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Largest congress in the Asia Pacific region? come to beautiful this September for

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Proud of u guys....u made India🇮🇳 everyone knows who is the best in the JLo reaction whenever she watches ur performance..

Convenor Catherine Ball and Director Jon Gordon talking World of Drones at in New York

The Kings “Tattad Tattad” The Cut Performance | World of Dance Reaction ABSOLUTELY MY FAVORITE.Go check out my reaction😉 Spoiler: I loved it.❤️

ついに明日!WOD日本予選! 去年からずーっとずーっと 練習してきて頑張ってきた事です! 大好きなmizukiさんと 大好きな皆さんと頑張ります🔥 応援しにきてくれる方 声が枯れるまで叫んでください!笑 宜しくお願い致します! 4月21日 15:00〜startです!

Homeward bound again after speaking on patient advocacy today at & being interviewed by Bionews. I learned a lot, many thx! But maybe next time sessions could be less track-siloed: isn’t the whole point to engage ACROSS, not within, our own stakeholder groups?

This is the least stressful end to a conf ever! I'm a passenger as fights traffic and drives us home. Should I nap or B a good friend & stay up & chat?

An informative session with the leaders in access and affordability in rare disease... our CEO Jim Lang was honored to lead the conversation at Another great World Orphan Drug Congress!

Can you spot the marvelous from during closing remarks with from - speaking on behalf of and agree this was the best so far!kudos!

Never a dull moment with this girl! How quaint... “DC”.. what else would there be. 😜

What a productive, meaningful and impactful meeting! Looking forward to moving more mountains with the connections made at

Me in a chambray dress standing in front of lifesize letters WODC.

As comes to a close, we're reflecting on a week of engaging content, meaningful conversations, and new connections. It was wonderful to be with so many members of the community in Maryland this year.

A great two days at and an incredibly inspirational panel of parents, fighters, and advocates. I am so proud to know these champions! Collaboration with patients is key across the entire pharma development cycle.

Beverly Harrison, , highlights potential benefits of data collection for patients at World Congress USA

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