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Leaving Home.....outside in. The final still life arrangement in the series.

Pesimo servicio como siempre en algarrobo (tengo toda la seńal y “4g” al 100) . Epoca estival y no me carga ningun video de youtube. Mucho comercial ... pesimo servicio 👎🏻. Compare con y los que tenemos no carga nada.

The movement-side of our, tantalum-cased, @fpjourneofficial Chronomètre Bleu, no less impressive than its dial... #fpjourne#independentwatchmaking #journe#horology #watchgeek#watchnerd

RT : If you're a woman and are remotely interested in tech, now is the best time you could enter the industry because of "The Digital Skills Gap". Don't believe us? Hear it from the world's largest corporations:

STAND WOM - CÓMIC CON _______________________ Ofrecemos estructuras de excelente calidad e innovadores diseños para todo gusto. Contacto:

Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: Sublimation printing leggings/ Ladies gym wear /3D Leggings/ Gym Pants/ Women Trousers/ Sports Tights/ Sublimation Printing Yoga Pants

Because you can’t have too many @fpjourneofficial Chronomètre bleu(s) in your life. Available now as a full set. #fpjourne#independentwatchmaking #journe#horology #watchgeek#watchnerd

This week Engaged Strategy's MD addressed a full house at explaining the importance of and how educational institutions can leverage it via and best practices

3 Word of Mouth Marketing Techniques That Could Explode The Growth Of Your Brand

@ Me in 30 years after being on my plant based diet. Them break away years are gonna be serious. Follow: @Age_defying_beauty Send pics and videos to @Age_defying_beauty Please comment 🖖

Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: Bracelet Vintage Bracelet 80s Liz Claiborne Signed Multi Color Beaded Memory Wire Bracelet Woodland Beach

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RT "Curiosity led me to love sciences and in particular, chemistry. It never appeared to me that just because I was female then I could not, I could so I did. I love science because it is exciting and fun," says chikoedwards.

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