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Never underestimate the power of a ! Thanks to all that came out to the "Celebrate Success: Female Q&A!" Thanks to our panelists (from left to right): , , Nicole Mires, , and Stay tuned for more photos ...

•Day22• In 1992, Dr. is 's 1st astronaut & the world's first in space (STS-42). Dr. Bondar is a highly accomplished and studying the nervous system.

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Every has a lioness within, waiting for the right moment to hunt success from the jaws of defeat.  It's time to tame your , to inspire you! ;) Call us to book an appointment.  Velachery: +9144 48680220 / +9144 48680330 Perungudi: +914448611277 / +914448611377

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Publicidade antiga | old advertisement | 1926 by Hemeroteca Digital | Old magazines & newspapers | Portugal

Cold cream Marya.

in: Ilustração N.º 7, 1 de Abril de 1926.


Moda feminina | vintage fashion | 1926 by Hemeroteca Digital | Old magazines & newspapers | Portugal

Ilustração N.º 12, 16 de Junho de 1926.

These are the women that do not fail. And it is interesting if you ever noticed it, that in the great crisis, the greatest crisis that ever faced the life of our blessed Lord, there are many instances of men failing, but there is not a single instance of a woman failing. Peter denied. Judas blistered his lips with a kiss. As regards women…some women solaced Him on the way to Calvary. A woman made her way into Pilate’s courtroom, to plead His case. A woman wiped His Face on the road to Calvary, and became known as Veronica, vera icon, the True Image. And at the foot of the Cross were three women. Their names were the same. Their names; Mary. Mary of Magdalene. Mary of Cleopas. And Mary of Nazareth, the mother of the Savior. They are the three women we have described. They symbolize the three; Mary Magdalene, the woman that symbolizes those that takes the skeins of a seemingly wrecked and ruined life; and weaves out of it the beautiful tapestry of sacredness and holiness, and therefore the type of woman who goes into the political and economic and social order, and regenerates the downtrodden, and heals the wounds of those who are sick at heart. And then there was Mary of Cleopas, the mother of James. The mother who taught obedience to a son, an obedience that was such, that he became obedient even to the wisdom that was the Word. And then finally there was Mary the contemplative, who left the lights and glamours of the world for the shades and shadows of the Cross, where saints are made. These are the women who do not fail, and we salute them! We toast them! Not as the modern women who once were our superior and are now our equal, but we toast them as the great women who never fail, the women who were closest to the Cross on Good Friday, and first at the tomb, on Easter Morn.

Ven. Fulton Sheen


Mujer, bendición, alegría y luz para el mundo….. 👩‍🦱👩🏼‍🦱👩🏻‍🦱👩🏽‍🦱

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