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executioner, from ppau. drew for artfight.

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my lil Skywing, prince vermillion. from the ppau roleplay group.

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with a bond of $144,000. Kenneather Davison was arrested last week for driving while license suspended third or subsequent offense, and use false id; she was released on $10,000 bond. 2/

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Second batch of Wings of Fire mini draggo badges! Feat the dragons from the covers, with the others coming soon! 🐉🐉

two very chibi-fied leafwings. chia (green) belongs to and amaryllis belongs to @Snivymice (unsure if names are same here on Twitter)

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some crap ive done while messing around on new tablet

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I fixed some of the inking mistakes and did a marker test using Sundew and Bumblebee (Ik some colors are off :/)

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A very best friend of mine got me a video with Robert Clark and while crying for an hour I sketched up this. 5 hours later while playing D&D I'm absolutely dead but worth it. 💕

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My girl Tsunami Its my first time drawing a dragon so I hope she looks okay

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Tsunami, bursting through the door: I knew it! You two are kissing!!



Darkstalker: Glory why didn’t you tell me? I would have put my book down.

“I’m really sorry. about your… father. Arctic,” Fathom says, softly. We used to come and visit every weekend and spend hours flying around with Fathom, before it happened. We still come and visit… but it’s not the same as it used to be. It just isn’t.

“Did Clearsight tell you?” I ask, trying to shift the topic.

Fathom nods.

I should feel angry. I have full rights to be angry. I mean, I’m the most powerful dragon in Pyrhhia, right? But I don’t.

“I’m not, like, grieving,” I say quickly. “It’s better he’s not in my life anymore anyways. He was a terrible dragon.”

“Clearsight…” Fathom hesitates, glancing down at the floor nervously. “Clearsight said you were angry.”

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Trans WoF Headcanons!

-All tribes can gradually change their sex to the one they identify with.

- This can happen as many times as necessary.

- The scent changes first, allowing other dragons to recognize the shift as soon as possible.

- This change is possible due to hatchlings always receiving both sex chromosomes from their parents, and the other can be activated at any time with exposure to the hormone needed to trigger the change.

- This applies to nonbinary dragons, which activate both chromosomes and develop the characteristics that best suit them.

- With hybrids, their appearance might shift a little with the activation of new genes. This change is less noticeable with the activation of the Y chromosome (listen, friends, there ain’t jack shit on the Y chromosome)

-SilkWings go into a second cocoon to shed their old sex.

-Insect genetics are strange, so strange things happen when HiveWings and SilkWings transition. Are there multiple sexes? How many sex chromosomes are there? You tell me!

None of this is made to imply that gender is linked to biology in any way, but I’m absolutely fascinated with species that are able to change their sex and how wonderful that would be for trans people (trans man myself here)

Okay so y'know how in wings of fire we have dragons and then also totally normal creatures? E.g sparrows, hawks, deer, lizards ete etc.

So then does that mean because of how birds evolved from dinosaurs and stuff, does that mean that at some point some dragon was digging around and found dinosaur fossils and just thought “Damn who ripped this poor dragon’s wings off?”

urheavenlylux  asked:

Hey! I have a lot for the ask thing. You should answer rainforest, volcano, poison jungle, treasure, and prophecy.

Volcano: Favourite scene?

My very favourite scene is in book five, when all the prophecy dragonets are gathered at the sandwing palace to stop the war and they hug and then step out and the crowds just like “oh shit it’s them it’s the dragonets”. Always sends chills down my spine.

Poison Jungle: Top 3 OTPs? Top 3 NOTPs?


1) Sundew and Willow. I just love them so much. Those funky little lesbians make me so happy.

2) Glory and Deathbringer. Their banter? Adorable. The sass? Heavenly. They are so cute together.

3) Umber and Winter. Yeah they aren’t canon or anything but they would be perfect together. Winter needs someome kind and sweet who can help take care of him. Umber is sweet but strong (like clay), and who wouldn’t want a brooding ice prince to moon over?


1) Sunny with anyone. First of all, no one is good enough for the god that is Sunny. Second of all, I just think she wouldn’t be interested in being in a relationship.

2) Darkstalker and Clearsight. While I love them in the beginning and thought it was an amazing love story, I can’t overlook the fact that Darkstalker manipulated Clearsight (messing up her powers, breaking his promises, etc). That’s just not healthy.

3) I don’t remember where I saw this (and this will haunt my dreams forever) but someone apparently shipped Smolder and Sunny and just???? Wtf????? NO.

Treasure: If your favourite character were human, what would they look like? What about their name?

I think that Glory would basically be Alex Fierro from the Magnus Chase books. Her hair would always be dyed a different colour and she would always wear vibrant colours. Her name would probably be Gloria.

Prophecy: What arc is your favourite? Which book?

Arc one is the superior arc to me, and my favourite book in it is (surprise surprise) Glory’s.


Tessa’s Hometown Star Ceremony from RogersTV