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The winds of change comes to Peshawer! WOC2019 | PESHAWAR EVENT LOST | A Generation in Crisis DATE: Sunday, 21st April 2019 TIMINGS: 10:30 AM - 3:30 PM VENUE: Spring Village, University Road, Peshawar Open for all | FREE Entry

For -PTBO, our Mentor in Automotive Trades is being provided by ! Your budding mechanic (male or female) will have a chance to talk to a licensed automotive technician to find out what it takes to enter and succeed in that field.

Who is coming to the Al Hamra arts centre, Mall Road. Lahore, today? The last mega event for WOC Lahore. The finale to our Punjab tour?! Tag all your Lahore contacts!

to 2019 and STUCCO LIVE!, which featured best practice examples of substrate installation. Raymond framed the panels of the pictured mock-ups using and then installed the DensGlass Sheathing. Local797 finished up with the plaster!

The talk is about to start. Tag any contacts at PU. Come and be inspired. WOC at PU, Lahore.

RIGHT NOW Brother , speaking on 'Work, Life Balance' at a language institutes in Lahore.

is in exactly one month. We have our mentors ready to go. This includes the fantastic and knowledgeable from the as our Mentor in Politics! Find out how she interacts with politicians in regards to policies!

After visiting 🇳🇴. In spring it's hard do decide, either running at or going out for ❓ I took the opportunity to visit by cross country ski's ☀️☀️☀️

This is the place where I fell in love with orienteering in 2005. After that I've visited a few times, always remembering why.

Youth Club Lahore Presents on 14th april at 10Am to 12:30pm with Raja Zia ul Haq and ERDC Salman Asif Saddiqui 👇

Join us at Alhamra Art Center on 14th of April with your friends and family. 🙂

. Live from Faisalabad! *SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE:* Join us! A special discussion with the Youth Club team of brothers on this very pertinent topic. Edition. ❤ Saturday, 6th April 2019 10:00 to 11:00 pm (PKT) in-sha'Allah LIVE via:

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Karachi Uni- Dawah Vlog.