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Great news made my week, 1- A government led by world’s youngest PM & All . Yes It is now time for youth to take the reins of leadership. 2- Beautiful Zozibini was the first black woman from South Africa to wear the Miss Universe crown. congrats

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Though an Equal Rights Amendment might be key to bringing some of the United States' gender issues to court, the country has several specific issues relevant to equal rights to work on first before an amendment is passed.

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The best thing about Canada

The best thing about Canada is the diversity of all sorts and the various different perspectives that come with it.

There are so many people from different races, ethnic backgrounds religions and ages and professions. This brings many different opinions to the conversations of law making at any organization or government level. These opinions include unique experiences and thoughtful ideas. This helps to make sure that every decision made is inclusive of everyone and doesn’t ignore or negatively impact anyone.

The different cultures ensure safe spaces for everyone. People from these different cultures spread awareness about the culture appropriation and make rules to ensure that their culture isn’t insulted. These diverse cultures bring with them various festivals and events which help value and celebrate our differences in unique and inclusive way.

Various sexual and gender identities are also being displayed across the society now. With the vast representation in the society and media come the call to change laws to go with the change in society. Sometimes it’s making new laws and sometimes it is amending old ones so that they don’t oppose the change. The people’s representatives in the parliament have made sure that the government The govt is then made laws to protect them from discrimination and hate crimes.

At this time and age more than any other, there are no partitions between gender and race roles. Anybody can be whoever they want. It is brilliant how fast Canada has accepted this change and moved forward with it more than many other countries.

There are still people in the country who are not willing to accept this change but I urge them to do otherwise because the prosperity of any country lies with how well they adapt to the changing world and how much respect and support their citizens.

Dem Debates- A war on Trump or a fight for the people?

The 2020 presidential election is coming at a time where the country is dealing with many different kinds of issues. The American congress is in the middle of their 4th impeachment inquiry in the history of the country. At the same time, they are also dealing with an overwhelming refugee crisis on the southern border and a climate crisis throughout the country. Gun violence and hate crimes are at an all time high and the current president seems to do nothing about it.

The next president will have a tough time the first few mantua cleaning up after the last one. They should also unite the divided nation and work efficiently with the house and senate to resolve the issues listed above. All while being incredibly inspiring and icon-like for citizens of the country.

After the dem debates last night, it is very clear that even though the democratic nominees are from the same party, their views differ on almost all the issues presented on the debate. They all collectively agree on the impeachment of the president, the need for better healthcare and gun control in the country.

However, one of the questions that caused major disagreement was, should the health insurance industry be closed or not? Mayor Pete Buttigieg was one of the only nominees who was against this and stated that the medicare plan shouldn’t be forced on Americans, it should just be available for the people who need it. The people should get to choose if they want to stay on their health insurance or get government healthcare. I agree with him because the people working in the health insurance industry need their jobs too. Instead of fully shuting down the industry, why not just regulate them more strictly, so the people get to keep their jobs and citizens get to keep their insurance if they want it.

A battle emerged between Tulsi Gabbard and Kamala Harris about the values that the democratic party candidate should have. Tulsi Gabbard, despite being a part of the democratic party, criticized its values and suggested it had a rot of sorts. My only problem with that is if she doesn’t identify with the party’s values, why is she a part of it? When a person joins a party and/or runs to be the party nominee it is because your views and the party’s views align and if her views don’t align, then leave. Kamala Harris attacked her back on fox news appearances during the Obama era and her meeting with Trump as soon as he was elected. This attack was unnecessary but very valid. How can the people vote for someone who criticized the last worthy president and warmed up to next terrible president?

Amy Klobuchar and Tulsi Gabbard questioned if Pete Buttigieg’s experience as mayor is adequate for the president’s post. This shows that because both of these people don’t have anything else so they have resorted to Ad Hominem attacks. About Mayor Pete, working with the public so closely has probably shown him so many good and bad times which gives him more experience than them. Also, the closer a leader is to the public, the more and the better they relate with him. So Pete! you go gurl!

All in all, this election is much different than the last one. Last election, Hillary Clinton was constantly defending herself from Donald Trump or busy attacking him back. She was distracted by Trump’s negative energy and couldn’t focus on anything else. This election, however, the candidates are much more focused on working for the average Americans. The candidates talk less and less about Trump and his stupid antics and more about their campaign and plans. This helps them present their personalities and campaigns which is the whole point of the debate.

Although they are already doing well, the candidates still have to make sure they have each other’s back and don’t get into sour fights with each other. As a Democratic Party member, they all should display a united front to fight the republicans and their unfair policies. They should focus on getting the senate and White House back in the hands of worthy leaders.

My picks from the debate:


Elizabeth Warren: She is probably the most prepared candidate out of all of them. She has plans for everything and presents them in a very informative and understandable manner. She is also the most focused because she answers questions exactly as asked. She also manages to connect the answer with her campaign and her plans. These things show that she is prepared for the role and responsibilities and also shows that she thinks about what she says.

Bernie Sanders: He is the most experienced candidate out of them all. He also has some great plans to go with the experience which is a cherry on top. Another thing abut Sanders is that he has been consistent with his views and beliefs since the start of his political career. Going back to his very first speeches as a town mayor, he said the same exact things as he says today as the presidential candidate, “I want to make life easier for the working class Americans.” This makes his words more trustworthy.


Tulsi Gabbard: Her energy was the worst of all the candidates. She was constantly criticizing and attacking other candidates on their answers. The point of the debate is to show off every candidate’s personality and their campaign. The most noticeable personality trait of hers is just objecting to most of the candidates’ plans and ideas.

Joe Biden: The former vice president, despite his 8 year experience in the Obama era, seemed rather unprepared to engage and encourage African- American voters. He was the vice president during the first black president of the country. He, out of everyone should know this. He also didn’t participate much unless he was asked a question or called out by someone else. He also didn’t participate unless he was asked a question by the moderators or was called upon by the other candidates. Avidlove Babydoll Lingerie for Women Honeymoon V Neck Chemise Sexy Exotic Open Front Negligee: Clothing
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