and diet, activities, medical attention

'sHealth There are lots of concerns when it comes to women. First of all, they are very mindful about their physical appearance. They want to stay fit and have a well maintained and attractive look.

'sHealth Women's health is a peculiar thing. While each woman is very unique and has her own ideas of what is and is not right for her body, there is a lot of talk politically

'sHealth When it comes to women's health, menopause is not a disease. This is a natural process which occurs in the lives of women. Severity of a woman's symptoms during menopause can have much to do with how she views this time in her life.

Not enough governing in America and the world. Don Juravin thinks we would have a peaceful world if more women will govern. Women that gave birth are more careful losing sons and care more about kids' health and future. 🙋 Who's with Don Juravin?

🇨🇺 La Embajada de en Jamaica celebró hoy el 59 Aniversario de la Federación de : 🇯🇲 The Cuban Embassy in celebrated today the 59th Anniversary of the Federation of Cuban ():

'sHealth There are many specialist women's health magazines available, but sometimes it's prudent to look beyond a specialty and look at the whole. Issues that cover natural health and general health too, should perhaps be explored.

'sHealth For women it is very important to get a lot of knowledge about their health. It is very important for you to get fair information concerning women's health issues and the newest breakthroughs in fitness, alternative medicine

Danny's Safe place will host a 4-day healing retreat for women and children impacted by domestic violence. We would be honored for your company or organization to become a proud sponsor of this retreat.

'sHealth Using a women and health journal may very well be one of the best things that you ever do for yourself. Regardless of whether you are studying the issue of women's health or would just like to learn about it more for your own benefit.

'sHealth The topic of women's health and wellness is one that covers physical, emotional, and mental health factors. Any health issues as being a woman is really the foundation for all areas in your life,

'sHealth Women's health is often misunderstood for the dieting and weight loss programs that help them maintain the body as well as the beauty tips for glowing skin and hair.

Meet the Speakers, which are incredible! & Register NOW for How Women LEAD - on September 26 from 8:30am-2:00pm @ Monterra @ WestWorld. Remember to Save your seats!  

'sHealth The self-confident woman facing today's women's health can be a challenging task to maintain, especially if she is burning the candle at both ends and not taking care of herself properly.

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                                              Femme Fatale!  (Series 1)

1. Woman with Greyhounds (1930)

2. La Condesa de Montgomery, Madame Bonnardel, 1934 by Federico Beltrán Masses. 

3. Lady In Mourning, Martin Mendgen (1893-1970)

4. Portrait of Juanita Forbes (detail), 1955. Pietro Annigoni (Italian, 1910-1988) 

5. Portrait of Mrs Francine Clore [née Halphen] in a black dress, wearing a diamond/emerald bracelet" – by Sir Herbert James Gunn, R.A., R.W.S. (British, 1893-1964)

6. Pauline Waiting, 1939, Herbert James Gunn

7. “Mili Monti,” 1941 – by Luigi Lucioni (American, 1900–1988)

8. George Lambert, Miss Helene Beauclerk, (1914)

9. James Jebusa Shannon, 1917,  Mary Gascoigne Cecil Marchioness of Hartington 

10. Istvan Nador, Lady in a golden silk kimono, 1932

You know all of my secrets.

You’ve seen me at my worst.

We’ve made eachother angry.

I see you in my future and it doesn’t hurt.

We’ve drunk until I’ve passed out.

We’ve danced and laughed all night.

We have something more than the time we share;

Our bodies,

this life.

So thankful for your existence:

It keeps me up at night.

Your eyes whisper to me.

I can hear your goodness inside.

I’ve been blessed with everything I prayed for.

Someone up there is finally on my side.